Cold Murder (A short story)

April 2, 2017
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Thunder boomed, rain fell on a woman's lifeless body. Blood was everywhere, on the cold bitter ground and on the graffiti covered walls that lined the alleyway. A knife drowning in the puddle of blood located next to the poor victims body. Then there was a big stump, the knife had no fingerprints traced on it. "She looks rich and maybe, engaged." I could tell why he made this comment, she was wearing a tight white dress (now stained red from blood). She was also wearing black and white Vans. But, I was really puzzled when I saw a fourteen carrot gold ring on her right pinkie finger and a wallet with over a hundred dollars in it. Lastly on top of all that, the handbag that the wallet was in was dazzled with diamonds that glimmered more than the sun itself. "Now why would the killer just leave all those riches and all that money?!" I thought to myself with a puzzled look on my face. "now that is very odd unless, this wasn't a murder." I continued to look around, I don't know what did it but, something triggered me. Then I look down at my hands, they look like a tiny child's hands. I look around, I see the sight of more blood and a married couple. I started to cry, the room was dark but I knew this moment of my life. This was a very dark time, those alligator tears came out of the dark. I don't know how and, I don't know why. I have seen this moment like a thousand times, the saddest and worst part is they never found out who killed them. I started to cry even more, my sad mopey hands soon became into fists. I felt anger in this scene. About a minute passed, I was back to seeing the woman's body. With tears in my eyes, I tried to pretend that nothing happened and continued on with the case. Then I heard a faint sniffle in the background, I turn around to see a group of children crying like there will be no tomorrow. Then, a adorable little girl around the age of five, dressed in a spotted dress and pigtails stepped up. I could see the worry in her eyes when she asked "What happened to Miss B, will she be okay?" That poor little girl, she must of been close to this so called Miss. B.

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