March 31, 2017
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12:00. Nighttime. I get up from my desk to get a cup of coffee just to keep my eyes open. Man, do I hate overtime. As I walk to the coffee machine, I hear my computer’s mail icon beep, meaning I have a new email. I walk back over, coffee in hand, to see what the grind has for me now. Great. Another stupid e-mail from my boss telling me all the things I’m doing wrong. I don’t know why I ever took this job. Ah, now I remember, to make money.

I get back to work on my computer, typing away until I get a notification saying my computer may be at risk for a virus. I ignore it because the computers we have to work with are pieces of junk. I click away from the notification when I hear glass breaking from down the hall. I get up to check it out, company-issued pepper spray at my side and see if anyone is trying to break in. I cautiously creep towards the office door where the noise came from. I open the door slowly, peeking through when I see that a tree branch has crashed through the window. I heave a sigh of relief, heading back to my workspace to email Tim, the contractor who works at the company, about the window. I start to type the email when I get several notifications saying my computer may be at risk for a virus when I get another email that says: FOLLOWING. That’s it. Nothing else on the document.

I put it in my spam folder when all of a sudden, the power goes out. I knew this when my computer screen went black and wouldn’t turn on. Dang, it. Now I have to go to the basement to turn the power on. Now, where are those generator instructions? Ah, here they are. Well, guess I gotta find the basement. As I walked down the stairs, I suddenly had a strange feeling that someone was watching me. I looked behind me. Nothing. Eventually, I found the basement door, my shoes clacking the ground as I went down the dark stairs. Soon, I found the generator and flicked on the switch and then followed the instructions I brought with me. I headed back to my office only to find it trashed.

Papers everywhere, water on the floor and desk. My office window open during this downpour. I shut it quickly, luckily finding that my computer wasn’t damaged. I got back to work after cleaning up the mess only to get another email that said: YOU. I wondered who was sending these, but when I tried to trace it back, the email deleted itself. I started to worry, afraid that I was being stalked. Then I heard a noise from down the hall, fearing for my life. Then I realized, it was only the security guard. I had forgotten that he was on watch duty tonight. I saw him turn a corner and head near the elevator, so I decided to try and catch up with him.
I ran after him, and I got to the elevator just as it started going up. I started to turn back to my office when I saw the supply closet door next to the elevator creak open. I carefully crept towards it, not knowing what was in there. I pulled the door open slowly, only to be greeted by a lifeless body that flopped down on the floor.
I almost screamed, but covered my mouth, now knowing that there was a killer in the building. I flipped the man’s body over, seeing that it was the security guard, with no expression on his face, lying limp on the ground. I ran as fast as I could back to my desk where my phone was. It was crushed to pieces, as well as my computer, which was destroyed completely. Now that I had no means of rescue, I had to escape. I ran down the stairs to the coffee room, jumping two or three steps to speed up the process of escape. I sprinted to the fire exit, knowing that the killer would expect me to go through the front entrance. I opened the door to the pitch black night and the refreshing air. But I couldn’t relax now. I climbed down several flights of ladders before one handle snapped and I fell 8 feet to the next platform. The fall knocked the wind out of me, but I was able to get back up. I was working on the 28th floor, so I had a ways to go. I started down the next ladder when I was tackled off by a mysterious, dark-suited figure with what looked to be an axe. I rolled the man over with my feet, pushing him over to the edge. He got back up slugging me with the hilt of the axe. I was dazed, and couldn’t see very well. Then he brought up his axe and swung, but luckily I managed to duck in time. His axe hit the platform wall, sticking the weapon in the side of the platform. I saw my chance, and ran at him with full force, ramming him off the platform and sending him falling down 20 feet. I thought that he was dead, but that made me climb down quicker.


When I had almost reached the bottom, I lost my grip on the handle, it being a rainy night, and falling almost 25 feet to the ground. The force knocked me out. When I woke up, I couldn’t move my arms or legs and my vision was blurred. What I could see was a man limping towards me with a large object that looked like an axe. Wait. An axe! It was the man in the dark suit. He slowly tried moving towards, axe raising above him. What I could see were his eyes. They were filled with hatred. His broken leg mattered not to him, as he trekked through the mud and rain towards me. His walk was strange, mostly because of his broken bones, as if an undead creature, hoping for a fresh kill. I thought it was the end for me. Then I started to feel dizzy again. I blacked out once more.

When I woke up again, I was in a hospital bed, IV needles pumping fluids into my body. I noticed I had a cast on my broken leg and that I had a broken hand also. Later a doctor came in and said that I would make a full recovery from my injuries. Apparently, I had been asleep for a week or so. Then I asked him what had happened. He told me that an escaped criminal had broken into the office building and had tried to kill me. He managed to kill the security guard, but before he could kill me, police were contacted by a nearby homeowner. The man was shot and killed after trying to attack police with appeared to be a broken axe. I breathed a sigh of relief, starting to feel tired again. The doctor said that I should get some rest and that he would see me later that evening.

Later that year, I moved into another town with a new job, to get away from what seemed to be a somewhat dangerous town. Even though the killer is dead, I still feel like I’m being watched sometimes...

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