Murder Case No. 001

March 29, 2017
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Hi my name is Mr. J and this is my story. Today I was sitting at my desk on July 1, 2004, this is a day when a lot of crime tends to happen. Today I got a case on a murder that happened downtown my boss said that it was a messy case. I drove down the street that was busy with cop car as I speed to the crime scene were I collected evidence for the case. Some of the thing I found a piece of metal in the wound on the victim and some blood that doesn’t belong to the victim. I went back, and went to the crime lab so I could get the blood tested to see who’s blood it was. I got the results, and it belongs Mr. E and he’s 21 years old, 6 foot 8 inches tall, and had twenty years in a maximum security prison for murdering ten Marines.
Today is July 2, 2004. This is the second day on the case, and I’m looking for this man’s house so I can have more evidence to us against Mr. E. I’m getting help from my partner, Jack, he is 25, 7 foot 7 inches tall, and has been working in law enforcement for twenty years like me. I’ve looked all over town, but Jack and I have found no traces of Mr. E other than his blood on the carpet, next to the victim. Jack and I are doing some research on the victim.I took a blood sample from the mystery person, so far all Jack found with the us of the blood is that the mystery person is twenty and has a gambling problem.
This is the third day. Jack and I got a call from a farmer, who said he found a body in his barn and he said that there is a knife with fresh and dry blood on it. Jack and I were getting our equipment and heading to the second crime scene. When we got there the first thing I did was take a few photos. Then I had Jack get the knife, and some more evidence, then go back and see if there were any palmprints, and whose blood the dry blood belonged to.      
I stayed at the scene, and looked around the property. I asked the farmer for his name, and when he found the body, and if he touched anything. He said that his name is farmer Lincoln and that he didn’t touch anything. I also asked the farmer if he had any secretive or wooded areas on his property that the suspect could be hiding in. I got a call from my partner, Jack, that there were some palmprints on the handle of the knife. The dry blood belonged to our first victim, and the fresh blood belonged to the victim in the barn. He said that the fingerprints belonged to Mr. E., so I decided to go look around and see if I could find him in the secretive areas or wooded areas on the property. I was walking on a gravel path and i was going through the wooded area. The farmer described an old hunting cabin deep in the heart of the woods. That he used for hunting and that might be where the suspect might be hiding.  Also he informed me that he saw some smoke coming from the cabin and didn’t want to get himself hurt if there was someone in there that was a killer, that is why he didn't go and look. When I arrived at the cabin there was a light peering through the window so I called my friend Jack and told him to come down immediately. When Jack arrived we moved towards the cabin, then we saw somebody bolt out the front door so we started our chase the person.  We chased him all of the way to the field but eventually lost him. 
My partner and I camped out in the field and took turns watching to make sure he didn’t sneak back towards us or the cabin.  The next morning my partner Jack saw something moving in the field, we chased it out into more wooded areas and then Jack and I split up and went around and came in from the sides and tackled him. In the moment after we tackled him he was cuffed and taken to the police station.  Upon arrival and in the booking process at the police station something just wasn’t quite right about our suspect.  When taking his fingerprints we noticed that none of the prints matched Mr. E’s.  That was when we asked for his story and he proceeded to tell us “ He was a poor farmer and his corn made no profit this past year and was forced to move out of his house.” the Cabin he thought was abandoned and no one owed was where he had been staying, there for a couple of months.  He did say that he met quite a strange fellow that came knocking on his door one night a late night, and it looked like he had been running away from something with blood on his hands and clothes, and it looked like he was crazy or something.
After hearing the story that the poor farmer had told us our search began again.  We looked harder out in the countryside near the cabin, and we brought some more agents to help on the search.  We found a handmade camp fire and a little patch where it looked like someone has been sleeping.  It was fresh so we waited around the area not to far away but not to close so we wouldn’t be spotted.  It was 12 o’clock at night with clouds overhead and moon peaking through the cracks of the clouds, we saw a bleak black movement to our left. We waited until the person was lying down, then we moved in and grabbed him.  When we rolled him over to see his face we breathed a sigh of relief because he was our killer.  Mr. E was finally in our hands. It’s been ten years we got a call that Mr. E died from head trauma and bad health.

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