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March 29, 2017
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So you want an interview with the famous Detective Adrian Spade? Let me tell you the truth, kid, being a detective isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. A lot of people think that it’s like the old black and white noir films in which the gruff detective, who smokes like a chimney, stopping the evil doer from getting away with murder with a dame holding onto one hand and a Colt Detective Series .38 revolver in the other hand. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but it isn't as glamorous as you might think. Yeah, I’m a Homicide Detective for the NYPD, but that doesn’t mean we are able to solve every crime that comes across our desks. The worse part about this job besides seeing husbands beating their wives to death, or children found dead by the sides of the railroad track is the fact that regardless of whether or not we find these murderers, the victims in these incidents are still dead, no deus ex machina, no coming back to life, they are dead, end of story, move on to the next case.

Not exactly what you wanted to hear about, but you wanted the truth so there you go. But I guess you still need a story to bring back to your newspaper; well, what kind of story do you want? Wait, one with a happy ending, oh bull@#$%, you know that there is no such thing as a happy ending in the world of homicide, what else could I do for you? A weird case, like what some sort of Silence of the Lamb making a woman's suit out of the skins of his victims? Well, I don’t have anything that exciting, but I do have a case that was one of my most interesting cases to date.
I was still considered a rookie at the time, even though I had three years and over a hundred homicide cases under my belt. You see in the homicide world, until you have that one case that truly makes the record books you will still be considered a rookie. The case began just like any other, I was called into a house just a couple of blocks away from the police department. When I got to the crime scene it looked just like any other crime scene from my previous cases. Police set up a barrier to ward off any curious bystander and to keep the media away as to not try to get the case wrong. Damn news people, I swear the only way they can survive in society is to try and get some story that will get them in the lime light, vultures the lot of them. Anyway, I’m getting distracted, you want to more about this case.
When I stepped into the house, something about the environment threw me off. There was no sign of a struggle or any form of violence that had taken place in the house. As I moved to see the room where the body was, I was shocked to see that the victim wasn’t stabbed or shot, but was hanging by a noose in his bedroom. “What the hell is this,” I said to the officers, “You called a homicide detective for a suicide, just call the morgue and get this stiff out of here.” The officer who was on duty at the time, a Detective Legrasse, looked at me and started to explain the situation. “At first I thought it was just a suicide until I read the note to find that it was a Will addressed from his mother.” “So he hung himself because he didn’t get any of mommy’s money?” “ Not exactly that, there’s a reason I called for a homicide detective,”Legrasse looked at me for a while until passing the Will over to me. As I read through the Will, I began to understand why he called.
The Will was addressed to a Mitchell Peters from a woman by the name of Rosa Peters who at this point we knew to be the mother. The Will read something like this: “To my son, Mitchell Peters, just as I promised to both you and your brothers, the Boogeyman would be coming for you after my death. The only way to prevent the Boogeyman from getting you is to end your own life. That is the only thing you will receive from me after death. Farewell and make the best choice.” I looked at Legrasse with a look of disgust and confusion, “Christ, why would any mother want for her sons to kill themselves over a spook story?” Legrasse shrugged his shoulders, “This is why we called you, at this point it looks like a Murder-Suicide and personally I’m glad I don’t have to work it.” I looked at him and gave a smile, “Well, you had such a keen eye for this, I think I’ll have you help me with this case.”
He was about to contest when we heard a commotion coming from the front door. As we turned around, I could see a frantic young man trying to break through the police line. “Let me through, I have to see him, I have to see him, don’t you understand?” The policewoman holding him kept telling him to back away and calm down. “Dammit lady, you don’t understand, I need to see if it’s really my brother in there.” At that point, I made my way to the front door and told the officer that it’s okay to let him through. I looked at the man, “Sir, I’m Detective Spade of the NY…” “Look no offence but I need to see it’s really Mitchell in there.” It was with those words that makes my job hell on most occasions, having to explain to someone that their loved one isn’t around anymore is like taking a bullet in the gut, which I would rather take if it meant not telling this man his brother is dead. I looked into his frustrated and scared face, sighed, and let him through the room. As he ran past, Legrasse looked at me with a disapproving look, “Why would you let him contaminate the crime scene, you do realise that you’re breaking protocol?” “It makes it easier to 100% confirm the body and besides it’s better to identify a family member in a place of comfort than on the cold slab at the morgue.” I heard a cry from the room where the dead man lay and waited until the man came out of the room.
“Is that your brother in there?” I asked him. “Yeah, that’s Mitchell, that’s my brother. God, I can’t believe he actually listened to mom and killed himself.” “What is your name?” I asked him. “Troy, Troy Peters.” “Well, Troy, why don’t you come with us back to the police station so we can ask you a few questions about this horrendous act.” He looked at me this concern, “You don’t think I made him do this?” “No, but we could use your help in figuring out what is going on here.” After a moment to think about it, he nodded and followed Legrasse and I back to the police station.
Within the hour, the three of us were back in my office with the blinds closed as to not have anyone looking in on us. As of this point I didn’t have any leads besides Troy, who was sitting across from looking like he was about to piss himself. He looked more nervous than sad about his brother’s death. “How are you doing, Troy?” “How am I doing, are you seriously going to ask me that after I just saw my own brother dead on the floor of his house after hanging himself!” “Well, you appear to look more nervous than sad about the endeavor, why is that?” This was when the waterworks started and Legrasse smiled a bit. I turned to face Legrasse, “now why are you smiling at this man's misfortune?” “I just find it interesting that after mentioning how someone should react to the death of their brother that they truly begin to cry.” Troy looked up at Legrasse with a look of disgusted, “Do you think that I somehow had something to do with the death of my own brother? No, it was that damn story that killed my brother, that’s what made him hang himself. I tried to tell him and Ronald not to do listen to mom about that ‘Boogeyman’ horse s@%# but they wouldn’t listen to me.” Troy began to break down and sob on my desk. I gave him a moment before continuing with my questions.
“Who’s Ronald” I asked him. Troy lifted his head up from my desk to look at me. “ There are three of us, brothers I mean. Mitchell was the youngest and the second to die. Ronald was the oldest and the first to die. He lived in a small town up in a Maine, a place called Castlerock or something like that, anyway, I thought he wouldn’t believe in the story, but I was wrong. You see, unlike you guys, the police up in Maine ruled it out as suicide. What I have to ask you detective is why are you investigating this as a murder?” “We’re ruling this case a murder-suicide because of the contents of the will that was found on his body, but I still have one more question for you. What is this ‘boogeyman’ that the will keeps on referring to.” Troy looked down at his lap for a moment and sighed before he answered my question. “Officially there are just three brothers in the Peter’s family, but unofficially there is a fourth brother. This brother, who my mother named Raymond, was older than Ronald by five years. According to my mother, he started showing signs of violence at a very young age. Raymond would do things like try to get into the knives or knock down furniture on top of people. The final straw for my parents was when Ronald was born, Raymond got into the knife drawer, pulled out a small a pairing knife, and cut a big gash into Ronald’s arm. When my parents got Ronald to the hospital the doctors asked Raymond why he cut his brother and his response was what lead my parents to check him into the hospital’s sanitorium. Raymond looked my mother in the eyes and said ‘because I wanted to see what his muscles looked like.’ I didn’t learn about this until much later and my mom would refer to him as the ‘boogeyman’ because of what he did to my brother. Last year she passed away, but as we gathered around her deathbed she told us that Raymond had escaped the sanitorium and was looking for us.”
He stopped and looked at me. I nodded at him “this is where the story picks up?” He nodded. “Well in that case, thank you for your help. Legrasse, will you watch over Troy while I go get the release forms?” Legrasse nodded and I left my office to retrieve the forms. When I got to the desk, the receptionist told me that I got a letter that said urgent on the envelope. I opened it to find that the letter was addressed to me by the murderer.
To the noisy detective Spade,
  I don’t know who you think you are bringing yourself into my family's business but I guess you will be the one to end this either with you or I dead because let’s be honest here, you will never take me alive. I think it’s time to meet, wouldn't you agree? Let’s meet where it all began, the address is on the back. I’ll be very happy when I finally get to meet the famous Detective Adrian Spade face to face. Ta-Ta for now Detective.
       Raymond “Boogeyman” Peters
P.S. Thank you that your office is on the ground floor. It makes it so much easier to see my dear brother one last time.
It was at that moment that I realised he was in the building and he was going after his brother. I started running towards my office, drawing my P226 9mm handgun in the process. When I kicked down the door I walked into a horror that no one could have ever imaged. Troy had a knife sticking out of his throat and blood was running down the front of his shirt. Legrasse laid on the ground unconscious next to the open window that Raymond had used to get in. Next to the window was a blood written message that read,
I ran over to Legrasse who was beginning to regain consciousness. “Hey, Legrasse are you ok? What happened?” He was beginning to regain focus again, once he was on his feet he began to speak, “He caught me off guard, I just opened the window for a second and he dove in. He threw my head against your desk and I blacked out.” He looked over towards Troy's body, “Christ, he killed him.” “Look, I know he’s dead, but I know where we can find Raymond, he is meeting us at his house and I know where it is.” Legrasse looked up with his bruised face and smiled, “Let’s finish this, let’s go get the Son of a B!@#$.”
The drive took about three hours to a small town up north of the city. As we pulled up to the house, I instructed Legrasse to go around back. I made my way through the front door and found myself in what appeared to be a living room with only two chairs in the middle of the room. As I got closer, I saw that one of the chairs had a note on it telling me to sit. I sat down and waited for what seemed like hours until I heard movement coming from the back of the house. “Legrasse is that you?” Within just seconds, Legrasse came out of the back. “Yeah it’s me, Spade.” “Did you find anything  while you were stretching the back?” “No I really didn't find anything, except for two chairs and a noisy detective sitting in one of them.” He lifted his gun up towards my head and smiled, “Welcome detective.” I couldn't believe it, he had been under my nose this entire time and I didn’t even notice that this man was the killer.
“So you have me, what happens now Legrasse, or should I call you by your real name, Raymond?” “Oh I prefer my new name, Spade, it has helped me merge back into society, but to answer your question of ‘what happens now’ it will go something like this.” He sat down in the chair across from still pointing his gun at my face. “This is going to go one of two ways, either you kill me or I kill you and walk away. Either way I will be free and I have bested you.” I stared him down for what seemed like hours until I finally said, “I guess you will have to pull that trigger and have cop blood on your hands.” Raymond got up from his chair with a smile on his face, “I was hoping that you would say that, goodbye detective.” He lowered his gun to my forehead and pulled the trigger. CLICK, CLICK,CLICK. Raymond looked at his gun with confusion. “You know what I love about Smith & Wesson pistols, Raymond? It is so easy to remove the firing pin out of those pistols.” I pulled the pin out of my pocket just as the police showed up outside of the house.
As the police put Raymond in one of the cars he looked at me with a questioning look, “How did you figure it out detective, my plan was so perfect but you managed to stop me, how?” “When you were unconscious, saw the blood writing on the wall. I turned around to help you up and noticed that you had blood on your right hand. I thought that maybe you got cut in the scuffle, but when you told me he knocked you unconscious I knew that something wasn’t right with this situation. When I went to get our guns, I took the pin out of the pistol just in case something went screwy, which as it turned out it did.” Raymond was silent as they put him in the car.
So that’s my story, I hope you have what you need for your newspaper article. The interviewer nodded and started leaving my office. As I walked the reporter out, I began to feel good about the case that I just cracked. Before the reporter left though, he handed me a letter saying that some guy from his office was a big fan and wanted to give me a message. I brought it back to my office thinking that it was only fan mail, but when I opened the letter I only found a newspaper clipping and a small note. When I looked at the article, my heart stopped dead in its tracks. The article read RAYMOND “BOOGEYMAN” PETERS HAS ESCAPED AND IS ON THE LAMB. At that point I looked over at the note to find what I feared the most, it read
To the noisy Detective Spade,
I loved having that interview with you just now. Now I have enough information to fix my mistakes for the next time we meet, and trust me detective, we will meet again. I still can’t believe that you didn’t recognize me though, I guess you are not as keen as you truly think you are. Anyway, I’ve got to fly, maybe we will see each other again tomorrow or maybe we will see each other in five years. No matter how long it takes, I will relish every moment we meet again. Until next time detective, Ta-Ta.
       Raymond “Boogeyman” Peters

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