The Dark Hall

March 29, 2017

George ran back to his cubicle at the office. It was his first day at a company called International Dynamics of Technology or IDT for short. He worked on the 7th floor of the office building and it had 20 floors. He had left some papers at work that he needed to read over and a USB flash drive that contained some documents that he needed to send to his boss. It was about 11 PM when he got to the office. The building was looming over him with an eerie silence, all the lights were off. He walked inside and took the elevator to the 7th floor. When he arrived, there was no one on that floor.

George was starting to become concerned that there was no one and all the lights were off. He couldn’t find the light switch since he was new and didn’t know where things were. He was barely able to see because of the only light source being the dim moonlight that shined through the dirty windows. He thought to himself about how weird it was that the windows looked like they hadn’t been washed in years.

He eventually decided to just go to his cubicle and get the stuff and just not turn on the lights. His cubicle was a plain small box with a desk, computer, phone, and a few things he had managed to unpack into the cramped area. Afraid to be here any longer, he found the papers and quickly grabbed them. He quickly jogged to the long quiet hallway that opened up into the small room with the elevators. As he walked down the hallway he had a sense of dread, like the building was collapsing around him, trapping him inside.

He pressed the button on the elevator with panic, but the elevator wasn’t working. He ran to the stairs as quickly as he could and bolted down the stairs at lightning speed. When he got to his car, he ripped the door open and jumped inside.The drive back to his house was 15 minutes. He drove a little over the speed limit hoping he would get home quicker. Once he got home he ran to his doorstep and looked behind himself, no one was there. He went inside and shut the door, making sure to bolt all the locks on the door. Then he ran to his bed and went to sleep, deciding that he would read the papers for work tomorrow morning.

That night, George dreamed he was in the office building again, but this time monsters were climbing out of the walls in the hallway and attacking him, chasing him throughout the 7th floor. Every time that he managed to escape, they would always find him. They kept chanting the same phrase over and over, louder and louder, “There is no escape, there is no escape, THERE IS NO ESCAPE!” Suddenly, the dream ended and he awoke from his sleep.

After trying to go back to sleep for about an hour, he managed to fall into a deep sleep. When he awoke in the morning it was 7:00 AM. George realized that he had just enough time to read the papers for work, get dressed, and go to work at 8:00 AM. He read the papers and was ready to leave by 7:45 AM. Just enough time to get to work.

When he got to work, he went up the elevator as usual. Then, as he walked through the hallway, he felt shivers going down his spine. The hallway. He knew something was wrong, but ignored it and went to his cubicle to start on the days work.

As he was walking to his cubicle, he saw the flash drive, sitting on his desk. He had forgotten to grab it when he was rushing to leave. His boss walked over and asked why he hadn't sent documents last night. George told him that he forgot the USB at the office. His boss was mad and considered firing him but decided to make him work overtime for the rest of the week to makeup for his mistake.

The day went on normally as the people in the office worked and worked to complete their daily quota of work. That evening, George was all alone in the dark office building, working his overtime, when suddenly the last lights that remained on in the office building began to flicker. Then, they all shut off, all except the one lonesome, flickering light in the hallway.

George, worried for his life, immediately backed away from the hallway, backing up as far as he could, eventually bumping into the glass window. He could sense the hallway reaching for him, calling for him. His heart was thumping.. thumping... thumping…. He could take it no longer. He grabbed a computer and smashed it threw the glass and jumped, hoping to escape the dimly lit hallway. Somehow. Someway…

Was he insane, or…
Was he correct. Was the hallway actually coming for him?
Now that, that is for you to decide...

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