The Boaredwalk killer

March 29, 2017
By Leah.s BRONZE, Madison , Kansas
Leah.s BRONZE, Madison , Kansas
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It was the summer of 95’, 16 year old Elena Montgomery’s father got a promotion so that meant that she would have to leave the only home she had ever known. The sweet southern bell was moving to Venice Beach, California. That’s 2,439.5 mi from her home in Savannah, Georgia. She had no idea what she was in for. Today they arrived in California. Her father was high up in the police force and for some reason he got transferred to California, but that was a mystery.

When we finally get to our new home we start to unpack. It's a old timey two story house with a light grey exterior. Elena choose a room on the first floor. She didn't trust the stairs even though see knew the house was completely safe. Her room had pale blue walls and you could see where the paint started to chip away. She had already decided to paint them light grey like her walls back home. The room was a good size with a nice closet so after she brought her boxes in she decided to start unpacking. After she made some progress she thought she deserved a break and wanted to go sight seeing. She told her brother that she was heading to the Board Walk.

She had heard it was one of the most popular places to go in Venice. It was around 6:00 when she got to the boardwalk she was mesmerized by the place. The sun was just starting to set and the place was starting to light up. The sweet smell of popcorn mixed with the salty ocean; this place was like nothing she had ever seen. As she was walking looking around she ran into something hard and fell to the ground. She looked up realising it was a person. “Watch where you're going,” the person growled.


Elena might be sweet but she also had an attitude so i bet you can see where this is going. “Excuse me?” Elena asked raising her eyebrows.

She must have heard him wrong because no one was that rude to someone who they had never met. “You heard me,” He said; started to walk away.

“Well aren't you a ray of sunshine,”

The person then turned around with a smirk on their face. “Do you know who I am?” the person asked.
“No,” she replied simply. “and I don't really care either.” She said this in the sassy tone she doesn't use often but there was something about this person that made her want to get into a argument.

I was walking on the boardwalk, looking around no matter how many times I've come here. The view never ceases to amaze me. Then out of nowhere someone runs into me. A girl who is little shorter than me. She was beautiful with piercing blue eyes and dirty blond hair, but being the person that I am I had to act like the bad boy. She opened her mouth as if she was starting to say something , but I cut her off. “Watch where you're going,” I growl but there was something strange about her. She didn't look scared, the way most do when I use that tone. Honestly, she just looked mad. “Excuse me?” she said in a sassy tone.

“You heard me,”
As I start to walk away I hear her speak. “Aren’t you a ray of sunshine,” she says angrily. No one ever talks back to me so I was surprised to hear her say that. I turn around in time to see her get up and she meets my eyes. And let me tell you, she does not look happy. “Do you know who I am?” I say. “No,” she replies simply, “and I don't really care either.” “I’m the person you don’t want to get mixed up,” I say with a smirk. She looks at me with a blank expression. “What part of I don't care don't you understand,” she says. She walking away and I just stand there in shock. Nothing like that had ever happened before but part of me hoped that I would see the girl again.

After my encounter with the rude boy on the boardwalk I realized it was getting late and i should start heading home, I got home at around 7:30 so i hadn’t been gone for a long time but when i walked through the front door of the house my father is pacing in the live room frantically, when he hears the door slam shut he spins around looking at me. where have you been he asks giving me a giant bear hug. I was at the boardwalk I said I told mike where i was going and i turned and see my idiot of a brother standing at the bottom of the star’s, then my dad turns to look at Mike “you're telling me this whole time we have been searching for your sister, you knew where she was, my dad yells at Mike, “yes”  mike answered in a bored tone not evan bothering to look from his phone as if he was waiting for a call. “why didn’t you tell us” my dad asks, obviously not happy. Because “I didn’t care enough” he said simply then he retreats to his room, my dad turns back to me and say, “sit down, we need to talk”, We head over to our worn, grey sofa sitting on it reminds me of home, I was was torn out of my trance by my dad saying,” “you need to know why I was transferred to california”, that caught my attention, I just assumed it was because he was promoted, but that obviously wasn't the case, This must be serious because he had that look in his eye that he only got when something was important, I was transferred here because there has been a string of murders happening on the boardwalk, The officers needed some help and they looked at my record and though i would be perfect for the job. I don't know what to say, “ what does this mean”, I ask Does it mean I have to stay trapped in this house the whole time we are here?, “no” her father answered, “your not I animal and you won't be cooped up like one”, I do want you to be careful, I want you to keep a phone on you, and make sure you have a knife or pepper spray, something I just don't want you to be unarmed, that's all, I will do that if it gives him peace of mind, “ok”, I say as I head back to my new room and start getting ready for bed, The whole time my mind is on the rude boy from the boardwalk his jet black hair, muscular figure, I was tall but he was even taller, when I'm Taller than most boys but most of all his startling golden looking eyes, ordinarily I would say they would be contacts, but he didn't come across as the type boy to care about his appearance so she knew they were real, and she fell asleep thinking about the golden eyed boy, the next day she woke to the smell of sizzling bacon, I head to the kitchen, Mom was making breakfast, so I sat at the table waiting for it to get done, she asked what I planned to today, I said I wanted to head down to the boardwalk her mother gave her a worried look but she reassured her mother that she would be careful and that she would have pepper spray with her, her mother said it was ok for her to go but she could see in her mother's eyes she wasn't happy about it. She ate breakfast
Fast I went to go get dressed then she was out the door, she started heading to the boardwalk but the whole way there her mind was on the boy, she met yesterday, it was around noon when she got to the boardwalk and the sun was covering, the walk in a warm glow. The walk looked different than it had last night, that place wasn't lit up with lights the way it had been, She ran into something. She looked up and it was the same boy she ran into last night. What were the odds of her running into the same boy today, “We need to stop meeting like this”, the boy said with a smirk on his face, As he is holding out his hand, he was much nicer today than he had been the day before, She took his hand and he pulled her up, That was the second time this had happened. I don't even know your name i said it's Ian, Ian blake.  “You” he counters, “what's your name?” “Elena, Elena Montgomery, I say mimicking his tone. He laughed. You have a bit of an attitude don't you? he says, “Oh, you have no idea,” I say. “It's weird,” he says, most people take one look at me and head the other way, Most people are scared of me, yet you have anaditude with me. “well” I say, “I'm not like most people’. The rest of the day she spent getting to know Ian, He was the resident bad boy of the boardwalk She told him about her life, how she moved from georgia, the way her dad got transferred, (she kept the why  herself) By this time it was around 5:45 and Ian said that he was heading out, I hope we meet again elena, How about tomorrow?, Ok, he says, Then just like that, he was gone with the crowd, The place had gotten a little busier with time and was starting to light up again, There she sat, There was something about Ian that was odd she could not figure out what it was, so she pushed it to the back of her mind, There was something nagging at her so she took a walk to clear her head, She found a place with no people and stayed there. Then out off the corner of her eye her saw a person with a mask, all dressed in black dragging a blond haired girl the person in black pulled a knife and stabbed the blond haired girl, as the person looked up, he saw Elena, Then the person ran, leaving the girl behind, Elena ran to the blond girl, When the person was gone, she yelled for help, trying to remember CPR for her years of babysitting, doing it on the girl “stay with me”, Elena said, Soon she heard sirens, The EMTs came and took the blond haired girl, She heard her name, She turns around and her father was there looking terrified,” What happened,” he asked. She explained what happened, Her dad gave her a bear hug. “thank goodness, you're ok he” said, He was called and notified that the girl that was stabbed is ok, She will live, thank goodness, They asked the girl if she remembered anything about the attacker, she said she saw golden eyes but that could just be her imagination from the shock, Her father said then, it hit me Ian, i think and i started to feel dizzy. Did you say golden eyes? “yes” her father said, a little confused. why that was it elena could take it all then everything went black. She woke up with her father standing over her saying her name. “what happened”, i ask holding my head was pounding “you fainted but i don't know why”, her father said i know who the killer is, i said quietly “what”, my father asked, i know who the killer is i say louder “how” because i met a boy with golden eyes and now that i think about it they are the same height and the same build,” who is it?’ my father asked?”,  a boy named Ian Blake,” i say I can’t believe I spent a day talking with a killer, I knew there was something off about him yet I pushed it to the back of my mind. That could have costed her her life and it almost costed someone else's all because I was distracted by him. her father asked what happened. She told him the whole story. Then he had to take me the chief so I could tell them and they said the killer only killed brunettes with brown eyes but this girl was blond and had blue eyes. I recalled a story he told about his last girlfriend that cheated on him and she was a brunette with brown eyes. “it's because they remind him of his ex”,I say. He told me about his ex. “it make sense but why the sudden change in victims”,I ask They all looked at me “elena, the victim matches your description. “That doesn't make any sense, “I say I “didn't hurt him, it might not be beauce of love. They say it could be something else what does this mean?” I ask “It means” The Chief says, “we need your help that was with something” then they made the plan that when they meet tomorrow Elena would meet as planned but there would be officers waiting in the background, ready to arrest him elana agreed and said she would do it if it would stop anyone else from getting hurt. It was show time. She was sitting in the spot they had sat the previous day, so there she sat waiting for Ian She was scared but mostly hurt. Then she shaw his walking over. She put a fake smile on her face hoping it was believable.“Hey” he said “hi” I rely “What have you been up to, I ask. “Oh the usually” he says. That made her livid killing people is the usual. Then she stood up “take him” she said then at least 5 officers come out then he looks at me “what is this about” he yells. “you are under arrest for 6 acounts of murder and 1 of attempted murder”, he looked angry. “You're not rid of me”, he said “your next”, “shut up murder” my father growled, and as he wrapped his arm around me and I look as the drag Ian away.  It's been 3 months since Ian, and everything has been ok. Until today, I got a letter in the mail, it said “ you're not rid of me, you never will I will get out of prison, and you're next, just wait and see,” love Ian. That terrified me!  From that moment on I was paranoid because I knew he was dangerous, It drove me crazy, My family had no choice but to send me to a mental hospital, They said I would be safe there but I knew I wouldn't be safe anywhere, Not as long as Ian was after me. So … here I sit waiting for the day Ian comes to kill me.

The author's comments:

I love writing and want to be a writer so it's nice to get the story out there for the public it the next step for me 

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