Party Time in the Woods

March 29, 2017
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    Hello my name is Korie and I bet you want to know what the scariest thing I have dreamed about. Well let me tell you about the party in the woods. It all starts out perfectly fine they are in school talking about the party and how they can’t wait for school to be over so they can get ready for the school party. The four teenagers are sitting in the classroom chattering like monkeys at the zoo.The two girls are in love with the two boys, they do everything together. Well almost everything. Joey is a seventeen year old boy. He is as tall as the trees in the wilderness, at lunch he is cuddled up to Katherine, his girlfriend  stealing her fries as Katherine playfully smacks his hand. His hair the color of sand, his eyes as blue as the sky and is teeth aligned parallel with the railroad tracks. He has abs like Ryan Gosling. Katherine, the valedictorian of her class, colleges all around her town asking her to come for visits. Everyone laughs at all of her jokes. People are scared to go around her when they are alone. When Katherine gets mad she acts like a baby with a poopy diaper. She continuously flirts with Joey, her boyfriend. She is as tall as a bird in the sky. She has a gossip buddy that she wouldn't trade the world for, her name is Emmajin. Emmajin, top of her class is what most people call popular. She has hair like mud and eyes like the green sea. Her main goal in life is to get into college and marry her boyfriend Esther. Esther, is the second top person in his class. He has two goals in life, to never be a disappointment to his mother and father. His second one is to be top of class his senior year, that’s going to be hard since Emmajin is top of his class. Esther has hair like the sand and his eyes like the deep blue ocean. He has a eight pack. Welcome to this scary adventure.

    The kids are all ready to go to the party in the woods. The four teenagers are in the car driving fast down the straightaway to the party. They arrive and there is other people already there. Their teacher Mr. Falcon arrived shortly after. As the night started to fall the party got fun. The fire was started the food was being cooked and their beverages were in the ice. Mr. Falcon asked Joey and Esther to go and get more hamburger buns out of the his truck that was parked behind a couple trees. Their girls followed close behind Mr. Falcon because they said it seemed kind of fishy that their teacher would follow them. Then they saw Mr. Falcon grab a  heavy stick and hit the boys in the head, the girls started screaming and covered their mouths so Mr. Falcon couldn’t hear them.. Mr. Falcon then starting loading the boys in the back of his truck, the girls are scared so they ran out of the woods.. Emmajin and Katherine are trying to call the police but their phones are not working so they start screaming for help. But by the time they got a hold of someone Mr. Falcon was gone. The police arrive on the scene two hours after someone called them. Emmajin and Katherine were arrested for not telling the police officer what they saw. Meanwhile back with Mr. Falcon the two boys are now strapped on a table downstairs in his house. The two boys are starting to wake up.  Mr. Falcon is posting pictures on “his” facebook of the boys. His son is involved with this to, his son was bullied by Esther and Joey. Mr. Falcon’s son made a huge mistake to post pictures on his actual instagram account. Meanwhile back in the cop car with the two girls, Emmajin see’s a picture of her boyfriend tied to a table on Andrews instagram account. She yells “stop the car, I know who has the boys and where they are”. Then she made a very stupid mistake and sent Andrew a message that said “I know you have our boyfriends and we are coming to get you”, after the officer told her not to. Meanwhile back in the basement, Andrew gets the text and shows his dad. They start freaking out and packing up all of their stuff. “Time to move on to the next town” son. Mr. Falcon beat the boys one last time and broke some of their bones, he gave them some kind of drug that made them forget what happened. The cops arrive right after Mr. Falcon and his son leave. The girls run down stairs to make sure the boys are alright and tried to wake them up but they had no pulse. They called an ambulance to try and save them but it was too late, Mr. Falcon killed those two boys. The girls are devastated. After the boy’s funeral the girls go home to see a note on their front porch that said “do you miss me yet”? I would love to know what has happened after this but it was all just a dream.  I wish before I sleep every night to have that dream come back to me so it can explain itself.

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