Blood house

March 29, 2017
By , Madison, KS

“Julian what have I told you about smoking at school! You’re sixteen years old son. You are too young,” says his mother, Amanda.

Julian sighs and turns away. “Whatever,” he says before he heads out.

For the past week his buddies Tyler, Owen, and Zach have been pestering him into it with “Dude, you should come do this,” or “Try this dude,” multiple times. They also thought it would be a good idea to ditch school to go explore. “Where should we go?”asked Owen.

“Oh I know! Do you remember when Alex talked about that abandoned house in the country, just outside of Montgomery? We should go there,” suggested Zach. 

It was about evening when they arrived at the abandoned house. As the sun was setting, its dim light hit the house making it look creepier. The wind howled at us and started to pick up. A shiver went up my spine and worry ate at my mind as I looked around. “I never felt so creeped out in my life,” Owen said.
“Well, you better get used to it ‘cause we're staying the night. We got here too late to start exploring now,” Tyler said as he started unloading the camping gear.

     As the night continued the stars started to pop out like someone flipped a light switch. The trees swayed back and forth and thunder roared throughout the sky.  Done setting up their tents, they started getting ready to go to sleep. Then the truck light flickered on as if someone was there. “It’s nothing. One of us just didn't shut the door all the way,” mumbles Julian. “just go back to bed.”

Some noise is heard from one of the tents and a loud ‘tch’ as well. “Guys, wake up! Owen’s gone.” Tyler frantically yells. “Someone took him.”

Julian and Zach both got out of their tents as Tyler scrambles over to them. “Come on. Let's go look around for him,” said Julian, trying to keep everyone calm.
“Ok, we'll split up. Julian, you go look in the house and Zach and I will go look in the cellar,” Tyler orders. They nod and go separate ways to look for Owen.


Tyler and Zach head down to the cellar. The place smelled of oil and mildew. Zach goes to open the door but it creaks open on its own. Glancing at each other and back at the door, they go down the stairs. Once they reach the base of the stairs, Tyler spots Owen unconscious. He is tied up in a chair with an axe and knife lying beneath his feet. Blood streaked on his tan skin. “How did you get down here Owen?” Tyler murmured in shock.
            Right after he asks, the cellar door slams shut making both of them jump. The boys run up the stairs, Zach reaching the door first. He pounds on the door with his fist and then jiggles the door knob. “Julian! You butt head, Julian!” He yells.

            Only echoes of their voices reply. “Julian! Can you hear us?!” Tyler yells.

            The door then creaks back open just as they try to escape. They see Julian tied up, with rope around his mouth, wrists and legs, but not just him. A man behind him pushes him towards the cellar. “Is he trying to capture all of us do you think?” Tyler whispers.

            Zach shrugs and puts his pointer finger to his lips. Julian screams against the gag as the man pulls him closer to the cellar. The boys run down the stairs and start trying to untie Owen who is still unconscious. Able to get Owen free, Tyler places him on Zach’s back. Taking up the axe beneath the chair, he goes back up as Zach waits down there with Owen. The man pushes Julian into the cellar letting him trip down but Tyler catches him in time. He places him at the base of the stairs, cutting his ropes. “Julian, listen up. Go grab that knife under the chair and when I say, go at the man up there,” Tyler orders.

             Julian does as he was asked and waits by Tyler's side at the top of the stairs. The mans footsteps grow closer and closer, making the floorboards creak. “Now,” Tyler mouthed.

             Julian sprang into action by jumping out of the stairway and going for the man’s throat. Caught off guard, the man tripped backwards but raised his own knife, blocking the attack. As Julian rolled over the man and got back up, Tyler attacked. Not ready for another surprise attack, he swung and buried the axe deep in the man's gut. Tyler gasped for air as he stood above the man. What surprised them was that the man was laughing hysterically. “I can't believe, I, Bill Patterson, the Blood Ripper, was killed by some teenagers,” he said.

            The light in Bill’s eyes vanished as his body went still. “I can't believe we killed him,” Julian mumbled, his face painted with horror and fear.

“We did what we had to do! At least we're safe!” Tyler exclaimed.

            Sirens could be heard, as police cars drove over the hill. Zach came out of the cellar with Owen still on his back. All of them went outside to be met by the police. “Hello gentlemen. We got a call on some kids heading out here.  Are you all okay?” questioned one of the officers.

“We were almost killed by a man but I killed him,” Tyler said
“Oh my. Sir, we are going to have to ask you some questions,” the police officer said. “What was his name?”
“Bill, he said his name was Bill Patterson.” Julian squeaked.

“Bill Patterson?” He replied. “Heck, we’ve been trying to catch him forever.  You're lucky to be alive.  You boys will still have to go down to headquarters, but other than that you guys are in the clear.”

“That was an interesting night,” Zach says. As he does, all of the boys glare at him, but stop after a few seconds and nod in agreement.

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