The Eye of the Storm

March 24, 2017
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“What do you want!” I yelled as I heard Alice’s voice screaming for me and my other sister, Kat, to get up. Alice was always up before the two of us, I, however, was not nearly as bad as Kat, who, and I quote, “Would rather be a koala.” She was still waking up as I got out of my bed and went down to the kitchen that the three of us shared, “Good morning sunshine!” Alice chirped as I took a seat at the ceramic countertop.

  “Morning,” I grumbled as she placed a cup of steaming coffee in front of me. I took a sip of the brown liquid and I was immediatly woken up by the smooth burning sensation that coated my throat. “Ugh that’s better,” I said, now fully awake as Kat came stumbling down the stairs, nearly tripping, only to be saved by the slim body of Alice catching her.

  “Coffee….” she groaned as she sat next to me at the counter.

  “Coming right up!” Alice replyed in her usual perky tone. Just as she was serving Kat her mug of the bitter liquid, the doorbell rang. “Who is it?” she yelled, to no avail. Walking down the hall to the door, a now conscious version of Kat trailing slightly behind her, she swings open the 7 foot slab of mohagony and was immediatly swallowed by the light of the California sun. I heard nothing until she slowly turned, looking first to Kat, and then to me.

  Her blue eyes turned instantly to a dark grey as she swung around towards the door. “Kim, come look at this,” she half stuttered, as the three of us approached the front door, my brain flooded with memories….

  Alice, Kat, and I were in our elementary years. Alice and I had decided to finally work up the guts to walk down the basement steps into the damp place where my father warned us not to pay visit. As we stumbled down the stairs into the darkness, I shined my flashlight to the wall, searching for a light switch. But instead coming in contact with the scarlet of blood dripping down the walls. I jumped back in terror as I grabbed Alice and pointed. Letting out a high pitched scream, Alice stumbled and fell. I ran to pick her up and jumped as I came in contact with something cold and sharp. “Don’t move Kimberly.” I heard a raspy voice say, “Or she will suffer more…” I had heard that voice before. No, it couldn’t be.

  “Father…” I whispered, terrified of what would happen next. Grabbing me by the hair he flung me into a light room. The walls were cracked and covered in cobwebs. In the light I saw that my father held a knife to Alice’s throat. “No!” I cried as he through Alice to the floor. “Why would you do this?”

  “You’re too young to understand, I told you to never come down here!” He yelled as he locked the door. Now have fun in here until I return.”

  “Kim,” Alice whispered, “Look.” She pointed over to the corner and I fell to my knees. I looked over and saw the mangled body of my mother, lying lifeless on the floor.

  “No! I screamed as Alice hugged me, “Why did he do this to us!” I was immediatly shushed as I heard footsteps treading towards the door. They were smaller, and weaker than the heavy footsteps that my father carried with him.

  “Kim, Alice?” I heard the voice of my sister, Kat, mumbling at the door.

  “Kat!” I said as she opened the door and grabbed my arm. “Dad, he… He killed mommy.” My eyes watered as the heavy weight of realization was dropped onto my chest..

  “Come on Kim!” she rushed as she pulled me up the stairs and into the front yard. Rushing to our neighbor and best friend, Mark Babcock’s house, we told his parents what had happened and they had called the police. Father was soon arested for murder and our grandma had decided to have our mother buried at the same cemetery as our grandpa.

  “Kim, Kim! KIM!,” I heard Kats voice as she was gently slapping me. “What’s wrong?” she asked as I pointed to the return address on the giant box that had arrived at the front door;

Carter Sloan
1156 Harenport Ave.
Santa Monica CA

  “Dad?” She stuttered as she fell to her knees, Alice bending to comfort her. I picked up the box and carried it into the kitchen, pulling out the x-acto and cutting off the tape. I opened the box to find dozens of pink packing peanuts surrounding what appeared to be a jewelery box. Opening the box I was shocked at what I saw. A note, an envelope, and a pair of earrings. My hands shook as I opened the note to found myself growing red with rage as I studied the familiar shaky handwriting of my father. Or the man that was at one time my father.

  “Alice, get in here, now!” I yelled as I read the note:


        I am so sorry for the trouble I have caused you. There are so many reasons that I did what I did and I never intended for you to find out. Your mother was a nice woman but she saw something that I could not let her live knowing. By the time you read this I want you to know that you do not have to worry about me anymore. I love you girls.

  ~Love, Your dad

  “Oh no...:” I whispered as I fell to the floor, tears rolling down my eyes. “He’s gone..” and suddenly there was darkness.

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