A Felon's Watch

March 21, 2017

Dennis and I are what you call “outcasts.” We live in my grandpa’s trailer and work at a bar. This made us who we are and most people don’t understand that. Our past plays a major roll in our present lives and we get told to “just move on.”

“Dennis, have you seen my watch?” I asked.
“No. you just had it an hour ago.”
“I know. Can I use yours?”
“Sure, Cayden. You can keep it. I have another. You never know when you need it.”

I reach into his dresser and grab the first watch I see and put it on my wrist. That’s what I like about our friendship. We share everything. Accessories, secrets, life experiences. Even food! This might sound cliché but, he is all I have and I am all he has. He and I are partners in crime for a reason. We are also work partners at a bar so…

“Cayden, there was an accident on the freeway. Call boss and tell him we can’t make it,” Dennis said as he stares at the TV.
“Are you serious?”
Dennis gets up and throws his uniform shirt on lazily. He continues to stare at the tv silently until he replies with, “no, I just don’t feel like going to work but I can’t miss any more days.”
“Then I guess going is really your only option.”
“How many hot girls do you think are going to be there tonight?”
“Doesn’t matter. You will still be single by the end of your shift,” I laugh as Dennis throws his shoe at me.
“Ha ha. Funny, Cayden.”
“How long have you been single? Your whole life?”

“Hey, hey. I have had a girlfriend before.  It may have only lasted a week and a half but it still existed.”

At that point, I was laughing so hard, I don’t remember when I fell to the floor as Dennis looked at me with amusement. I finally collect myself and stand back up. Grabbing my jacket, I walk out the door and meet Dennis at the car. The engine starts and it is the most beautiful sound. Not as beautiful as the view of trees and vandalism on the side of the road. I’m not the only one who got caught up in the scenery. Our car starts sliding, my head hitting the window, Dennis being thrown against the steering wheel and back against the seat, and then the car flips on its side.  Everything goes black.

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