Wires (Four Percent 7)

March 11, 2017

She stands fiercely in front of the crowd. A bloody knife in her right hand and a finger in her left hand.


"Next time don't make me wait Bob, you might not be able to see in your right eye but I don't care." She waves the knife in the air speaking to not just Bob, but the whole crowd. "Be glad I took your pinkie and not something important."

"Now who attempted to kill Ally? Yes, attempted you did not succeed. To find out who would interrupt my game we will play a different game." She looks over the Sam and Sally who hold a bundle of wire in their hands.

"Please assist our contestants in the next game. This game is called Spider Web. Sam and Sally will help you get into position, then I will explain the rules." She throws Bob's finger up and down in her hand.

They wrap thin string around our ankles and wrist. We're not connected together rather they put the rope against hooks I have never seen before. When did those hooks get put on the wall? They give the string to her. She puts them on her fingers filling all ten and gives ten of them to Sam. Sam laughs wickedly and puts the strings on her fingers as well. Meanwhile Sally laces the string around us. A string hits my knees and the back of my legs. I look at the wires in front of us, their at different lengths and heights.
"Now my darlings you are the moths in my spider web. There a three spiders so be careful. Now the game works like this. You remember the numbers to your name. I will call your number and then you will pick a card from this deck." She pulls a deck of cards from a pocket in her dress.

"This is not a regular deck though my lovelies. This deck is sinister and was made for you lot and you only. If you don't comply with what's on the card well these strings make it very interesting. This game ends until someone confess, the deck runs out, or someone dies." She hisses. "How to get out of this maze is to complete the task on the card till you can get out. If your card says to move three that mean take three steps. When moving if you cut yourself, you must stop immediately. Though contestants keep in mind, there has never been a game where everyone made it out."
One by one we get a card. I look down at my card and flush.


The praying hands under the cross of the one above.
Moans fill the chapel when the clock strikes midnight.
What a sinner you are, but who can you confess too when you live with devils,

each worser than you.

Show the scars where the wires latched onto your skin.
If completed move the letters of your sin.

I gulp and remove my pants and shirt. People stare at me weirdly.
Jr claps, looking directly at me. "Eleven you may move. You have completed your card."

I take three steps before I wire pops out of nowhere and cuts my thigh. Sally laughs to the side. Her hand filled with wires and darkness spilling into her eyes.

"What if we don't want to do what's on the card?" Ace barks at Jr but she doesn't flinch.

"Then you get cut, like I said people die in this game do you want me to end you that quickly? Perhaps you spoiled my fun?" She moves one of her fingers. His legs are swept from under him but he doesn't fall, rather he hangs from the string around his wrist. The string cuts into his wrist and blood slides down the strings dying the old silver a fresh red.

"Get up." She yells like a wild dog and laughter fills the room of the twins who relish in the pain in our eyes. Just like the dogs I once knew.
Ace stands up obediently, his bloods drips to the floor at a steady pace. "Looks like you completed your card. Will you tell me how it feels to become someone's pet?"

I think I realized what this game is now. It's not really to find out who did it. They could've easily found out as they watch us all the time and everywhere. No this game is to put us in our place. We're going to be killing in their territory and on their grounds. They know this house and lifestyle better than any of us. The stories, the secrets that must be held here we may never know because for us this is our resting place. These people are devils but they don't care, they don't try to hide it. They openly embrace their devil mentally and fuel it when they can. Their blessed. They can be themselves freely without consequences or anyone stopping them, no all they have to do is survive. Yes, these people are lucky because out of fifteen or so winners these six have remained standing. It really is a dog eat dog world.

I keep this in mind as I get handed my next card.
                                  Four Percent Game
I look down at the card I was handed.

Envy fills a weak heart made from tin.
Her innocence never washing away, a sheep is she and a wolf are you,
Why wouldn't they just look at you once?
Oh! That's right because whatever you could do she could do better.
Bound by the red string of fate forever.
Now look at you bloody hands and a smile of the devils sun.
If the task is completed move two just for you two.

I look over to the one that looks just like me. My dull eyes fall on her innocent face filled with worry. Her eyes the ones of a newborn child. Loved she was, hated am I. I look at the string on my wrist and look to where they lead. Of course it's tied to her but why are we connected? I look down at my card again. 'Bound by the red string of fate forever.'

Without hesitation for the pain I will feel, I wrap the sharp string around my hands and pull sharply on it. She falls to the ground by her wrist being swept by her legs from ones I didn't pull. I unwrap the string from my hand now covered with blood.

"Lily are you okay? Do you need help?" I say with fake concern but don't make a move to go and help her.

"No, I'm fine." She gets up and brushes off her pants. She takes a step forward and sighs deeply.

I take my two steps. I look at the string that connects us. Our blood trails down the string and meets in the middle to drip down on the ground. A smile dances on my lips as I look at her shaken state.
                                    Four Percent Game
Weak and frail you are,
asking for peace instead of war.
Letting the world walk over you, that's all you can ever do.
Look at those around you each unpraised and hurt,
but you selfish and gifted with everything.
Take the punishment the world gives you because now you live with devils.
Move one step when you draw the symbol of peace but get war in return.

I put up a feeble peace sign by my face. I hold it up like an idiot, embarrassed over how I might look I lose all focus. I don't even notice when the string tightens around my hand and legs. I fall to the ground face first. My wrist and legs cut from the string.
"Lily are you okay? Do you need help?" Rose says with concern laced in her voice. 'Weak and frail you are.' I must not rely on my sister for everything. How she can still be strong at these times I wonder.

"No, I'm fine." I get up and the string loosen themselves from my wrist and legs.


Ilook at my sister. One of her wrist and hand bleeds. Her blood flows down the string and so does mine, they meet in the middle then fall to the ground.

I take a step ahead my back straight from all those lessons. I cup my hands together and look around. Anyone of these people could easily kill me or Rose.  I wish I was stronger so that I can protect the only thing I love.

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