One Witch

March 9, 2017
By , pensacola, FL
The wind blew hard enough to open the window of Iyana’s cottage. She awoke from her slumber on her birthday, October 31,1999. Her wild hair fell tamed by her side as she rose from her bed. Color drew to her face and once again her beauty returned. She wore the same thing everyday;a black corset with black shorts and thigh high black boots.Before she became a witch every man in town admired her beauty,but after her 18th birthday the devil took her soul.He cursed her to an endless sleep and she could only wake every year on Halloween to serve him.
There wasn't much decoration ever needed for halloween since the deceased lived in her backyard and cobwebs were everywhere.Many legends had been told about her,but one thing was certain, Iyana was burned at the stake for her crimes of cannibalism. No one dared near her house on that day except for the few curious ones.
Michael, Eric, and Jones were 15 years old and finally could go trick or treating by themselves. The night before they made a bet to see who could last the longest in Iyana’s house. They set out toward her house at 10:00 p.m. sharp. Fall leaves crunched under their feet as they walked up the steep hill towards the witch's house. Michael was the first to enter the house and he had only heard of the legend just two days ago. Eric entered behind him and only knew that Iyana ate children. Jones instead walked to the back of the house. “ Guys, look! This graveyard looks so...” Out jumped a black cat from behind one of the tombstones. She started to claw his face till his eyes fell loosely to the ground. Then the cat transformed into Iyana. She kneeled to the ground, picked up his emerald green eyes and ate them. She dragged his limp body through the backdoor and down the stair into the cellar. Michael was in Iyanya's bedroom and started rummaging through her things. He found an old book hidden behind her bookshelf. He blew the dust off the book to get a better view of the title, which read “Soul Less”. He flipped through the pages but before he could get through the first three pages Iyana appeared in the doorway licking her fingers clean of Jones’s blood. She didn't seem very disturbed or shocked to find the him in her room. Michael knew he couldn't bolt for the door because she was blocking it so he darted his eyes around to figure out another escape,but there didn't seem to be one. “AHHH! You found my book. I need to add another name to the list in the back”, says Iyana. She crossed the room to Michael and held out her hand for the book. Astonished, Michael handed her the book and once out of his grasp he bolted for the door. Iyana swiped her hand and the door shut with a loud thud.
Eric reached for the door to the cellar, but jumped with a start when he heard the noise. “Jones?...Michael…? Guys that's not funny!”,says Eric shakily. He moved back to the kitchen and grabbed a knife before proceeding down to the cellar. The steps creaked under his feet as he stepped with caution. As he stepped off the last step he noticed right in the middle of the floor a skeleton. “HA! This skeleton almost looks real!”’he says. As he reached down to pick it up he smelled this horrendous smell. He immediately backed away for the skeleton and dashed up the steps. When back in the kitchen Eric found Michael and Iyana waiting for him.
Michael looked on the verge of tears and Iyana looked pleased. “Back down into the cellar you go.”,she says with a smile. As told; they both descended into the cellar. “Take a right.”,she explained. A red door appeared before the boys and inside was a long dinner table. Filling the seats were old corpses that looked like they had been there for years. “Just push them to the ground,i was told not to eat you yet till he arrives.”,she says. When the clock struck  11:45 a gust of wind rose the dust from the ground and the candles in the middle of the table lit up. At the end of the table a mysterious figure appeared, but the shadows hid his face. “ Im pleased to have you join us.” ,he exclaimed. When the clock struck midnight,Iyana and the devil crawled across the table and devoured the little children.

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