The Eyes of the Labyrinth

March 9, 2017
By , Tirana, Albania

I wake up to something pulling my fingers.I am laying on the ground surrounded by tall walls covered with layers of thick ivy branches. I slowly get up and start walking around trying to understand where I am. A cold breeze wraps my body and sends chills down my spine. I keep turning, searching of something; a clue, a sign, anything to help me understand.
    I catch my eye on the sign hanging from the ivy. It isn't that far so I start reading it. ''You have one hour to find the exit. Don't touch the walls.'' At first I’m confused but then realization hits me. The big ivy walls, the never ending turns that I was taking, not able to find an exit ... I am in a labyrinth.
  I look at my watch and I start overthinking.
“How and why am I in a labyrinth? What did the sign mean by 'you have one hour? And why can't I touch the walls? But the biggest question in my head was how can I get out of here?”
      As I am drowned in my own thoughts, a noise echoes throughout the labyrinth.  As the noise becomes more distinct, I start listening carefully trying to understand what's happening. I tried to follow the noise, but it was difficult since it was so subtle and quiet. Remembering the sign and the time that I was given to find the exit,I know that I can’t continue like this. So I think, hard, in attempt of trying to figure everything out, to make a plan.
   I take one of my shoes and I hit it at the wall. It hits the wall, but the ivies consumed it and wouldn't let go. The ivy strongly held around the shoe, letting me touch it without bothering the ivy. I take my other shoe, my jacket and my socks and throw them all in a line going up the wall. I had a path now, I climb up the wall where I can look from above at the labyrinth. I figure out the route that I should take… three rights, two lefts, straight, left…. And I memorized it. I get down and I start running because I know that time was running out.
Now I can hear the noise even more clearly,which made me realize that it was a laughter.  I know that I am getting closer and closer to the exit. As I take my last turn the laughter stops and I see a beautiful girl with long, blonde hair and deep emerald eyes sitting on the ground, smiling. She looked at me without even a hint of surprise. I look at her carefully and I realize that behind her was the exit from this labyrinth. I look at the time, 4 minutes left, I smile at myself and then I start making my way to the beautiful girl. She gets up still smiling and as I was about to talk she pushes me to the wall. I feel the ivy wrapping around my arms and legs then reaching in for my waist, holding me secure. I start moving in attempt of saving myself but I can’t the ivy is too strong. I stop trying,  I know that I can’t do anything. I take one last glance at the girl, and as she looked at me with her deep emerald eyes, the ivy surrounding me pulls me in tighter, suffocating me slowly. I start to lose eyesight.
My head pounding, my eyelids tired. I could hear my heartbeat  echoing through my head, until it gave away its last beat. The sound of my heart beat was substituted from a constant beep to just one long beep ending my life. My world swirling into a black hole.

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