No Love?

March 8, 2017
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How did I feel when I found he didn’t love me back? Hurt. Hurt like someone had just stabbed a dagger called ‘love’ in my heart. How could he not love me back? Tell me how? I mean, I did everything I could for him, and what do he give back? Nothing. He give back nothing. How could he have been so insolent, especially to me? He thought only of himself.

…Wait, could there have been another girl? Is that why he didn’t love me? Well, thinking about it actually, I could have brought this upon myself. I mean, I guess I didn’t have to call him a bunch of times when he didn’t answer at first or respond to a text a few minutes after I sent it. But in that time, he could have been messing around with another girl! My actions were justified!

…Okay, okay, I don’t care if you say what I did to him in the end was illegal, I still say my actions were justified!

…Hey, what are you doing? Take those handcuffs off of me! I have rights! My actions were justified!

…Don’t you be telling me I have the right to remain silent! I can scream out as much as I want! HEY JUSTIN, YOU IDIOT, DO YOU HEAR ME!? I HOPE YOU DO, ‘CAUSE I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I LOVED WHAT I DID TO YOU AND I HOPE YOU WENT TO HELL!

…Alright, I’m done. Take me away, Mr. Interrogator.

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