March 3, 2017

It is late in the afternoon, around 7 pm, and I had gotten another request. I go outside and inhale deeply, icy air fills my lungs. It feels so nice and cold but then again it stings. Anyways I walk for about thirty minutes until I see the beige house, all the lights are off. I put on my black latex gloves, take out my lock picking kit, and go up to the locked door. After I get done picking the lock I put the kit into my front pocket. Before I go in I make sure I have every single blonde strand of my hair tucked under the hairnet. Quietly I open the door, walk up the stairs, and enter the room to the right. I turn on the light; it startles the old woman and she awakes. She rubs both of her eyes to see what was going on.
   "Casey dear, what are you doing here so late," she asks me in a sleepy tone of voice.
   I don't say anything I just start walking to the edge of the bed. I sit down beside her and look into her pale blue eyes, it hurts that I have to kill her since she has been so nice to me and my family. The request was to kill Mrs. Toku and I've got to say, the reason was shocking.
   "You are a filthy, disgusting animal that deserves to rot in hell," I whisper to her.
   "Casey! That is no way to speak to me young man," she raises her voice.
   "I know what you did to that little boy. He was but only 9 years old. How could you do that," I ask her.
   "You shouldn't know about that. How do you know," she answers my question with a question.
   "It doesn't matter, give me a reason why you did it. Now," I demand.
   She doesn't speak so I decide to do the job now. I wrap my hands around her small petite neck and squeeze harder but then an idea comes to me. I stop and grab a medicine off of the bright red dresser that's near her bed and pour them all out into my hand. I grab a paper that was coincidentally sitting right there and I take a pen out of my pocket.
   "Write what I say or I will kill you right here, right now," I sternly say.
   She takes the pen and paper, her hands are shaking like there's a mini earthquake in her body. She looks up at me with pleading eyes practically begging me not to kill her. I give no remorse, she molested a little boy. She took everything away from him, his life is in shambles. She deserves to die, she deserves everything coming to her. It makes me so sick just to look at her; how she has a nice house, while he's living in a homeless shelter.
   "Write word for word what I say, okay," she nods her head in agreement,"I am sick with myself. I took away so much from a boy who grew up with his life broken. All because of me. So I will rid this world of a disgusting pig like me"
   I finish and I see her writing everything I said frantically. I smile at my achievements, most thirteens year olds smile at good grades but I smile at someone being afraid of me. You see I'm not like most thirteen year olds; while they are out getting jobs at a food joint, I am murdering people. I don't come from the best background, I actually come from a pretty horrible background.
   To start out my father molested me and raped my little sister when she was two, that's why I hate pedophiles so much. Yes, everyone hates pedophiles but my hate is stronger since I have lived through it. My hate comes from the fires of hell. Anyways I ended up telling my teacher after five years and she called the police, I am happy to say that my father is rotting in jail. Well, since my dad got sent away my mother became an alcoholic and an abuser. Me and my 6 year old sister still live with my sad excuse of a mother. I work hard just to support me and my sister, actually I have been taking more requests than ever. I only take requests if it has a good excuse. If the person I'm supposed to kill has ruined another's life in some way shape or form it's a good excuse.
   After she finishes writing what I had told her to write I take my right hand and grab her white curly hair. I take my left hand and shove all the pills in her mouth; I am stronger than her so as she fights it's only a little squirm. I then lay her down as she tries her hardest to fight back. I hold her down for about ten minutes until her body goes limp. To be honest when they die it feels like I'm ridding the world of evil, I feel like God. 
   After I vacuum and scrub to make sure no DNA is left behind I spray paint a red pentagon with the blue word Lucifer. I ditch the paint cans there. I then quickly leave and go home; as I'm walking down the street I see the house of another request. I know I shouldn't do it yet because there is someone with him, I look and see two shadows yelling at each other, then the muscular shadow hits the skinny shadow. I think what a wimp, hitting a woman. I can't wait until I get to him.
   I don't really know him but I do know that he's like my mother and I can't stand the thought of that. I clench my jaw and ball my hands into fists, how I would love to kill him but I can't. Not yet.
   After thirty more minutes I finally get home and coach my sister to lie and say I've been home all night. That's just in case the police interrogate me.
   "My brother was at the house cooking dinner all evening," she repeats over and over as I cook dinner.
   After I successfully cook spaghetti and meatballs I serve my sister and forget about Mother. If Mother wants to leave a bruise on my little sister, my pride and joy, then she doesn't deserve to eat. I look at the huge purple and blue bruise that wraps around my little sisters’ , Addies’, arm. I get so angry I would kill my mom but it would be too obvious that it was me and I can't just leave Addie.
   After a little while I hear sirens; I guess that someone found Mrs. Toku. I just keep cooking dinner and hope that the police don't come here. My heart feels like I just ran a marathon, I start breathing heavily.
   “I will be right back Addie. Just keep watching television,” I say to Addie.
   “Okay bubba,” she responds in her sweet innocent voice.
   I go down the hall and turn right; I am standing in the bathroom that has clothes piled up.
   I think to myself that I should wash and dry them; Addie has been wearing the same red dress with white dots to school.
   I open the mirror above the marble top sink and take out a razor, I put that razor to my arm and run it across slowly. All of my worries are taken away with the drips of blood running down my arm. My heart beat slows down as I feel this pain, this pain is my only way to deal with reality. The reality that Addie has an abusive mother, pedophile father, and a murderer for a brother. Addie has it harder than me, I'm the only one who makes her life even the slightest better. I show her the light at the end of the tunnel. Whenever we get to the light it always is a fire. Everything we do turns horrible, I will get caught sooner or later and I know it.
   When I get back into the kitchen Addie is still sitting there watching some show with weird creatures. I hear her giggling as one of the creatures hits the other on the head with  broomstick. I smile knowing at this one moment she is happy. When I get enough money to run away I'm taking Addie and she will be happy all the time. From the day me and my sister move out of this house, this city, this state, i will make sure she is happy.
   After dinner is done I hear a knock on the door; my heart is racing again. I go open the door and pull my sleeves down even more than they already were.
   “Hello there young man, may I speak with your mother,” a police officer asks me.
   “She's asleep right now sir, can you come back later,” I answer him.
   The officer politely nods his head and starts walking down the steps to get off of our concrete porch. I exhale deeply, a police officer never came to our house before. Why did they come now? Then I realized my mistake; I strangled her first. My handprints are on her, but not my fingerprints. All the forensics have to do is look at the size and know it was someone with small petite hands.
   I go into my room and bang my head against the wall multiple times; my head starts to bleed. Addie walks into my room and sees my head bleeding, she rushes up to me and hugs me.
   “You're okay,” she asks in her four year old way.
   “Yeah Addie, I am okay. Let's go eat,” I tell her as I give her a big hug.
   She runs out of the room to get to the kitchen so she can eat. I can tell she's hungry, I better hurry and get cleaned up.
   I go into the bathroom once again and I clean my head off; the wound isn't that bad, at least to me.
   When I get out of the bathroom I head to the kitchen and serve Addie dinner, she is bouncing in her chair. I smile at her as she smiles back; her smile is the most important thing in the world. As long as I can see her beautiful smile I am happy. I decide the next time my mom even lays one finger on Addie I am going straight to the police. I am not going to stand for it anymore, but then I remember me and Addie would be put in foster care and separated. I can't be separated from her, I just can't be.
   After dinner I get Addie into her pajamas and brush her teeth then finally send her to bed. After she is laying down I lay down and set my alarm for five in the morning. Then I drift into a heavy sleep.
   Beep beep beep I hear as I wake up, I unplug my alarm clock and sit up. I stretch my legs out and my arms then get off of my bed. I put on a “Mind over Matter” t-shirt that is a salmon color. Then I put on plain blue jeans. I brush my teeth and brush my hair so it is all facing to the right. I look in the bathroom mirror and see my light blue eyes. I look down and see my enormous feet and huge hands. I hate them, my hands and feet. I love my eyes though; they remind me of swimming and all I want to do is swim. Swimming is a release from all this nonsense. When the water rushes past your body, when you push off with all your might, when you jump in and feel a shock of cold race through your body; that's the release.
   I remember trying to teach Addie to swim, I wanted her to feel the same release that I did. It was a warm summer evening and I was showing her how I did it. She was around three years old, she tried with her floating but didn't seem to be moving. She started to whimper, she was on the edge of a melt down. So I took her onto my back and swam around and I could hear her giggling and cheering. That was a day I will never forget.
   Anyways I wake Addie up and dress her up in a dress covered in dark blue dolphins. I brush her teeth and then turn on the tv for her. Me and her both eat breakfast at school so I don't have to make breakfast. I sit down beside Addie to watch a stupid cartoon that's about weird underwater creatures.
   Around six thirty I send her out to her bus stop and then I walk to school. Me and Addie go to different schools since I'm 13. I go to Greenwald Middle School, Addie goes to an elementary school that I haven't really bothered learning the name of.
   Right as I walk into the cafeteria for breakfast I get judged by the popular girls. They all started whispering, I couldn't hear what they were saying.
   “Roasted him,” one screams as they all start to giggle.
   “Guys, that was really mean,” a very pretty girl defends me; I keep listening.
   “Vigilance, if you hang with us you have to be kind of like mean you know,” the leader of the popular girls says.
   “Well then I don't want to hang out with you,” Vigilance says as she gets up and sits somewhere by herself. I decide I am going to sit with her after I get breakfast. 
   I sit next to her and smile at her, she smiles back. She smile a big bright smile; her teeth are so white.
   “You must of got that smile from an angel,” I say nonchalantly. Her cheeks start turning a bright red and I realize what I just said.
   “I'm so sorry! Did I embarrass you,” I ask.
   “No. I'm blushing. That's actually the nicest thing anyone has ever said,” she tells me.
   When I'm done eating she tells me she's new and needs help finding Mr. Ago’s class. I take her here as she goes into the classroom I see that she is still blushing. I smile; all that goes through my head in first period is her smile.
   At lunch she is looking for a place to sit so I offer her a seat by me. To be honest I think I'm getting a crush, I have never felt this way towards anyone. Well, no one has ever stuck up for me like that. Anyways after she sits next to me she gives me another angelic smile.
   “You are really nice. You know that right,” she says to me.
   “Actually I'm really mean,” I say jokingly.
   She does a cute little giggle and looks at me; I mean she just stares for a good solid minute.
   “Is there something on my face,” I ask her.
   “No I just want to draw you,” she replies.
   I just smile and get back to waiting on getting my food. After a little while of her staring at me she whips out a notepad and a sketching pencil and starts drawing.
   The principal calls our row to get our lunch as Vigilance starts drawing. She stops and gets up to go get food like she knows exactly what to do. I get up with her and we stand in line together not talking. I hear all the chit chat in the background but it's all just a combination of noise. What I am focusing on is Vigilance, her short red hair, her freckles, her bright blue eyes. Everything about her is so perfect and I can't get over that. How could God create such a beautiful girl.
   “Are you okay,” I hear Vigilance ask.
   “Yeah. Just staring into space. Sorry,” I say back.
   She nods her head and gets back to waiting in line. It seems every few minutes we move an inch.
   Eventually we get our food and sit back down. We don't really talk much for the first five minutes of eating but then she decides to break the silence.
   “So what's your name? I forgot to ask,” she asks me.
   “My name is Casey, I know your name because I heard those girls say your name,” I reply.
   “Yeah. Those girls are mean,” she states as I nod my head in agreement.
   “So where did you come from,” I ask changing the subject.
   “High Point Hills Middle School,” she answers.
   I nod my head and take a bite out of my cheeseburger that I should've finished five minutes ago but was too busy staring at her.
   No! I can't be getting feelings for anyone! I can't get any feelings for anyone! What if someone wants her assassinated? What if I liked her when someone wants her assassinated? I couldn't kill her if I liked her. I can't get feelings for her. I can't. I can't. I can't.
   After lunch I go to my Spanish class and again all I can think about is her. Vigilance. She's so magestic. So beautiful, I can't help it. I like her, I really like her. Her cherry red hair that's down at her shoulders is the perfect color and length. Her bright blue eyes remind me of the morning sky. Her smile is of a angel. She is perfection; even her flaws are perfect flaws. I could go on all day about how perfect she is but I won't.
   Next class I see her, I can't believe she's in my class. When she notices me she produces a huge smile showing all of her perfectly white teeth and waves. I wave back and smile back. She walks over to me and hands me a piece of paper, which I kindly accept. When I look at the paper I realize it's a drawing of me. It looks just like me. From my blonde shaggy hair to my baggy clothes. My face starts getting hot and I realize that I'm blushing. I quickly cover my face hoping no one saw it.
   After about ten minutes my face isn't hot anymore, and she ends up becoming my lab partner. I'm actually happy she is my partner, it's better her than anyone else.
   After science it's time to go home so as I head out of the school,I hear a if iliac voice screaming my name. When I turn around Vigilance is running towards me with her hand raised. I stop to wait for her.
   She quickly explains she walks home too. I find out she bought the house right next to my house. Something inside me just goes bezerk! It's like her and I are meant to be! As we are walking to our houses she engages in conversation.
   “Hey, do you think I could come over to your house to work on science homework,” she asks me.
   “I don't think it's a good idea to be honest,” I say, “but I could probably come over to your house.”
   “Okay,” she replies.
   “But I would have to bring my sister with me,” I add in.
   “That's totally fine with me,” she says. After that conversation we are silent for the rest of the way home.
   When we get to our houses she waits on the porch while I go get Addie. After I go in I look around for Addie but I can't find her. I go into Mother's room and Mother isn't there either. I know Addies bus has already dropped her off. I look at a clock and it says 3:45 pm. Addies bus drops them off at 3:00 pm. I start frantically looking around for Addie but she is nowhere to be found. I rush out to Vigilance and tell her I will have to come over another time. Before she can protest I've already slammed the door and locked it. The look on Vigilances face as she walks off is the saddest I have ever seen and I feel really bad but which one matters more your sister or someone you just met today.
   After about three minutes of contemplating whether or not I should call the police I hear a car come in the front. I look out there and see a navy blue Denali. I see my sister in the background! I run out there, I can't see who's in the front seat because the front windows are tinted. Then it rolls down and I see a woman with long dirty blonde hair and nice clothes on. I realize that's my mom. She got a makeover and it looks like she was never an alcoholic. I still take my platinum blonde hair bundle of joy out of the car just in case my mom wants to hurt her.
   “Can we talk inside,” she asks in a very polite tone.
   “Sure,” I say cautiously.
   When we get inside we do talk. We talk for hours on end; she tells me sorry and I express my feelings toward her. She understands. She tells me she hasn't been in her room past nine every day because she goes to AA meetings. She also says sorry to Addie for the bruise on her arm that I've been covering up with makeup everyday.
  It's been a couple of months since I have taken requests it's actually around Halloween now.  After that day my mom changed her ways and life has been pretty happy. Except I am pretty sure I lost Vigilance as a friend. So I am going over to her house right now to give her an explanation.
   When I arrive she opens the door and sees me. Her eyes go big, she looks in and looks out. She closes the door and steps on the porch.
   “What're you doing here. My boyfriend’s in there,” she tells me.
   I explained everything, well I left out the part about how I'm a murderer. She was very forgiving then she even invited me to her Halloween party. Which I will be going to in a few days.
   I walk into the overly crowded room and I see all different types of costumes, I like the scary ones but not the cute ones. Halloween is supposed to scare people not make guys want to date you.
   “Hey Casey! I'm glad you made it,” a familiar voice from behind says.
   “Vigilance! Hey! Yeah I'm glad I came, nice costume by the way,” I say as I turn around.
   Vigilance is wearing a very revealing cat costume, I hate it. I feel bad for lying but what was I supposed to say? I hate your costume, it sucks. That wouldn't end too well and I know because I did it once.
   I'm basically like a book that is “How to Lose Friends 101” I don't know how many I have lost but let's just say a lot.
   Anyways Vigilance has her hair in a tiny ponytail. I notice something about her hair though. It's purple! Yes! She dyed it! I can't believe she did that.
   You see after I slammed the door in her face she really didn't talk to me much but then she found someone. His name is Justin and I hate him. Ever since they got together she's been living on the edge; that can get you killed. I walk away to get some punch for her and I, when I get over there I smell the booze that they put into the punch. I decide it's better not to get punch. I look around for Justin and I don't see him so I guess that's okay.
   I am not in a costume because I feel my face is scary enough. Anyways I walk around scanning for a place to hide out because the very moment I walked into the house I knew I didn't belong there. Now. I know how much I hate parties. I chuckle a little to myself thinking how I'm here at a party. I always. Told myself I would never ever go to one but here I am. I'm here to impress a girl who will never date me.
  I decide to leave early and go home. I see the requests piled on my bed, I may not be doing them but I read them. That's when I decide I should do a request.
  Dear assassin,
   I need you to kill Kyle Ferguson. He lives on 587 Olive Street and I need him dead because he is trying to take my child away from me. I am a good mother no one should take my little boy away.
  That was the request I decided to do. So I gather up my hairnet, gloves, my lock picking kit and a rope.
   When I get to 587 Olive Street I make sure everything is perfect and I look at the time. 10:57 pm. I go up to the door and I pick the lock, I walk into the golden brown house. I go up the stairs assuming that's where his room is and then I search every room.
  This guy just moved into this house and I know nothing about him but the request seemed legit.
  I finally find his room it's the third one on the left. It has a sign that says “Man Cave Stay Out” I think, “that is so childish” Anyways I go in and turn on the light and he of course wakes up. I have through is a million times but it feels so new since I haven't done it in a while.
  I go up to the confused guy and ask, “Are you Kyle?” He nods his head yes, he seems only half awake he probably thinks this is just a dream. He won't think it's a dream when I put the rope around his neck. That's exactly what I do next, he tugs and pulls at the rope but he can't pull it off and finally he goes limp.
  I leave the house after I clean it and go home. My sister and mom are asleep so I go to my room and act like I'm asleep until I finally doze off. When I'm asleep I am in a dream. Everyone I've killed is there shaking their heads at me in disapproval. It's another nightmare.
  I wake up with so much guilt in me, I can't kill again I just can't but I have a thirst. I want to kill again but I feel bad for the families, they won't miss a pig a different voice in my head comes up. “Why would you do such a horrible thing” “He was just as bad as your father” “No he wasn't he was an innocent man” “He was taking someone's child away” “He was taking his child back” So many thoughts swirling in my head, I can't stop them I don't know how. But then an idea pops into my head. I run into the bathroom and take down abunch of pills, I take them all. I am finally at rest, forever.

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