The Death of the Dragon

March 2, 2017
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The Death of the Dragon

It was a Wednesday, the dark night shined with bright stars and the vibrant moon. I was called in to investigate a man that has been found in his house dead. It was the infamous Bruce Lee. But most of all, why would they kill him? First on the scene was me, Detective Joe Bennett. But who could kill Bruce Lee? How did they finish off a man as powerful as Bruce Lee? If anyone had to find the man that did this horrific treasonist thing, it would be me.
As my partner Stan Smith and I walked through the doors while applying my rubber gloves, I could hear the whimpering of his spouse Linda Lee Cadwell and his daughter Shannon Lee. The Chinese literature and artwork scattered around the halls. Portraits of beautiful women and even of his own spouse.
But as we walked through the halls, past the living room, laid the man himself Bruce Lee, laid face down, by the looks of the shattered glass and a deceased male on the ground calls out murder. I picked up the victim’s left hand that was holding the glass and found blood scattered across his knuckles like he just got into a fist fight with an MMA fighter.
Scanning around the kitchen where Lee’s body laid, were several cabinets. Blood splatter cascaded all over them, all along the floors were spots of blood, not a lot but you don't need a lot to find out whose blood shared space along the floor. You could see to the left of the white marble counter the glass slider door was halfway open with a handprint stained in blood on the face of the glass.
I had forensics take care of gathering the items and take them down to the lab. I knew that the print would mean something very important to the crime investigation. There was only one suspect I could think of that would have any problems with Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris.
Obviously, Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee had some rivalry, in the movie Way of the Dragon, when Bruce Lee killed Chuck Norris’ character in a hand to hand fight. Many people wouldn't be satisfied to have your character lose so horribly and not be able to do anything. When you have such a big movie star like Chuck Norris as a suspect, I knew that the paparazzi were going to chew this up. Grasping for any news of what happened to Bruce Lee and how or what killed him, like viscous, starving beasts looking for food. As of now, Stan and I had to head back to the station to see what our best forensics specialist, Peter Griffin had on the handprints and blood collection and what could've happened that fateful day.
As Stan and I walked through the police station I could hear one of the officer's radio announce details on the death of the fabled Bruce Lee. I couldn't get my head wrapped around that he actually died, so young and leaving a widow and daughter alone. I took this case personally, I wanted to catch the person who did this, very badly. I couldn't stand knowing that Bruce Lee's wife and daughter were to be left all alone.
We got to the forensics room, seeing Peter in his bright white lab coat swishing around solutions in a beaker. He looks over to us and gives us a look that told us he knew what happened. On the table in front of him there we many different clues to analyze. A sharp bloodied fire poker in a long plastic bag laid straight across the table, many different hair follicles found under Bruce Lee's fingernails and a case file with descriptive pictures of the horrific scene.
Peter told us that the handprint was an exact match to Chuck Norris, I knew it, who else would've wanted him dead, I needed to know why. The fire poker had the same prints as with the one on the slider door window. Peter informed us that Dexter Deets, he was our blood scatter analysts, had an idea of what went down that fateful night.
As we approached Dexter’s room, you could faintly see the cracked door and Dexter's pale white room with lines of red flowing all across from different points with manikins interpreting as if they were humans.  His room being all white along the floor and walls it made it easy to see the bright red lines along the manikins going toward the floating boxes that were imitated the cabinets.
When we walked in he shunned us and told us “I'm still finishing, shut up so I can concentrate”. Stan and I locked eyes and got out of the way and stayed silent as he danced around his manikins finishing the lines. I've gotta say this guy was brilliant, with his intellect he could figure anything out I've seen him beat the world record of solving a Rubix cube in 3 seconds blindfolded.
As he finished dancing around, he stated that he thinks that Bruce Lee might've fended off the intruder. The bloody knuckles would explain that Dexter said that the man who did this was very strong and skilled in some kind of martial arts, for it wouldn't be easy to take down a skilled fighter like Bruce Lee, knowing this it would all make sense. He also thinks that the fire poker played the biggest role in taking down Bruce Lee, it was picked up and finally bashed along Lee's head rendering him unconscious. Chuck Norris knew how to fight, and having the motive to want Bruce Lee dead.
Stan and I knew we needed to rush to Chuck Norris’ mansion. We took six of our best officers and raced to the culprits home. As we flew past every street light our overhead lights and sirens roared aloud to alert citizens to move out of the way. When we finally reached the mansion gate we all exited our vehicles and stared blankly at the massive Norris Mansion. Checking that I had all my magazines for my Glock, making sure I had handcuffs ready to take this man down. Stan, the officers and I were all prepared for what was going to happen. Take down, Chuck Norris.
As we stand tall and lively, me and six other well-trained officers reached Norris’ mansion. We knew we had to take every precaution. But as we walked up the stairs. One of the wooden doors cracked open. There he stood. Tall. A massively overgrown beard. His eyes pale as the night sky squinting ever so slightly at every officer.
“Who is Joe Bennett?” Chuck Norris stated. As Stan and three of my officers glare blankly toward me.
“Me,” I said. As I pointed my weapon at him I saw the death in his eyes as he approached me with his hands wavering in the air.
“I'm ready to talk,” he said. I blankly looked at him at took him in for questioning. Thankfully he went without a fight or I and seven other officers would've taken him down so fast we wouldn't have even blinked.
Coming at the station, sitting officers cheered happily and I took him to questioning. When I sat him down he just started talking. He told me everything that happened that night.
Norris simply asked Bruce Lee to join him with a new movie. As they continued to talk about this movie, Chuck asked for a drink and as Bruce turned his back that's when Chuck Norris struck. As his first blow catches Bruce Lee off guard.
“What are you doing?!” Bruce Lee questions.
“I'm taking my rightful revenge!” Chuck screams as he prepares himself to fight off Bruce.
As they keep trading blows to the face and powerful kicks. Blocking one another's swings. Bruce finally knocks Chuck to his back next to Bruce's fireplace. There stood the fire poker. He picks it up and swings with a most powerful blow. Bruce Lee finally falls. Unconscious. That's when Norris gets on top of him and strangles and rips the last breath he could ever take. He then opened the slider door and proceeded to run away to get to his mansion.
Chuck Norris was convicted in court and given 3 life sentences, on October 9, 1973. I did my job, now four months later. Happily Stan, Dexter, Peter and I did our jobs as detectives finding men or women that commit righteous crimes like the murder of Bruce Lee. I can rest easy knowing justice was served.

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