The Girl

March 7, 2017
By Serena1999 BRONZE, Cedar Springs, Michigan
Serena1999 BRONZE, Cedar Springs, Michigan
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*In the hotel*
Jack is making his bed and brushing his teeth and getting ready for the day. But then he comes out to go get breakfast and he comes across this female smelling like coconuts and warm vanila and is applying chapstick. Then the guy says to himself
“That's her. That's the one. Her dad killed my dad.”
He reaches in his bag and grabs a bottle of chloroform and a white damp cloth. He sneaks up behind her and puts the cloth around her nose and face. She slowly falls to the ground and he catches her. He then drags her to his car. He opens up his trunk and tosses her in there all tied up, along with his suit case. Also in his trunk he has a spare tire, rope, duct tape, a blanket and a shovel.
*In his house*
Selena: “Where am I?”
Jack: “Don’t worry about it”
Selena: “What do you want, I’ll give you anything?”
Selena: “I can give you money, if you just let me go right now then I won't tell anyone”
Jack: “Shut up. You’re here for a reason”
Selena: “What do you want me for?”
Jack: “I have you here for a reason. This is all apart of the plan”
*He leaves the room*
Selena starts trying to take the rope off of her hands but they aren't slipping off.
Selena: “Why am I here? This is so weird. Someone will come for me soon and everything will be fine. I bet my dads looking for me right now.”
Jack then reenters the room and brings her a cup of milk and a sandwich.
Selena: “I don't want your food or anything! I just want to get out of here! I bet my dad is worried sick about me right now and my dad will have someone searching for me soon.”
Jack: “Oh yeah, speaking of your dad let's give him a call right now.”
Jack starts dialing the phone and the father picks up
Brian: “Hello?”
Jack: “hello Brian (in a creepy deep voice), I have your daughter Selena here with me.
Selena: “dad help me!”
Brian: “Selena sweety, everything will be okay. I will have the cops and the best agents searching for you soon”
Jack then hangs up the phone and Selena starts writing the word nervous in the air along with scared and starts clapping. Jack thought that was really weird and asked her
Jack: “what the hell are you doing that’s weird”
Selena: “this is how I control my emotions, I’m kinda slow”
Jack: “Well knock it off. I will untie you only if you promise not to try to run away. Everything is locked up so it’s not like you can”
Selena: “okay deal”
Jack then leaves the house and Selena is just sitting on her bed and is sleeping
*Brian goes to the cops*
Brian: “Officer Bagging! MY daughter has been kidnapped! I need your best people out there right now to look for her I will award 1 million dollars to whoever finds her.”
Officer Bagging: “We will send out our best people right now to find her and we will also get it on the news. All I need from you right now is to answer a few questions.”
Brian: “okay”
Officer Bagging: “How old is she”
Brian: “21”
Officer bagging: “What color hair and the length”
Brian: “Brown and mid length”
Officer bagging: “what color eyes?”
Brian: “Brown”
Officer Bagging: “alright is there anything else we should know about her?”
Brian: “Well she’s kinda slow, she has some problems. When she’s nervous or stressed out she starts to clap, and she writes her feelings in the air.”
Officer Bagging: “alright sir, that is all we need to get something sent out to everyone.”
*back at Jack's house and Selena wakes up and notices that he’s gone*
Selena: *while applying chapstick* “This is my only chance to try and get out of here”
She then starts trying to take the locks off of the doors and doesn't have any luck. She then goes to the windows and tears the wood off of them and notices that there’s bars all around them. She starts searching through the cabinet doors for a knife or something to defend herself with and she ended up finding a screw driver.
Selena: “I can take this and stab him when he enters the door”
Selena starts to hear his truck hitting rocks on the unpaved roads and quickly gets to her position. She then starts to spell out the word scared in the air. Jack walks in and Selena ends up stabbing him in the stomach.
Jack: “What the hell was that for?!” *Says angrily*
He then tries to stop her from escaping but he ends up falling on the ground and she gets out. Selena starts clapping her hands and spells out the word nervous in the air.
Selena: *says while running and tries to catch some air* “that was so scary I hope he doesn't catch me”
But then Selena sees a cat laying in the sun and she stops to pet it. While petting it she draws out the word happy and applies some chapstick.
Selena: “aweee! How are you doing little buddy? This isn't a safe place for you, let me get you out of here”
Selena looks around to see if she notices Jack and she doesn't so she starts walking with the cat in her hands, but then she notices that Jack is right behind her and she starts running again.
Selena: “Just leave me alone and let me go home!” *yelling at him*
Jack: “No I need you to get revenge of my father”
Selena then ends up dropping the cat and the cat doesn't run so she stops to pick it up again and she applies some chapstick and Jack ends up getting her.
Jack: “why would you stop for a cat”
Selena: “Cause I like cats and I’m not trying to leave him”
Jack: “hmm that makes sense, I like cats too. At my other house I have like 20”
Selena then starts to draw out the word happy and applies chapsticks
Jack: “wanna go check them out?”
Selena: “Duh!”
So Selena is happy that she gets to go see a lot of cats and Jack is happy that he found someone who likes a lot of cats and so they end up getting married and the dad drops the charges and they live in a house together with 50 cats and eat a lot of food all day and apply chapstick together.

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