Evil in the Dark

March 7, 2017
By LucaR BRONZE, Caen, Other
LucaR BRONZE, Caen, Other
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Gary was finally old enough to leave the house and to live a new life. He arrived in the capital city of the south of Ireland. It was the middle of the night and Gary was exhausted form the trip. Gary was bony and tall. The man only had enough money to buy an abandoned, enormous Victorian house, but strangely the house was really cheap. The rumours were that someone or something had killed the owner. The owner had disappeared and people believed it was a haunted house. Gary didn't believe in in ghost or haunted houses.

Gary went in; the house was colder than outside. Everything was damp and rotten. The first room he visited was a bedroom and Gary noticed a big hammer under the bed. In the other rooms there was nothing except in the basement. In the middle of the room was a weirdly shaped mirror with a cover over the mirror.  He took the cover off the mirror. Gary, surprised saw a little girl crying. Gary looked behind him. Gary was horrified: no one was behind him! He looked back at the mirror and the girl had vanished.

  Gary ran the bedroom. He hoped it was all a big dream. He could hear a noise that came form the over side of the wall. Gary tried going to sleep but the noise became more and more louder. It was making him crazy. He decided to break the wall with his hammer. The wall broke. Gary was petrified, there was the dead owner's body and the little girl. She looked weak but she was trying to get her strength back by sucking the blood of a human.

The girl looked at Gary and turned into a horrifying blood sucking beast. He was so terrified that he couldn't run. She came slowly towards him. She touched Gary with her freezing cold hand. The beast opened its mouth. Gary managed to escape the room and go to the front door but the door had disappeared. Gary  knew it that the cold blooded beast was going to find him. He quickly fought of a plan.

  Gary ran in to a room. The beast arrived and Gary was in front of the mirror. The beast jumped. Gary dodged the attack. The beast went into the mirror but before it could escape, Gary broke the mirror. Gary heard a scream but the beast was trapped for ever. The next day Gary celebrated his new house with his family.

The author's comments:

 I am a English student in a French school.

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