A Stange Day

March 7, 2017
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Livy had been up for an hour or more. Her mother was still sleeping, just like her sister; and her dad had already gone to work. She had school in two hours. She decided that she wasn't going to stay in bed for so long doing nothing. She would go and visit her friend Mistletoe and his family. And bring them some food. Mistletoe is a young deer,  a year and a half old. When they first met, Mistletoe was five months old and since then, Livy vent to visit him in the forest when she has free time. They always had a lot of fun! And it was handy as Livy lived not too far; just beside the river Liffey in a town close to Dublin.

Livy took a light backpack because she was going to run: she loved running; and put in some dry slices of last week's soda bread, a few apples from the garden and some potatoes.  She closed the bag. Then she took some scrap paper to leave a note for her mother. She wrote that she was going to visit her granddad, who was the only one knowing she was going in the forest. Her parents thought it was too dangerous so, in case her mother rang her granddad, he knew what to say. Then, she delicately closed the door, and went on. She knew the way to the forest, so she went on but it wasn't like the other days, the air was warm and the sky covered with black and grey clouds, and the water seemed darker than usual. But never mind, she kept going, she thought it might be some pollution, climatic problems...

Livy was a few meters from the forest and she could hear someone with a childish voice crying. She was in front of the forest as the wind became stronger, the cry became louder. Mistletoe lived in the middle of the forest, and Livy was still far, she kept going. And the further she went in the forest the more she could see things moving. After a few meters, she understood they were shadows running everywhere!  The wind got stronger, it was blowing the braid on top her head! Because of the wind, she couldn’t hear the cry any more. The shadows were running faster as if they were moving because of the wind. And now she could smell a strange smell, the smell of something burning mixed with the smell of her shampoo! And something else she wasn't able to describe.

Then she felt something wet on her face! Wet and sticky! She opened her eyes and there was Mistletoe. Suddenly, Livy was half sitting, half lying down on the ground! Mistletoe told her to hurry, or she would be late for school. She looked at her watch, she had no time to speak! She quickly opened the backpack and took out the food and put it beside Mistletoe. She noticed an apple was missing, and two potatoes too! She just had time to thank Mistletoe for waking her and to say she'd be back in the late afternoon; she had to know what happened! So, she ran as fast as she could back to her home. The river was still weird just as the sky, and the air...

She arrived home. Her mother was still asleep, she was very tired these days. She took her school bag and ran all the way to middle school. Her sister must have started class by now, her sister was in primary school, and today her classes started before her sister Livy; it was the only day of the week that happened. Livy was just in time for her first class: maths. And so the day went by, she had a normal school day but she wondered all day what had happened to her that morning. She got punished in Irish class, because she wasn't attentive enough. She went back home carrying with her all her tiredness of that long unfinished day. When she arrived home, her mum was cooking and her dad was in town, looking for her sister who was missing.

Livy told her mum she was going to visit her grand-dad; and so, she did. She told him all about what happened since she woke up. After, when Livy had finished telling her story with a cup of tea and some cookies, they both went into the forest. When they entered the forest, they saw three snakes following each other, which was their first time. Then, after a good few meters, they could feel someone was following them! They started going faster and faster, and faster… Someone was still following them, walking at the same rhythm as theirs. So, they stopped and decided to look for this mysterious person. They each went their own way, but not far from each other. And about twenty minutes looking everywhere, they were about to go on their way when they heard the noise of a branch creaking; Livy went to see where the noise came from… And there was her sister trying to hide with two potatoes in her small, cold hands…

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