do you remember me?

March 7, 2017
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Do you remember me?

“Once upon a time...” do you think this is how my story will start? You're dreaming… Everything started the day when Hades, his cousin Dina and Nadi came to the villa to swimming.  My dad was in London for work and my mom was at her cooking lesson with her friends. I was happy when they came, but I asked, “Why do you come here to swim? You have one at your house too? You also have a jacuzzi so why do you come here?”
Nadi stared me with her purple eyes and put her yellow hair back and told me:
“Because we have a secret plan to tell you. The pool is just an excuse.”
“A secret plan?”
“Yes it…”
“An old treasure map of the castle of Granès!” screamed Hades.
“I was talking! So this is the map of the castle on the top of the hill. We know you don't like scare places but please...”
I was thinking of her proposition and Hades took hold of me by the neck and whispered me:
“It's the time to show your courage to Dina.”
I look to Dina and when I closed my eyes, I saw her golden hair was shining in the dark like the star.
“Wait for me. I have to get my bike.”
With this word, the nightmare started.

We opened the old door of the castle and we went it. The hall of the castle didn't look like to the exterior of the castle. It was gloomy and we could see it was abandoned for a long time but the hall, no dust.
“It's like someone cleaned it, but who?” I said.
“Come Louis, don't said stupids thing and help us,” replied Hades.
I ignored him and I continued examining the hall. A big chandelier was shining.
'Who put the light on,' I was thinking.
Everything became dark. A piano started to play. I felt my sweat starting to flow down my back.
“Are you OK?” I screamed. No answer...
The voice of a woman started to sing. I was so scared. I ran to the exit and try to open the door but the handle disappear. The voice grew up. I closed my eyes and I felt someone touch my face. I opened it slowly and I saw purple eyes.
“Dina?” I asked fearfully “Is you?”
The face approached mine and when I understood it was too late. The monster caught my neck and I fainted. When I woke up, I was in front of my house and I saw my mom's car coming back from the cooking lesson.
“Mom it's me! please help me! My friends are in the castle!” I heard my voice say.
She came near me and said, “Who are you, Miss?”
I don't know what happened after, but that's the tragedy of my life, and no one remembers.

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