Five Nights At Freddy's

March 6, 2017
By , Ionia, MI

CHAPTER #1 The Beggining
Darkness, it was everywhere covering the walls and ceilings it was cold feeling little chills crawling down my back and neck my head was in pain where I felt the pain on my head was a lot of blood, I was scared with fear surrounding me hearing terrifying voices left and right, then I heard the sound of a match light up from behind I was scared to turn around thinking something would jump out and tare me to pieces, when I turned around there was a shadow next to the candle that was lite up, it started to speak it said ´why did you come you stupid little boy´ I had nothing to say but my name ´My name is Josh´ then two red lights started to glow five feet in front of me the shadow started to speak again ´ I didn't ask for your boy now why are you here and how did you get here´ I was even more scared than what I was a few minutes ago ´I don't know how I got here where am I ´ The shadow spoke again ´My name is Freddy the place you are in is FREDDY FAZBEARS PIZZA´ I was in shock talking to the animatronic Freddy I pinched myself to see if it was a dreaming I wasn't dreaming it was real.
CHAPTER #2 No Where To Go
I was scared I wanted to kill myself before all the animatronics do then I heard a noise from behind something gripped my shoulders and it whispered in my ear ´I'M BAAAAACK´ I new who it was when I heard the voice it was foxy, He spoke again want to play a game let´s play KNOCK KNOCK, I was scared nothing to say  Foxy spoke again KNOCK KNOCK, who´s there, TIME, time who, TIME FOR YOU TO DIE LITTLE BOY’ Then I heard him walking away I looked back where Freddy was he was gone to I heard a voice all around me it was BB who was speaking, TIME TO PLAY HIDE AND SEEK FIRST GRAB THE FLASHLIGHT BELOW YOUR FEET. I reached down to grab the flashlight it was smooth with a button on it I clicked it on I was in my room in front of me there was my closet to my left and right there was 2 wight doors and from behind me there was my bed, I stood up and crawled on my bed above the frame of my bed was a window I tried to open it but it was boarded up from the outside, then I heard the sound of little feet running on my bedroom carpet I shined the flashlight towards the sound then I heard giggles in front of me there were tiny animatronics sitting on the floor I had no wheres to go no one around to hear my screams.

CHAPTER #3 Stranded      

   All the animatronics ran away through the air vent next to my closet then I heard banging sounds in the halls to my left bedroom door I looked towards the door where I heard the noises I seen Chica and Bonnie´s face peeking through the door I picked up my baseball on the end table next to my bed and threw at them they both shrieked and ran away I heard something vibrating in my end table drawer it was my tablet when I was eight years old my parents put up cameras in the house my parents showed me how to connect my tablet to the cameras now I can use them to see where the animatronics were at to see when they were going to attack I kept hearing noises in the vents I was getting scared that I know something was going to happen the noises grew louder then dead silence I waited a few minutes to see if I could see or hear something all of a sudden there was a growling sound towards the vent I shined the light towards the noise what I saw made me jump out of my skin.

CHAPTER #4 Golden Freddy

It was golden FREDDY the leader of all the animatronics he was stuck in the vent shrieking in rage he was trying to get to me to tear out my testians and eat me for lunch he broke free he started to walk to me slowly as he got closer I stared into his he stared into mine he knew I was scared he opened his mouth and was reaching for me I covered myself with my blankets then I heard the sound of the wind I uncovered myself Golden Freddy was gone nowhere to be seen I wiped the sweat from my forehead I had a phone in the living room I walked to the door on my right and opened it I also needed a pair of batteries for the flashlight because it was starting to get dim I was about halfway through the dark hallway I got to the living room it was dark and cold I tried to turn on the ceiling lights but the power was out I found the phone tried to call the police I had no signal I grabbed the TV remote and took the batteries out for the extra pair of batteries I needed for the flashlight I walked back into my room scared of dieing I needed food I was hungry but scared to leave my room again so I walked to the Kitchen my flashlight went out I was shivering like I was cold I kept walking to the Kitchen I tripped on something the flashlight clicked back on what was in front of the beam of the light was Golden Freddy I was in shock.


When I realized my fingers were next to his mouth He woke up and grabbed my hand and in his other hand he had a knife ready to strike at my chest I pulled my hand away from him and ran with the flashlight he turned around and walked the other direction then all of a sudden there was an explosion in front of me I thought a gas pipe blew but Freddy set a trap for me but his trap didn’t work good enough but my ears were in pain trying stop the ringing in my ears but the walls were blown to pieces I turned around but I almost wanted to explode when I turned around.

CHAPTER #6 Nightmares

I knew I was going to die when I seen all the animatronics were standing behind me waiting for me to scream but they were just standing there staring off into daizy land so I ran trying to find the back door I walked out of my house in the back door I was surprised in fear My house was in a giant factory or building I looked to see if the animatronics were following me they were and fast I ran around the factory while they were chasing me when I was trying to find an exit sign to escape but Freddy grabbed my foot Me and Freddy fell to the ground he tried to claw me in the face but I grabbed a propane tank next to me and smacked it against his head but flames blew out of the propane tank I pushed away from Freddy and ran and then a loud BOOOOOOOM noise from behind made me fly in the air like a bird then fell to the ground 20 Feet in front of me was the exit I ran to It I got to the door I heard a noise from behind I opened the door without looking behind Then you could hear the dying sounds of my screams I have been killed.


                                CHAPTER #7 Life

When I screamed Something spun me around to make me see their face It was my parents I wanted to say I love you but we didn't have time the animatronics were charging at us my mom and dad vanished they weren't real Freddy had killed them about five years ago I was starting to think of the movie INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 I wish my parents were here to help me get away from the evil beasts that were trying to kill me I quickly reacted and tried to find the fire distinguisher and ten propane tanks I know how to get rid of the animatronics I’m going to blow the up the building and I’m going to do it with oner for my family. I got all the things I needed for the bomb I got this idea from my dad he was in the marines for four years and retired I thought of the things I did with my family then I ran to the middle of the room I was in and I lit the bomb and threw it I ran out of the room the animatronics were in front of me I ran away then BOOOOOM a large explosion from behind the building was collapsing I found the exit and ran out it was over but something giggled when I realized who it was I really wish I was dead.

CHAPTER #8 Sister Location 

There was smoke every where the building was still standing not for long but when I turned around to see who made the giggle it was sister location she told me TO GET BACK ON STAGE I was thinking like are you stupid or something this isn't a movie don’t you get it she looked at up at me and screamed really loud I walked out of the door from behind I was like that was a relief wiping the sweat from my head I heard the sirens from the police cars coming to rescue me I was walking on the sidewalk outside of the building I seen the red and blue lights coming over the hill ahead of me I was glad I survived the Five Nights in that nightmare when the ambulance pulled over the driver and passenger got out and checked me to see if I was hurt I was but it was only a bruise on my arm, and had a large cut on my head which I ended up getting ten stitches there but at least I was still alive.

CHAPTER #9 Home Sweet Home

After the plane landed in New Jersey I walked to my Aunt’s house it wasn’t that far of a walk it’s about 4 miles but it was almost dark, by the time I got to a gas station to get me Mountain Dew and some Doritos to snack on for another 2 miles to get there It was pitch black out the only thing you could see was streetlights when I was at my Aunt’s front door I looked behind to see if someone was following me like I was in a Slenderman movie or game I walked in it was dark in the room and there was dead silence I walked around with my phone’s flashlight to see where I was going I walked to the Kitchen to grab an apple munched on it and threw the apple core away in the trash I tripped and fell and whacked my head on the edge of the counter I woke up with blood dripping down the side of my head I heard a voice I’M BAAAACK then you could hear My fainting scream’s in the house.

CHAPTER #10 The Dead And Buried

After my long scream I turned around to see if Foxy was there he wasn’t it was just my imagination I was scared when I heard the voice again my Aunt got back from the store she was like “what happened to your head Josh” I said back “ I tripped over the rug in the Kitchen” she walked up to me and I said stop touching it she told me to go get a bandage for the cut on my head.
Later that night she left to go to work and I sat down and watched TV then played a little bit on the PS4 then I started to get a little hungry so I walked to the snack counter and grabbed a bag of Cheetos after that I took a shower and went to my room and crawled to bed I clicked off the light then all of a sudden I heard a voice WELCOME BACK LITTLE BOY, then wham right to the head I woke in a hole ten feet in the ground the animatronics where above with shovels then told me to climb up so I started to climb I looked up when I got to the top they let me stand up I pushed Freddy out of the way and ran in side I grabbed a gun from the gun cabinet and loaded it, it was my Dad’s 357 MAGNUM and walked out and BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG six shots went off I looked to see if I got the animatronics I did it was over for real this time but not really I heard a gun hammer pull back from behind I looked back where all the dead animatronics were lying at Freddy wasn’t there then bang the last shot went off the gun fire echoed through the woods next to my Aunt’s house then I realized I had been shot through my chest I fell to the ground struggling to breath then darkness started to come all around me I was dying and my time has come.                   

CHAPTER #11 The Second Life

When I fell to the ground I looked at my chest where the blood was oozing out I was struggling to keep pressure on the bullet hole Freddy walked up and whacked me in the head with the gun and I was asleep for about two hours I woke up in a hospital bed tied up to it I went to sit up but my chest would hurt when I did I tried to unstrap myself but I had to loosen the strap first so I did and unstrapped myself I felt pain bad when I sat up I walked to the door I needed a card to unlock it I walked to the little counter and reached in the drawer and grabbed a needle and walked back to the door and slid the needle down the part where you slide the card at and it sparked and the light turned green then the door clicked open I walked out there were S.W.A.T. team people dead all over the place I picked up a AR-15 next to a body I took the clip out and it was full I put the clip back in clicked the safety on and pulled back the hammer which means it's ready to fire I walked to the main office I started to get light headed I almost tripped and bumped into the wall I walked back a different body and grabbed four more clips for the AR-15 i walked outside and what was waiting for me was a herd of zombies ready to eat my flesh.

This next book contains intense violence, blood and gore read at your own risk.   


This chapter has someone else in it
The Beginning

My name is Rick I’m going to tell you the story of THE WALKING DEAD, On a nice day when the wind was silent warm air rubbing my skin i was walking through the abandoned city of woodbury, Georgia it was a nice warm day riding on my horse looking for survivors with a bag full of guns and bullets when I turned a corner there was a herd of WALKERS in front of me I spun the horse around and ran the other direction then a Walker attacked my horse the walkers slowly walked to the horse and started to eat the horse I got up and ran to a tank crawled in and shut the door to be safe but not for long on my left there was a Walker it went to bite at my throat I grabbed the gun from the Walkers gun pouch and POW one bullet to the Walker's head my ears were ringing from the shot from being inside a large armored tank it was loud after the ringing stopped I could hear the Walkers outside banging on the tank trying to get in, then all of a sudden the radio turned on someone spoke “ Hey you the one in the tank are you there can you hear me” I picked up the Mic and spoke “ yes i’m here where are you” The radio spoke again “ I’m in the tower to the left of the tank” I spoke back “ who is this im speaking to and do you have other people up there” the radio spoke again “ My name is Glenn and yes we have four people up here and listen I have a plan for you escape” after I heard the plan I thought this guy was a genius.

The Escape Route

After i was ready Glenn told me what I had to do to get to him I was ready to go Glenn spoke on the radio “ Are You ready if you are READY AND GO NOW”. I rushed through the top door pushed some Walker’s out of my way and ran to the gate that Glenn told me to meet him at when I got to the gate he was there waiting for me he told me to climb the ladder to our left the Walker’s busted through the gate and me and Glenn rushed up the ladder and the Walker’s below were trying to pull Glenn down but it was too late for them they didn’t pull him down and ate his flesh like a lion but when I got to the top this girl said “ what the heck happened down there” I said “ don’t worry about it ain’t got the time” she grabbed my arm and said “ Just wait a second who are you” I said back “ my name is rick who are you” she spoke “ I’m Andrea” I was worried that the Walker’s would get in the building when I walked down to the first floor I looked at the door and accidentally knocked a glass bottle over when i turned towards the entrance to the building I wish I would still be in the tank.

Tell It to The Frog’s

One of the Walkers busted through the glass door I ran upstairs to tell them Glenn grabbed the keys and ran to the truck I told him we need a distraction we killed the Walker down stairs and spreaded it’s blood all over us and walked out like Walker’s and got to a car and started it we smashed the gate down and got everyone in the truck and drove off in the other hand’s Glenn was excited that he was driving a Challenger R/T but he was being stupid and almost got us killed well some of us back at the camp when I woke up there were walker’s all over the place my friend’s were being eaten but Glenn managed to escape but we had about fourteen people and about five were bitten or eaten I grabbed my revolver from my tent and shot mostly all the walker’s but one I reloaded it and pulled back the hammer then BANG one shot went off the walker fell to the ground with dark blood oozing out on the other side of it’s skull it was dead people were screaming and crying because there loved one’s were dead Glenn walked out of the bushes I told him to tell everybody to pack their things we must leave because of the gun shot’s the walker’s are attracted to sound or unless you want to stay and turn to a walker he walked away and told every body and everyone packed their things and got in the big truck and we drove away like it never happened.

What Lies ahead

We found an abandoned prison about twenty miles away from the campsite we drove through the gates and walked in the prison killed the walker’s that were in there we saw three people in there one had a knife saying “this is our home get out” Hershel walked in the guy with the knife went to stab me and missed I grabbed the knife and threw it to the side he pulled out a gun and aimed it at me he shot right past me and shot one of Glenn’s friends I grabbed my machete and sliced him right between his eye’s he fell to the ground with his brain’s all over the place, Hershel was next to me a walker came up and bit Hershel in the leg I grabbed the gun and shot the walker in the head it was dead Hershel fell to the ground I told him I know how to stop the infection from spreading or you getting infected I have to cut your leg off when i grabbed the machete on the ground I raised it in the air and SHING pop goes the weasel.





About the character

Rick is a father trying to survive the apocalypse of the world of the walking dead he is protecting his loved ones in woodbury, georgia but when chaos hits it could be the end of the human race. Written By : Cody Ingvartsen

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It was a nice day out with my baby and wife sitting on the couch it was year 2077 it was 1:33 in the afternoon I was going to cook dinner but someone knocked on our door I answered it, it was a guy who worked for the army he wanted me to fight in a war he gave me a paper all about it and walked away I shut the door sirens started to go off outside people walked in and told us to leave and evacuate the city we followed a group of people to an elevator that is 300 feet below ground we stood on the elevator and waited for it to go down my wife said ¨ what´s going on Jake¨ then all of a sudden an explosion in front of us roared through the sky it was the light of death.

Chapter 2

A nuke had touched the ground the elevator was still going down but we made it in time before the shoke wave had killed us but they made us go in these machines and froze us I woke in the machine people walked in took the baby away I looked at my wife a guy walked up with a gun and bang one bullet to the head I fell asleep again and woke up in year 2287

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