Bloody Hannibal

February 27, 2017
By Anonymous

“Me? You wanna know me? Huh, well I tell you what-- I’ll give you a lil about me, and my past. Okay bucko?” he said cheerfully.

I had just finished reading my second book ever! Something about bears-- Hmm, oh! I remember quite vividly. One of them ended up getting hurt, splinter of some sort and -- you know! Ahem whatever-- it was about them helping one another and what not. Anyway, that night I got up and noticed it was pouring. Now out of my book I started to hear the pitter patter that was bombarding our roof top. That is, until a bang and screech changed a lot of the mood. Outside of my room down the crooked wooden stairs, I couldn’t tell what was going on. Ma was screaming and all I could hear were the grunts of my dad and some other man. I crept slowly like a cat; not a sound, to come down and witness the heads of my parents together on a stool. Dripping slowly, each crimson bit of life that they lost. All the while, their bodies laid crumpled in the corner of the kitchen, brushed aside. Wait, where did he go-- my heart sank. Crack, a scraping of wood, and the wind crackling through as he jumped out looking me straight in the eyes. Fear, as well as hatred jolted through me while I grieved in the puddle of my family's blood--

Some say it destroyed me, some say silenced me, but I think through the orphanage and few mental ward visits that I’ve become stronger and whole, if anything. Through my time stuck to my mind, I made a few friends! Jasper and Elena, they’re always with me and stick to me in my loneliest of times. All I gotta do is just delve into my mind and they always greet me in open arms. They’re actually the ones who taught me my new, neat tricks, which lead to my beautifully planned escape. I’ll tell you all about it. Now, as you can tell, I am not the most normal of people. In fact because of my self-induced insanity I’ve fallen into the mysterious world of magic. “I see you’re confused haha.” Well, this magic isn’t like the ordinary stuff you see with sleight of hand. These are dark arts that I know-- Bah, most people know it around here, but what I can do is rare, and I owe it to Jasper.

Jasper is actually the guy who showed me how to get ‘help’ from others to then push myself forward! It starts with me giving someone a little prick, and just a few chants and I get blood bubble buddy with me. It’s not actually a bubble buddy, but it helps with using my other techniques. I just gotta have enough ‘friends.’ Now aside all of that, let me tell you how I escaped the last ward I got put into. Quiet ole’ me just played around, and I surprisingly made a few friends. I ended up going to the bathroom with Bubba, one of the people I met (quite obsessive when given attention), and asked him if he could hold Twitch for me. Picking him up he held the scrawny kid in his beefy mass. He pleaded and cried to me “Hannibal please, no, please no…” I took my fork and began stabbing Twitch in the stomach repeatedly, whilst he screeched deathly whistled cries. I kept going until he was a bloody mess, now the fun begins! Sacrificing the boy I built more into my bubble buddy. I could hear the whites coming, they were gonna check things out but I had a different idea haha.

Two came in, and immediately before they could react, I had them under my influence in an instant. I planted in their heads the strong desire to start fighting out in the cafeteria, and you know like any Jedi mind trick, they went out and started to toss fists with any patient and staff they could see. Chaos, the best environment for me. With the commotion, Bubba and I went together to the main side where the most security was, and you know a few locked up doors. Nothing too bad for a large ball of fire that is-- Hiding in a dark corner, giving me the slightest view of the room, I began to weave the aura around me. A fire suddenly began to spark between my hands, it kept growing and growing until it was the size of a yoga ball-- I channeled my blood buddy and doubled its size-- We’re ready. I look at Bubba and tell him to to run as I toss my fireball at the wall-- incinerating it, all the while setting fire to all the personnel around. We we’re outta there before they even realized someone attempted to escape. From there on, we we’re hunted, but they never found us. “Now, remember the guy who killed my family? Up until this point I still searched for him.”

“I searched for the single face I wished nothing more to kill, roast, torture and simply just ravage in a euphoric state of madness. So you see, bucko, I really don’t appreciate you murdering my family and making me who I am today. Who am I to complain though, I got new friends and pals everywhere! Bubba toss him into the trunk. I want to especially have a lot of fun when we get home heh.” said Hannibal.

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