The House

February 27, 2017
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It was perfect the couple said. They shook hands with the agent. A couple had bought their first home with their 6 year old son. It was everything they dreamed of older style about 100 years old, old house nice place. The house was rather large and had a lot of bedrooms. It was in a good neighborhood.  The agent picked up the sold sign.
        In 6 months the family had finally settled in their home. The couple had noticed things weren't in their original place like they had left  them. A door would randomly open when it was shut, the tv was on when nobody was around it, and toys would be in the hallway when everyone was outside.
     The house was rather large and had a lot of bedrooms in it. The family had plans for remodeling the house to make bigger rooms. Then one day the mom noticed her son Billy playing with somebody that wasn't there. The mom asked him in a playful way, “Who are you playing with?”
Billy replied, “Timmy, Tommy, and Scott”
The mom replied,  “Oh, are they you invisible friends?”
“No they are real,” Billy said
She replied “Nice to meet you boys.”
      She went inside not concerned since he was 6 years old. She gets  worried when he only wants to play alone with his invisible friends. Billy's dad doesn't seem to care since he had invisible friends at that age too. The next day Billy fell asleep on the couch while playing checkers. The mom went in to cover him up and she saw a game piece move. She shook her head unsure of what she had seen and  took Billy to his room trying to forget about the day before with his invisible friends. The mom saw Billy playing again and she asked, “ Billy are you playing with the boys again?”
He said, “Yeah”
She asked “ What do the boys look like?”
He replied “Timmy is blonde and 8 yrs. old and always wears a t shirt and shorts. Then Tommy is 7 yrs. old and is  always in jeans and  flannel. He likes to get dirty and has brown hair. Scotty is my age. He has red hair and wears coveralls.”she
     The mom walked back into the kitchen. Then turned around to observe Billy playing. She couldn't help but notice how it seemed that Billy was playing with three boys who weren't there. How real it all was; she worried about things. The next day she went to the library and searched the the public records. On the cards she found their house. She read that it used to be an orphanage that got shut down after a fire broke out killing three boys and a dog. It didn't list anything else about the fire or the orphanage.
    The doorbell rings a few days later and the mom went to go get it. She saw the psychic she had called for the investigation of the house. The psychic went around the house and sensed a strong presence in the room that was blocked off by a door. She goes into the room and she spoke to Billy and asked him about the boys he played with, and he told her the boys needed help they were stuck here and couldn't leave. Then the psychic set up going away circle; after she was done speaking to the boys. She wanted to help the boys get into the afterlife. Billy appeared to hug the three boys. He had a sad look on his face. His mom asked him “Why are you sad?”
He replied “My friends are leaving;” 
    Billy didn't want to be around anyone in the household. He was upset about losing his friends. After a while he was back to his normal self. Years later while  living in the house, they started on the remodeling. While ripping out and old bedroom wall she finds a drawing of the three boys and the dog. They were wearing the same clothes as Billy told her years before. On the back of the picture they had signed their name Timmy, Tommy, and Scott.

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