Screens (Four Percent 6)

February 22, 2017

The game moves slowly without failure. I watch as Blue is dragged into the wolf room.


"Twenty five sheep and thirty-five wolves."


I wonder what I should do next. The twins nor I have tortured anyone for a long time in the game. I wonder who we should do next or none at all.


I know one of them has PTSD. Should I mess with his mind next? I should talk to the twins.


I turn off one of my microphones and turn on another one. "Sam and Sally meet me in the living room."


"Okay." I hear Sam say in her mic.


I turn off that mic and turn on my main one. I stand there for only minutes when Sam and Sally pop up in front of me from the floor.


"Sam, Sally do you want to torture someone else?"


"Of course!" They squeal in delight.


"I was thinking of doing the PTSD case. You think you can get the room setup in five minutes?"


"That's easy." Sally nudges her sister and takes off running to the wall. Sam quickly follows after her.


Those two are in their own worlds. I shake my head as I notice a contestant being rescued by another.


They're quick and successful when clearing out the room. I smile as I announce the score.


"Sheep twenty five. Wolves zero." I knew I picked well. Maybe, just maybe I will win this bet.

                                 Four Percent Game
It's sinister almost. How the Company already knows who is going to win but they take all these other nut jobs and throw them together. Some stick together some don't. It wasn't always like this but things change. It changed during Victorian's game. They knew she would win but they still put other people in with screws loosened almost to the point of falling out completely.


The first game was fair. The first game was a surprise to all but as the years went on the game changed. The winner is always a surprise for us and the viewers but not the Company, they wouldn't dare allow something to go out of their very detailed plan.


It's sometimes annoying. We are just dolls to them. There's a game that no one knows that they'll have to play. That is the Host Game. When they find out about the Host Game I fear they'll try to leave. We all know what the Host Game is. We're all playing it.


Those pictures they hang up on the wall make me sick to my stomach. It just shows how sinister the Company is. The Wall of the Remaining as we call it.


There has been ten games in total. Eleven winners and yet only six stand to this day.


Would I go back to my past life? It doesn't take me long to come up with my answer. I wouldn't want my old life back because by now I would be dead. My body decomposing in a grave I didn't pick, in a coffin I didn't want and a service with one person who would shed no tears. She would not shed any tears. I know her better than anyone but she didn't know me. I wonder what she's doing? It's been a long time and if I saw her today I probably wouldn't remember her. I miss her but she wishes to forget me.


I look at the screens again, leaning back in my chair. We all know we are dolls to the Company but they're happy just to have their fun.


One screen catches my eye. A person looms over a figure lying on the ground. Blood covers the floor and walls. The person walks out of the room and into the hallway. They go to their room, disposing of their bloody clothing and weapon.


I guess the game must end early but now the contestants must suffer from Jr's punishment. She's just like her Mother when it comes to these things.


I send Jr a message and watch from my screen when she gets it. She looks up directly at camera ten. Mouthing the word what camera.


I send her another message with only a single number. Eight.


I watch as she moves quickly taking off the wires from her outfit. She holds the small microphone to her face. Her voice booms loud over the speakers.


"Contestants I want all of you to report to the living room. Now! If you make me wait I'll cut off your fingers for each minute I stand here! Sam and Sally if you two don't come here immediately before all the other contestants I will personally see an end to you."


She's very mad. Anyone who interrupts her games gets the ultimate punishment.


"Do you think she is like her Mother?"


I turn around, shocked. When did she get behind me?


"Very much so, I don't know if that's a bad thing or a good one."


"Well I can say for sure she's very smart. She just finished classic literature at a college level a week ago." She begins to move closer to me. Getting to the point where she stands directly in front of me.


"Smart but dangerous and right now innocent."


She leans down to be face to face with me. "One day though. Jr will bloom and become a white rose. She'll be breathtaking but filled with thorns. I fear for the day that she will turn a different shade. Becoming a red rose than one day black filled with envy and rage. She will wilt, I know of this. She's just like her Mother but I will make sure that Jr doesn't suffer the same faith as me." She straightens up and walks away.




"Don't, I will visit again." Mary walks out of my room. I look at the screens that fill my room. She doesn't show up on any of them.

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