Mystery in the Making

February 22, 2017
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It was Monday, January 25 and I was lost, lost out of my mind. I had recently lost my job and I have been living with my parents again- joy. I am only 24 and already lost my first job. Usually I quit my jobs, I don’t get fired from them! Although being at home in my parents four story mansion is nice, being a couch potato isn’t my cup of tea.

I was lying on the couch when Lucy, our 9 month old yellow lab, nudge my hand and jumped up on the edge of the couch. She began to whine like she wanted food or something, like usual. I let her out to use the bathroom and that did the trick. By the time I came inside mom mom was yelling at me.

“Emme, get your butt off my couch and go get some milk! I’ve asked twice already today.”

Yes, my name is Emme, short for Emelia- gross. I’ve hated that name since I was little and my friends have always called me Emme. I didn’t argue with my mom, I just grabbed the keys and left.

I decided to take Lucy with me to the store so I had some company. I loaded  her in the car and off we went. We were driving down Weston Road when I saw something out of the ordinary. Weston Road has a house on it about every tenth of a mile, so they are fairly spread out. In someone’s yard was a giant garbage bag that was tied at the top and had lumps all over it. I drove past slowly but continued on, minding my own business.

After a short visit to the grocery store, I hurried back to that same house to see if the bag was still there. When I arrived someone was there moving the bag. I stopped to investigate, but when I turned off the car they dropped the bag and ran. The sped off in a car and were nowhere to be found. I quickly opened the door, running to the bag with Lucy by my side. Lucy scratched at the bag wanting to see what was inside. I slowly opened the bag and it reeked! But what was it? I saw hair, then an arm. I was baffled by the sight. I closed the bag and hid it in the bush. Lucy and I ran back to the car. She could see the fear in my eyes. 

I got back to the car to find a note on my car door:

Emelia Jones
Meet me here at 10:30 pm or I’ll find you.
I found the last guy and look what happened to him.
I suggest you take the easy route.



I drove home without music like I usually do. I walked inside, put the milk on the counter and went straight to my room. Should I tell mom? No. The less people that know the better. But what if I get hurt? No. Stop thinking this way Emme. Everything will be fine.

I didn’t eat dinner that night because I was sick to my stomach. Neither my mom or dad questioned why. I left the house to go to parties often so I told my parents I was going out for the night. It was 10:00 and I didn’t want to be late. I put on my red jacket and off I went.

I got to the little house on Weston Road and no one was there. I waited. It was 10:31 and a car pulled up. Out of the car came a man dressed in all black except he didn’t have a face mask like most. I got out of my car shaking at the knees. He walked over to me and I looked at him. I thought I recognized him. It was Mitchell Davidson from school. Everything became very weird, but what happened next I never expected.

“Why are you here?” Mitch asked me.

“I got this weird note on my car when I stopped here earlier,” I said with confusion.

“I got a note too! Does that mean there are more people? Is this some sort of trap? What if we got set up? What if someone is hiding in the bushes? What if...” I could tell he was starting to panic so I put on my big girl pants.

“Everything is going to be-” before I could finish my sentence, a car pulled up with all tinted windows and no lights on.

“Get in,” a man with a deep voice stated.

Without hesitation, we both got in. I knew I should have told someone. I wanted to ask Mitch if he told anyone but I was afraid to speak. Now we were in some strange person’s car going to God knows where. Could this day get any worse? Just as I thought that, it did. We would now become his new killers, doing the dirty work he once did.

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Lovejojo said...
Feb. 25 at 7:36 pm
Needs to be continued.....what happened?
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