The Bloody Night

February 15, 2017
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It was a dark, stormy Saturday night, and I was babysitting my little sister, Abby, for my parents while they went on a date. The storm was battering the house with torrents of rain, and Abby was scared, but I was there to comfort her.
Over the last couple of nights, she said she saw a white creature outside her window, but when Dad and I searched, we found nothing. She swore there was, and tonight the storm and the creature scared her. I made her a promise to protect her from the creature and the storm. She soon calmed down and fell asleep on the couch.
I picked her up and carried her to bed and tucked her in. I left the door slightly cracked open and went back downstairs to watch some movies. I looked out the window and saw nothing but darkness and I started thinking about the white creature. A chill went up my spine as I looked away from the window feeling as if I was being watched.

    I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up to a large falling sound. A curtain had fallen off the window. When I went to pick it up, the power shut off. I sat there for a second before my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I went to the TV stand and lit a candle, then went to check on the rest of the house. While I was walking, I heard footsteps outside. I rushed to the window and saw nothing but darkness.
I decided to go check on Abby, and when I got to the hall leading to her room, I heard her whisper my name.  I froze in place for a second and listened. I slowly, step by step, went to her bedroom door. I peeked in her room and I saw a large white creature looming over my sister. Then it hit me. This creature is … “The White Creature.”
It’s covered in pure white fur with a large, muscular back, long muscular limbs, and giant claws. When I looked closer, I saw its claws were covered with blood… Abby’s blood! Without thinking, I burst into the room and threw the candle at the creature. Hot wax flew all over it and it screamed in severe pain.  With rage in my blood, I tackle the creature and we tumbled to the floor.  I jumped up and saw rage in its eyes.
I grabbed Abby and ran downstairs quickly. Halfway downstairs I hear it burst from my sister’s room with wood flying everywhere. Once downstairs, I run to my Dad’s storage area. I run in and slam the door. As I fumble for the lock, the enraged beast rams the door pushing me back; but, I slam the door again and I am able to lock it. I look around for anything as a weapon. I see a hatchet in the corner and run to it and pick it up. The beast rams the door again and again splintering it until finally the door gives out. Pieces go flying everywhere and the beast lumbers in slowly as if teasing his meal. As I see it lick its mouth of the blood. I grow furious and something in me snaps. Rage consumes me, and I charge the beast with axe in hand. I tackle it and start hacking at it. It throws me off with tremendous strength and I fly and hit a wall. Through fuzzy vision I watch as the beast creeps towards my sister. I reach out towards her as I watch the beast put her throat in its mouth. I stare in shock as her head slowly rolls away. Through gritted teeth and pain I stand. While the beast still eats my sister I take the axe in my hand and swing with all my strength on the creatures neck and back. Soon it falls to the ground bloody and suffering but I keep hacking. Once finished its blood covers me and I collapse from exhaustion.
     I get back up even though all my muscles strain against me. As I look back at the beast my blood runs cold. I stare at the familiar face and begin to stutter. “I-it cant be no…… M-mom.” I stare at the body fallen white hair all around her and large cut marks all down her back. Without looking at either my sisters or mothers mutilated bodies I go outside and find Dad. He looks at me covered in blood and pulls me into a hug. I feel a sharp object pierce my back and everything goes dark as the last thing I see is my dad smiling……

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