The creepy killer clown

February 15, 2017
By , marlborough, MA

It was a foggy night in Los Angeles where the moon was set high and bright in the sky. CJ and his 3 friends were coming home from a midnight halloween party. CJ’s house was a 25 minute walk away from where the party was. The only way you could cut down the walk to 15 minutes was if they took a shortcut through the woods. CJ was a kid who was 18 years old, and was a very handsome person.  CJ had bright blue eyes as bright as the sky. He had short blonde hair. He was 6’5 so he was a tall person. He had a stripped shirt with long blue jeans on with nice shoes.  

  So, CJ called his mom to tell her that they were going to cut through the woods and meet them on the other side.

“hey mom i’m done with the party we are going to cut through the woods.” CJ said “Well are you sure that you wanna do that CJ it could be very dangerous.” Mother responded. “If we don't cut through the woods we will have to walk farther” CJ commented “Well i could come pick you up” Mother said. “Nah it's ok mom we will just walk through the woods meet me on the other side” He said in a hurry.

“Well ok but be care..” As cj hung up on his mother. the woods was a place not to mess around in at night. So CJ and his friends of course we're talking about seeing a killer clown in the woods. They started to walk in the woods as they got deeper the fog got denser in the woods. The moon was shining bright like a flashlight in the dark it was shining bright enough so you could see where you where heading. As they came to the middle of the woods the noise that they heard sounded like something was trying to start up.    

   It sounded like a chain saw “BUZZZZZZ’’ ‘’BUZZZZZZ.” So CJ was starting to lean up on a rough old tree with worn out bark. It was a old Maple tree with with rough thick bark.  They hear the sound again but this time it continuous and then you hear a scream “AHHHHHHHHH”

  CJ looked at the direction where the scream came from and saw a clown…. But not just a clown a KILLER CLOWN.    

  CJ and his friends ran, as they ran the clown chased them out of the woods and didn't stop chasing them. CJ and his friends decided to split up in two people.

  So the clown can chase one group while the other tries to come out from behind the clown. They all ran for their life and then they trapped the clown. They ran to the playground.

That’s where they trapped the clown into going in. The clown had a scary mask on with a big red nose, and rainbow hair. He was wearing a prison jumpsuit. So what CJ and his friends decided to do was a very bold move.

  They dashed into the playground while the other group was hiding behind the tree waiting for the clown to go inside. As the clown bolted inside the guys popped out from behind the tree and in a flash  closed the gate behind them. Luckily the group inside the playground had a big stick with them just like CJ’s group did. As they tried to close in on the clown the group of kids started to run at the clown trying to whack him in the head and they got him.

   They hit the clown over the head with a big wooden stick. CJ and his friends called the police and CJ called his mom to tell them to go pick them up. So the cops pulled up right after CJ’s mom showed up. The cops thanked the kid and CJ for getting the clown and CJ’s mom picked them up and dropped everyone off. CJ was a very lucky kid when he got home he went to take a shower and then go to bed. As he was falling asleep he heard a little rock hit his window 3 times before he got up to look out the window.

   What he saw shocked him. ‘’MOOOOM!” he screamed. That clown is back and it's in our yard what the helllll. His mother called the police again and this time it wasn't cool. The clown disappeared off in the woods again. As the police showed up to the house the clown started to run out of the woods and run up the power lines next to his house.

   The cops chased the clown but didn’t come out with him. So the cops stayed the night to see if the clown would come out but it never did. Although the clown never did show up again CJ was always scared when he looked out the window to see if the clown was out there. After a while CJ forgot about the whole clown thing. CJ and his friends where at his house alone at 10:00 and they heard a knock on the door.

    As it creeped closer to the door the door opened. It was a clown at the door. Dressed in a creepy outfit and had blood on his hand and his axe as if he just went on a killing spree.  Cj and his friends started to run around the house as they were very scared. But little did they know that the clown was there friend and it was just a prank. So after that CJ and his friends sat down and watched a movie till 12:00 when his mom got home after that moment on he had always been scared of clowns and never liked them ever again. And he never stepped foot in the woods again. After, CJ and his friend never saw a clown again, although they do joke about it alot.
So CJ and his friend lived a happy life from their on and was always by their sides.

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