Dedication Ffom Poe to You, My Love

February 14, 2017
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SItting, napping, long passing of my youthful years, I grab that book. The book with all of my high school friends’ faces plastered inside its leather cover. I open the book and in flies a Raven. The raven was uncharacteristic of the common type, this bird was darker than your usual witch’s robe. Sitting there silently perched upon my pile of outdated periodicals. I ask myself “Why did I love it?” and this muggel of a bird looks at me with the look of disgust and says “ignoble”. I stir upon the words spoken from the Raven's tongue, and never finding it odd that this deaf bird had just spoke to me. I close my drowsy eyes, I begin to dream, this dream was one I had dreamed many times before, wishing it would pop out of my head and become my reality, just for one day, this dream could be mine, and no mortal soul would ever find out, just three people, me, myself, and I. I look out my window, seeing the love of my life coming toward me, no longer ignoring me, they come closer to me, so close we can hear one another breathing. After we let nature take its course, we lay there and the clock strikes midnight and I turn over to look them in the eye, and they are gone, whisked away into oblivion. Everything I had hoped and reamed of had finally come true, and now I am back into reality. Everyday putting that fake smile on my face, thinking about that one person, day in and day out, but forever it will remain my little secret.  Ignoble is my new everyday professional title. I now know that my dreams of it are nothing more than ignoble mind movies.

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Liam-Greenlee said...
Feb. 15 at 5:06 pm
Great! Had to reread it a few times but I really like that last sentence: " I now know that of it are nothing more than ignoble mind movies." Great job!
PJ-Skittles replied...
Mar. 7 at 2:18 pm
Thank you, I did not realize how many grammatical errors I had in this piece until after I had submitted it.
Liam-Greenlee replied...
Mar. 8 at 4:18 pm
Nah its ok- happens to me ALL. THE. TIME. XD
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