A Heist For the Ages

February 6, 2017

They live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Their names are John, Eric, Randy, Brad, and Mitchell. These five friends get together to play cards every Saturday, all year long. They talk about life, friends, society, and…. they gamble. Although they all went to the same High School, they really didn’t get to know each other until later. Now all five of these guys find themselves working together at the same place. They work for a local stationery manufacturer.
Mitchell is a well-rounded 34-year old. He works and says he loves his job. But he also says his friends do annoy him often about his gambling problem. Randy is 35-years old. He smoked in high school, which eventually led to a drug problem. He has been in and out rehab centers for years and most recently, he has been sober for 7 straight months. John is a consultant. He is always traveling, but always finds a way to get home to be with his friends. He has been told that he could be a mathematician or coder because of how good with numbers he is. Brad is a 36-year old maintenance worker at the factory and often talks to the other guys. Because Brad used to play football and basketball when he was in High School, he wanted to commit to the University of Wyoming. Some of the guys said they were initially intimidated by him because of how big his muscles were. He is also very vainglorious about how he looks. Eric is the Manager to all of them and he is a hard working but laid back boss. He is a natural leader. Randy, John, Mitchell and Brad have always told others that Eric is the natural leader out of them all.
One day Mitchell suggested they do something outrageous, so that they had more money to gamble with. The others were surprised, as Mitchell would have been the last one they expected to suggest something like this!!
“Hey, I've got something to tell you guys this Saturday!” Mitchell told them all work.
“What is it?!,” Brad exclaimed.
“You'll find out!,” Mitchell blurted.
When Saturday rolled around, Mitchell was so anxious to let the others in on what he was planning, that he called them at 7 am. He suggested they meet as soon as they all could. It was much earlier than when they normally would meet, but Mitchell suggested they all meet at his house, about 12:00 noon. Once they were all at Mitchell’s house, Randy expressed how enraged he was about what could possibly be so important that he had to wake them all up.
“What do you want Mitchell!?” Randy raged.
“Well, I had an idea on how we could make more money so we could gamble more!”
“And how are you gonna do that?” Eric questioned.
“ROBBERY,” Mitchell declared.
“Nah,” John commented, “ That’ll never work.”
Yah,” Brad added, “ Were you dreaming or something’ when you came up with that idea?”
“ NO, It’s just that you guys are always complaining about not having any money to gamble,” Mitchell roared.
Two weeks later, Mitchell hounded his friends about how good of an idea this was and explained why they should do this.
“Okay guys, we need to do this! We’re running out of money and gambling is getting more and more boring as time goes on,” Mitchell exclaimed.
“But if we do this and get caught, then what happens?” questioned Randy.
“”Then, we get caught! It will be worth it. The best of friends, doing something wild and crazy!!” Mitchell told them.
“Well you're a great friend too,” John stated, “ but I don’t wanna go to prison.”
“But there’s always that chance that we won’t get caught, you have to remember that John,” Brad queried.
“That’s not gonna happen John,” Mitchell promised.
“Ok, enough arguing,” Eric declared, “ We’ll do this, but just this once! Never, ever again!”
For the next two weeks, all they did was plan. They continued this plan until they perfected who was doing what. Eric would be the head of the operation. John would be the numbers guy: figuring out how much time they would need to rob the bank, monitoring workers so they would know when the vault was left unguarded and also determining when to turn the cameras on and off so they could be undetected. Mitchell would be the driver. He has connections and can get his hands on an armored truck, so he will be the driver. Brad is the weapons guy. He has the biggest build of them all and most people are scared of him because of how big of a guy he is. The others thought he would be the best person to control these. And finally Randy. Randy is the navigator. He knows this town like the back of his hand. He knows where he can hide things and how to get through the town quickly. So, the next step was to put the plan into action.
They had all their guns. They had all their tools. They had all their masks. They even had their backup cars. When they got in the bank, they told everyone that was there to put their hands in the air and face the wall. John, Eric, and Randy entered the vault room, while Brad and Mitchell both stayed out in the lobby watching everyone. John inspected the “Cheyenne Door” and discovered it was made of complete titanium, weighing 1 ton, and needed a certain handprint to gain entrance. Eric watched the entrance, while Randy and John were using a fingerprint lifter to gain access to this vault. When they got in, there was money galore! There was money in gold. There was money in silver. There was coins and bills all over! While Randy put the cash in the bags, Eric put the gold on the carts, and they also slid coins in their pockets. They took the money bags to the loading dock and threw them in the truck. They took the entire cart filled with gold and silver and put them on the truck too. When they were ready to leave the bank, they alarmed Brad and Mitchell that it was time to go!! When Brad and Mitchell got to their designated “safe place,” John, Eric, and Randy were nowhere to be seen. It was if they were never there. The site was so barren that it looked like the desert. They had duped Mitchell and Brad. Mitchell and Brad were EXTREMELY ANGRY!!!
“Where in the hell are they????” Mitchell roared.
“How could they do this to us!?” Brad yelled.
“I don't know but they won't get away with it!” exclaimed Mitchell.
“Hey guys,” interrupted Randy, “what are you two yelling about?”
“Where the hell were you?” Mitchell blurted.
“We took a minor detour because the cops were following us and did NOT want to get caught,” explained Eric, “ you guys are my best friends. Did you think I would actually leave you guys behind and bail with the money???”
“You guys weren't here so we figure you fooled us,” acknowledged Brad.
“We’d never leave you guys behind, ever!” blurted John.
Mitchell and Brad thought that John, Eric, and Randy took off with the money after they robbed that bank, but all the while they were just trying to stay away from the cops. But they weren’t planning on returning. The cops had forced them to go to their safe spot.

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