The Beast is Near

February 5, 2017
By , Tiffin, OH

My name is Mark, and I come from a small family with my mom, dad and myself. We live in a small town where not a lot of bad things ever happen. The worst thing that has ever happened in our small town was a murder eighteen years ago before I was born, but they never caught the murderer. When I started to get older I started to notice figures and strange noises in the house and every time I got shivers down my spine, but never really thought about it. Every night the strange noise would follow me around my house whispering, but I never could make out what it was saying.
One night my dad was still at work when he texted me, “Are you in your room?”
I didn’t understand why he was just randomly texting me out of the blue. I just replied, “Yeah, why?” He told me that there was something in the house and I need to stay in my room where it was safe. I didn’t hear anyone walking around in my house and I was just down stairs and never saw anyone. I texted my dad back and said, “No one is even in the house.” I started to wonder how my dad would even know if someone was in our house when he hadn’t been home since he left for work. I left my room, disobeying what  my dad said and walked down the stairs to the kitchen and living room to see if anyone was actually here. I didn’t see anyone so I headed down to the basement to see if anyone was there. I looked around until the lights cut out, so I ran upstairs into my bedroom scared to death.
I texted my dad that I had left my bedroom and the lights cut out in the basement when I was looking to see if anyone was in the house with me. My dad texted back, “Just stay in your bedroom, okay?” I replied back quickly asking, “ What is happening? What was going to happen?”
He just said, “I don’t know son.”
I began watching television to try and take my mind off the whole situation when I heard on the news that a woman had been stabbed to death. She was stabbed right around the corner of my dad’s work, then they showed a picture of the woman that had been killed. Right before they showed the picture of the woman I texted my dad asking if he heard about the murder by his work. He replied saying, “No, but i just heard sirens twenty minutes ago.” I glared back up at the TV and when I saw the picture of the woman I was in shock that it was my mother. I texted my dad immediately, “Mom was murdered..”
He replied back saying, “Are you sure it was her?”
I started to hear the whispers in my house again as I felt goosebumps running up my arm. I made out what one of the voices said. One of the voices said, “I told you he would kill again.”
I shouted, “Who’s there?”
No one responded after I asked. I started to look around my bedroom for some one. I looked in my closet, under my bed and under my desk, yet I still did not find anyone.
I finally texted my dad back after I looked to see if anyone was in our house and asked, “Yes. I texted her and someone else replied saying ‘your mom is dead’.” I heard the voice again and the voice said my name this time. I requested to know who it was. The voice just said, “Don’t worry about who I am.” I started to worry even more because I could not see who the voice was coming from and there was no one in the house except me. I asked again, “Who are you? Why are you here?” The voice just said he got sent here to watch over me to make sure that I wouldn’t get hurt.
My dad replied to my text finally saying, “Yes, why?”
I texted back, “You don’t even sound depressed about mom getting murdered like you don’t even care.”
He replied saying, “I’m fine. Are you okay? Are you still in your room?”
“Yes, but someone is in here with me.”
The voice started talking again, “Your dad is not the man you think he is. He is not the great person you think he is.”
I replied to the voice saying, “What do you mean he’s not the man I think he is? He is a good guy, isn’t he?”
The voice replied, “You had a brother.”
My dad texted me back telling me to get out of my room and go down to the basement. I went down and the lights were back on so I locked myself down. I asked my dad, “Did I have a brother?”
He replied back saying, “Yes, but he was kidnapped before you were born..”
I didn’t know how to reply. The voice found me again and said, “I’m just here to look out for you. I’m not going to hurt you.” I didn’t know what to think anymore now that I just found out I had a brother. I asked the voice, “Do you know what happened to my brother?” The voice said, “We had to take him. Your father forced us to take him.”
I asked, “What did my father do?”
I texted my dad back asking what really happened to my brother. He replied, “He got kidnapped, I told you already.” I texted back saying, “The voice in our house said you made them take my brother away.”
My dad replied, “He was taken away when my first wife was taken.”
After I read the text I ask my dad, “You had another wife before mom?”
The voice told me, “He killed his first wife after we told him the consequences if he killed her.” I started to wonder if I should trust the random voice or my dad; I didn’t know who to trust anymore if my own dad was lying to me. I asked the voice, “So since my dad killed his first wife, you took my brother away from him?” The voice told me that he didn’t take away my brother, but his accomplice did. I asked the voice, “When did you formulate your plan to watch over me? Did you already know my dad was going to kill my mom?”
The voice told me, “This is around the same time in his last marriage everything started to go down hill so we had a hunch.”
My dad finally answered me saying, “Yes, but I tried to put that in my past.”
“You killed her. Is that why you want to put it in your past?” I demanded.
“I’m heading home right now, stay in the basement,” I decided to go back to my room instead and the voice was following me. He kept telling me to get to my room faster. I asked the voice, “Are you going to do anything to my father?” The voice told me he personally wasn’t going to do anything but his accomplice was going too.
My dad texted me, “I’m in the driveway walking to the door now.” I told my dad not to come in or he was going to get hurt. I heard the front door open and footsteps in the kitchen. I heard the footsteps walk to the basement door.
I asked the voice what his accomplice was going to do. The voice said, “He is going to kill him.”
I heard the basement door open and footsteps go down to the basement. I asked the voice, “Why do you have to kill my dad?” The voice again explained, “You father has now killed two of his wives and he finally has to pay.”
I ran downstairs to the basement door but it was locked. I heard a loud screech coming from my father. I just kept listening to him scream and cry for help. I felt so helpless. I couldn’t do anything to save my dad. I demanded to know what was going on down there. The voice told me, “Your dad is dead now, he has been taken to hell where he belongs. You are safe now.”
I began to sob my eyes out, but at the same time wondered if the right thing was done. I was so confused why I began thinking what happened was for the best. I asked the voice, “What are you going to do now?”
The voice replied, “Going back to hell, where I came from. The cops are on the way.”
When the cops showed they began interrogating me about the blood on the floor. I told them my father was murdered and taken to hell. I also told them that he was the person  murdered the woman on the news. One policeman asked, “ Did you know that woman?”
I replied, “That woman was my mother.”
The policeman said, “I am sorry for your loss.”
After the people in my basement cleaned the puddle of blood, they came upstairs and asked if I had any other family members I could stay with. I told them I could go to my grandparents house across town. One of the policemen was nice enough to give me a ride there with a few of my belonging. When I got in their house I just went to my room and cried myself asleep.

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