12 Rounds

February 10, 2017

By this time, 93% of the population’s death was caused was by a heart attack, 4% of the population by overweight, and the rest by diabetes. Even though it was all good in the hood with the fast food and sugars little by little the town of Yoko was slowly dying. The people weren’t mistreated but they were forced to eat the food that made them fat. They were not allowed to grow crops or eat healthy. If they were found guilty of this the individual activity they had to fight a twelve round fight with a government official that was fit. If they lost they died. Every now and then there was an individual who tried to fight and made a difference, the only good thing about this was if you win the people will be free to workout and eat healthy.

Across town in a underground gym, Diego risked his life everyday to train and not be fat. He stuffed his clothes to make it seem like he was fat and every time a government patrol passed he breathed heavily to not create suspicion. As a young boy he looked up to his father who disagreed with the government. At age six while he was out with his mother he came back to find out his father was captured for trying to grow vegetables and fruit. Diego watched his father die in the ring in the eighth round. Ever since then he wants to avenge his father’s death. The only problem now is he can’t get a hold of healthy food. For the last few months he’s been ordering cheeseburgers and taking out the lettuce and tomatoes for his salad. His mother watches him and cries, “Why do you do this to yourself Diego? I already lost your father. I don’t want lose you.” As the days go by his workout routine gets harder. The concentration gets deeper.

Along with him Tyson Chavez, former government official who was fired for sneaking healthy foods into the town. He is now trains Diego for the fight of his life. “You have the skills kid” Chavez says after a sparring session. “The only thing you have that they don’t is heart. They do this because they have to. They’re miserable on the inside. The only person that can beat you, is yourself. Do it for a better life, for a better future.” The month is January, it's cold outside and in the little room that’s ten by ten foot space is where Diego gets stronger day by day. At this time it is crucial to get the body conditioned and ready.

May 5th, 2185, the annual taco eating fest is taking place. Diego and his mother sit at the table waiting for the the president of Yoko. “Ladies and gentlemen, the president of Yoko.” the big, pimpled man takes over the screen. He says, “as every year we do, any volunteers to fight?” he laughs. “Well since no one is capable I guess we will be going on with our celebration.” “Me!” a voice in the crowd sound off. Diego walks up to the ring. People in shock look at him and the mother who is with her face down trying not to tear up. The walk to the ring is silent. The president has a smirk on his face. As they are wrap his hands and put the gloves on he reminisces on his father’s death in the same ring.

His opponent, Floyd Meldrick, his record is outstanding with a strong chin and a mean left hook. The bell rings, it’s the first round. Diego trades shots but is smart about. I guess the only good thing about training in limited space is that he will be used to toe to toe action. The first round comes to an end, even though he did not win the first round it was a study round so no big deal. By round two and three Diego starts to get loose, his jab gets through his opponent like water through open hands. Meldricks face starts to pay the price. By the fourth round people start to notice how good he is, for the first time people see a light of hope. Round 6, and the government is not fighting their fight. The longest fight a government official had to endure was when Diegos dad was in the ring. So far so good for Diego, he is using his foot speed while bobbing and weaving. “Make him miss, make him pay” one of the few words Chavez told him. At the end of the round he decides to take the last fifteen seconds off, as he puts his right hand down, Taylor faints and throws his left hook. Blood flows through the right eye, his vision went from HD to a buffering screen. One thing Chavez and Diego weren’t prepared for was a cut. Round seven, Meldrick now has a target to punch. The eye starts to swell up with every power punch that connects. Every punch that is thrown the underdog counters it. By the ninth round the people cheer, the government officials grawn, just three rounds left. Diego can relax for the last few rounds and still win.

The bell rings for the twelve round, the people feel free again. Every second that goes by feel like feels like minutes and Diego is going for the knockdown throwing every punch with every ounce of energy he has left. Just thirty seconds left and everyone goes insane. Diego faints a right and his left connects with the ribs of Meldrick. For the first time a government official has gone down. Meldrick gets up, BOOM!! A gunshot has gone off and It is quite in the arena, people stare down to the ring. Diego is on the floor in a puddle of his own blood. The president of Yoko walks on to the ring with a big smile in his face and takes over of the microphone. “This will forever by my land”

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