The Kidnapper

February 9, 2017
By Bmcaldwell BRONZE, Simms, Texas
Bmcaldwell BRONZE, Simms, Texas
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 One cold night as I was driving, I heard noises in the back, I realized something moving in the mirrors. I stopped the car and got out, right when I was opening the back door of the car, a man jumped out and grabbed me. He put me on the ground, tied me up with some rope and put duct tape over my mouth, he then opened the trunk, and threw me in it. He sat in the driver's seat, closed the door, and’ started driving. I tried getting out of the rope but I couldn’. Then I tried kicking the top of the trunk, but it wouldn’t open. Finally, I just stopped and waited until he stopped.

 All of the sudden after about two hours later I heard the car stop. He opened the trunk, he then took me out, and took me inside of this shed. As I was looking around I saw a little girl in a dog cage for some reason the girl had bite marks all over her. He then put me in front of the wooden post and tied me to it. He said “if you try to untie yourself I will shoot you”. The man then left the shed and I was trying to escape fast but I couldn’t he tied the rope to tight. Then I remembered I have a knife in my pocket just in case someone tries to hurt me. I then grabbed the knife out of my pocket and started cutting the rope, I finally cut through it. Before he saw that I had escaped I went up to the little girl and unlocked the cage. Right after I let her out her mouth started foaming and she started getting mad so I backed away, and then she started attacking me. I grabbed my knife and stabbed her in the arm so she would stop, then all of a sudden I her heard the door squeak and he started coming in,  he then grabbed the little girl and put her back in the cage. After that he grabbed his gun and shot me on the foot and then he dragged me to . He walked over to a table and grabbed a shot that you put in your arm he put this some sort of greenish color in it and walked back towards me and stuck it in my neck. I started getting dizzy and then a fainted.

 It was then morning and my neck was still sore from when he gave me the shot. Everyone else was asleep so I thought I could escape and go get my phone in the car. I had to hurry so no one would hear me. I tiptoed to the shed door and hurried to call 911 but my phone was gone then  I was gonna drive away but the keys were gone and the car was out of gas. Then I remembered that I had an extra key in the console of the car I got them and then I pressed the button to open the trunk and ran to the trunk I hurried and grabbed the extra can of gas that I got yesterday and put it in my car. I put the gas can back in the trunk and ran back to the driver’s seat. I then closed the door and drove off. I didn’t know where I was so I Just followed the road. About a mile away from the shed I saw these people by some trees they looked like they had some kind of disease. I asked the people where I was and they started growling then on the passenger's side a lady tried opening my door but it was locked. Then the people’s mouth started foaming just like that little girl. I sped off as fast as I could before they threw a rock at my window I tried to find a police station but there wasn’t one near by so I just kept driving until I found an interstate. About 1 hour later I found one and then I started getting dizzy, I had to keep driving because I was on the interstate. I saw that there was gonna be a police station up ahead but then my vision started to get blurry and then I fainted. I was about ½ a mile away from the police station and then a diesel truck crashed into me. About 2 minutes after the crash the police showed up and they saw that 2 people were dead in the truck a man and me. The man that was in my car was the man who kidnapped me.  

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