The Worst Holiday

February 9, 2017
By Anonymous

It was 26th June. A girl who named Cathrin went to America for her holiday. When she arrived the airport she was very excited. Because it was the first time she flight alone.

After 13 hours flight she arrived to New York. The first thing she did was go to the hotel. Her hotel was very big and very luxe. The day after she arrive, she travelled New York. At Centerel Park she met a girl and a aboy who named Svatlana and Jonathan. She loved them and they adviced to go to cafe where they can eat something. Cathrin wanted to know about them like how were their lives, where they were staying, how About their families. When they arrived the cafe Cathrin asked questions that she wanted to know. They said they could not tell about their lives. Cathrin doubt them. Then Jonathan’s phone rang. He accepted the call and start talking in a way that nobody understand exept Svatlana. He said where they were sitting, where they at. Then he closed it. After a few minutes a man came and sat with them. Cathrin did not know his name. They were talking their own language again. After that they stood up and start walking. Cathrin wanted to go with them. She did not know where they go but she was curious about where they were going. Svatlana said she could came with them.           


They went to terminal and bought four tickets to Texas. In that time she learned man’s name. His name is Abraham. He is from Mexico and he is a criminal. He had been escaping from federals till the day he was a criminal. When Cathrin heard that she was scared. Because she understood that she was kidnapped. Abraham took them to Texsas’s boarder line. He was not the only criminal. They are all criminals and they had been escaping from federals. Cathrin was so scared again. Because they were criminal, they did not scare, they could do what they want but they did not know that she understood all of it. When Cathrin thought about that she remembered her clothes were at hotel. Svatlana and Jonathan did not care about her. When Cathrin asked something about where they were, why they were there, what they did to her, they did not answer that questions. When Jonathan was smoking, Svatlana was looking for places where they could stay and where is cheap. She knew that they had lots money but they did not want to spent it because of the fact that they have to buy cigarates, weeds and drinks with alcohol. She understood all of that from Svatlana. She heard Svatlana when she had talked with Abraham when they had been in bus. Cathrin is always cool so nobody can understand her feelings in her face. Svatlana and Jonathan did not understand too. Consequently they thought Cathrin never minds that situations but she was afraid of them. Jonathan and Svatlana thought to torture her but first they had to found a hotel. Finally Svatlana found it.  


They went there and rented two rooms. Due to of the fact that they did not want spent money to rent another room for Cathrin. She stayed with Svatlana and Jonathan stayed alone. Cathrin did not want stay with Svatlana. So she adviced them to rent another room. They did not allowed her to rent another room but she told she would rent that room with her own money. Svatlana was doing drugs there fors he was crazy. That’s why Cathrin did not want to stay with her. After they rented a room, they went upstairs and went their own room. Cathrin went her room and stared thinking about about what could she do. If they were sleeping she would leave the hotel and bought a ticked for New York but if they were not her plan would fail. They could not smoke in hotel room so they went outside for smoking. Cathrin’s another plan was while they were smoking she found the person who cleans the rooms and she took the card of their rooms and she would start looking for money in Svatlana’s room.


Next she would look to Jonathan’s room to take other money. Then she would give cards and turn back to her room. When they went their rooms she left the hotel and escaped them but if they finish smoking when their cigarates not finish they would see her at Svatlana’s or Jonathan’s room and everything would go bad. Another thing, when they come back to their own rooms they realize that someone kept their money hence Cathrin coul not escape then everyting would go bad. Her plan would fail again. As a consequance she waited the morning. She fell asleep while she thought about this. When she fell asleep Svatlana came into her room and loced behind the door. Then she took the key and the room card. She left the room by jumped over the window as well. The room was at 1st floor sos he had not get something like broked bones.   In the morning Cathrin woke up and washed her face than looked at her face in mirror. She looked like a dead person with her sleepy eyes and her tiried body.


Then she went to breakfast but she could not opened the door. She tried to open it but someone locked it. She thought who could do it. She knew the answer. The only people she knew were Jonathan and Svatlana. Thus Jonathan or Svatlana did it. She was screaming and punching the door. But nobody heard her. After a few minutes they came in front of her room and talked with her. They told they would not open the door and they would not give her any food or drink and left her alone again. When she heard this she cried. Because of she could not see her family and her friends again. She could not get out of the room. Then she remembered they did not take her phone. So she ran to her bag and found her phone but she was unlucky there were no service. She cried again. She looked at and thought about how she could escape from window. She had no ropes so she had one alternative.   


She jumped over the window with her bag and fell down to grass. First she looked around her. Nobody was there. Then she ran to escape the hotel. Finally she arrived the exit of hotel and got into a taxi. She told to taxi driver where she wanted to go. She told him to g oto terminal. The taxi driver was a friend of Jonathan. Hence he knew what happened. He knew Jonathan and Svatlana were left her at a locked hotel room and Cathrin would escaped from the window and first she rant o the exit then got her into a taxi. After that she would tell him to go to terminal. All the things happened like in his mind. Before Jonathan escape the hotel he told him to not drive her to terminal. He would drive her to area that nothing was there. Cathrin did not know that. After a few minutes taxi driver start talking with Cathrin.


Cathin wanted to talk to him too. Due to of the fact that they were so far from the terminal and she forgot her headphones. As a consequence she was bored. She learned his name. His name is Carl. They were talking a lot. Then, when Cathin looked outside of window she realizes they were not at terminal. She tried to asked why they were there but someone held her mouth. When she turned and looked at who helds her mouth, he was Jonathan. He got her out of the taxi. Carl got out too. Then Cathrin looked in front of her, Svatlana stood there with a gun in her hand. Cathrin scared again. Jonathan saw her and opened her mouth and told her to calm down they were not going to kill her by shot. She relaxed but then Carl went to taxi and they got a bottle of gasoline and gave to Jonathan. Cathrin did not understand anything.


Svatlana put her hand into her pocket and got a lighter. Jonathan poured all the gasoline above from Cathrin. She could not escape. Because Carl tied her hands and legs by using a rope. Then Svatlana threw the lighter to her. She was burning and screaming. While she was dying they all got into taxi and went far away from her.              They went to terminal and bought three tickets to Mexico. When they arrived there Jonathan called Abraham to got they to his house. Abraham did it and asked where was Cathrin. They explained what happened. First he heard this he shout at them. Because of the fact that he did not understand why they killed a girl who did not do anything wrong to them. While he was shouting them Svatlana got angry and shutted the gun to him. He died. After that Jonathan and Carl got angry to Svatlana. Becase she killed their friend, he allowed them to stay his house but she ended his life.


She was very tiried because of doing drugs, escaping from federals, everybody always get angry to her. Also she was going crazy. She lost her sences and hung herself. Jonathan and Carl did not stay in Mexico anymore. Due to of the fact that they thought federals found Cathrin’s burned body. Then if federals in Mexico found Abraham’s and Svatlana’s body, they would work together to found them.  Later they bought two tickets to Oklahoma. They stayed there for weeks but something went wrong. Jonathan went crazy, because of he was doing drugs and did not get on well with Carl. He did not eat something so died beacuse of starve. Carl went crazy too. Because he drank all the time and his organs failed then he died too. The day after Carl died, federals found them but they were not alive…

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