The Window is Open

February 9, 2017
By Samsun BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
Samsun BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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Andrea White

When the plane landed I felt my heart drop. There was nothing I could do now, I'm here. I was filled with so much excitement and wonder of the new world around me that I couldn't sit still in my spot any longer. “Venice, Italy”, I said out loud as I finally took my first step onto this land. I took a deep breath in, everything smelt so fresh and delightful it set a huge smile on my face I couldn't remove. The smile remained on my face as I set off on my main journey, the reason I came here, to find my mystery man. A man named Matthew Swave. He had bought this ticket for me months in advance, but I was only able to get time off work now. All my students go out of town on spring break so no one ever shows up for their lesson. So i decided to take him up on his offer. Now don't get me confused with that silly blonde girl in the scary movies, I obviously know it's dangerous to go to a foreign place in search of a man you don't know. But I was looking for a good thrill and possibly the man of my dreams. I knew what I was getting myself into. Well I thought. But I also knew how to protect myself pretty well so I felt confident in my actions. I've been a black belt in taekwondo for quite some time now, so I felt prepared. I couldn't wait to see what life threw at me.

I looked up the directions he gave me on my phone and asked around for help reading the map they handed me while exiting the airport, but pretty much no one had any idea what I was talking about. Nobody had ever heard of such a place. A place on the peak of a mountain top. Sounded strange to me to, but finally someone had said they had seen it before driving past Positano and that they would help me out with a ride because it's pretty far from the airport. I was extremely thankful, and when I finally got there, stepped out the car, I felt a rush go threw my body that I had never felt before. Then the nice family said, “byeee, hope you have a nice stay.” I waved in gratitude then ventured onto my hike up the hill.

Matthew Swave

I held the door for the beautiful lady as she walked in. The breeze from the heavy door slamming shut made her shiny, long, black hair flow gracefully. Her scent was like warm vanilla candles...the ones my wife used to love. I said, “Make yourself at home.” As I walked to the kitchen to get us a glass of semi-sparkling Moscato White Wine. I heard a giggle from the other room,“haha alright” she said. As I rushed back to her I dropped my glass on accident, hoping she wouldn't think anything of it I handed her the glass of arsenic laced wine and went to go clean up the mess. She asked, “well where's yours?” I explained to her that I had way too much to drink before her company and must refrain. Minutes went by and I saw her eyes drop. There wasn't enough in there to kill. Just slow her heart. But you see, I love bringing beautiful woman in my house and making them feel comfortable, I don't enjoy this part. But I had no choice.

My brother made me move quickly with this one. I heard him snicker from the other room, “nice taste brother.” My older brother Sonny owned this place. Along with all these females. He sells the ones he gets tired of for auction to whatever system that's being held, up and running, and making a prophet. He has some sort of power over me because of this family contract that was made years ago. Bullshit in my opinion. But I can't complain. My life has been great. He's never failed to take care of me. My brother will look me dead in the eyes and say, “loyalty is everything”, every night before we excused ourselves from the dinner table. Loyalty ha. Like my brother knew anything on the subject. Im sure he wasn't thinking of such a thing as “loyalty” when he sold my love.

Andrea White

I don't remember much after he handed me the glass of wine. Just that I was looking at that gorgeous chiseled face of his go on, talking about all the amazing places he had traveled too. I could feel my eyes getting heavy, look at the time; nine thirty three. I couldn't believe how drowsy I felt. I reflected back on the day, remembering that I didn't do a lot but sleep on the plane. I did hike up that mountain to this man's house though I thought to myself. That was a real pain. But I do remember asking Matt if I could lie down. I felt my eyes shut and roll to the back of my head. When I awoke I was paralyzed.

Not literally paralyzed, but I could feel myself being tied down. I could only take short breaths and the ropes were digging so deep into the sides of my arms all I could do was scream. But nothing was coming out because my lips were wrapped shut. I heard a voice say, “don't bother trying to scream my dear, never worked out well for the others.” This man was a sleaze, cockroach of a person. Went by the name of “Sonny” he said. A real scumbag, with his cigar in his mouth. Puff puff puffing and blowing it in my face. “It's getting a bit smokey in here eeh, how about we get a nice breeze goin.” It was freezing. And a cruel joke.  I was curious as to what he wanted from me. Why was I tied up like a human package ready to be shipped out. And did Matthew have anything to do with this. I could only guess, but I was almost positive in my answer.

Matthew Swave

I could hear Sonny cackling away in the room next door. I could feel her pain through the walls. Could only imagine the torture. Anger started started rushing through my veins like a shooting lightning bolt. She had reminded me so much of my wife. My strong, bold love that I once held so deeply to my heart.  That got taken from me. Ripped from my grasps. Over MONEY, POWER. Well tonight was my night to avenge my beloved. And spare the lives of innocent souls, as well as my own. So I made Sonny his favorite drink. Rum and coke. With a little something extra special that he loves to welcome his guests with, snuck into the guest room where he was holding her.

When she saw me. The disappointment in her eyes when she realized I had been a part of this too. I quickly unwrapped her head with the saran wrap and cut the rope from her waist, ankles, and wrists. Then I blacked out. Woke up with a serious headache on my back porch outside the next morning.

Andrea White

I don't know why I kicked him in the face, maybe because I was f***ing terrified. Not only terrified but livid. I couldn't believe I had came all this way to get this sort of treatment, meet such a creep. But he did try and help me, and I really didn’t mean to knock him out, but I didn't know what his intentions were. So I snuck out of the room. I hadn't heard Sonny coughing and hacking anything up for a couple minutes now, and that had me on my toes. I found him. On the floor in the bathroom. Face down in a pool of drool and blood. I make my way to the kitchen, where I come across the poison Matt had used on us both. I guess some guys just can't hold their arsenic. “THE WINDOW IS OPEN.” I remembered as I was sneaking back into the room to see if matt had awoken from his slumber. I wasn't sure who else was here, or if Matt and his brother worked alone. Just by walking through the house I got the just of the operation they had running here. Sick. Selling woman for sex, slavery. I decided to leave Matt behind too. Face the consequences, guilt, and carma he had coming. As for his brother, well; he got what he deserved.

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