The Woods

February 9, 2017

Alison and her friends graduate high school in two weeks and are talking about how they should celebrate. Nicole thinks that a trip to the beach would be fun. The rest of the girls have been before, but Allison has never seen the ocean, so they decide that they will go to the beach and then camp in a nearby forest.


Two weeks pass and Alison hears a honk outside.  She scrambles to get her bags and everything she needs. When she goes outside, all of her friends are waiting in Brittany’s van (the only vehicle in which they can all fit legally), and they head for Florida.


About three hours pass. Selena wakes up in the backseat and asks to stop at the nearest gas station. But they are only about ten minutes from the beach! Selena says she can't hold it, so the girls stop at an old, worn gas station. Standing out front is a bearded man.  He gives Selena a firm but weary look as she walks into the building. She thinks she hears the man say something as she gets back into the van, but she can’t make out the words, so she just nods at him.


The girls spend the afternoon at the beach, and then pack up to locate their campsite before dark. They do not realize how far from the beach the forest is located, so they arrive later than expected, pitch their tents in the dark, and go to sleep.  The next morning they find a note from Alison saying, “Be back in thirty minutes, Gone hiking.”


An hour passes, and the girls start to worry when Selena does not return. They are just about to go look for her when they hear a muffled but screechy scream. When they find Selena, she is lying on the ground. The girls try talking to her, but all Selena can do is shake.


Then everything goes silent, and Selena slowly points straight in front of her. When the girls look up the silence becomes more intense. The birds stop chirping and the squirrels stop scrambling across the ground.  Everything in the woods stopped and stared at the stiff, lifeless body lying on the ground.  Slowly, Selena’s hand drops to the ground.


The girls run back to camp, but as they are running they hear laughing. They finally stop running from the laugh, only to realize that they are lost with no food or anything to drink. Alison is freaking out, and Nicole and Brittany sit her down and get her to calm down.  They ask Allison if she saw what happened she slowly shook her head yes. They asked what did happen and when she went to speak dry crisp words came out of her throat and floated through the trees. She said “ i saw him”, “saw who” said selena. Its was the link when alison said that word selena felt a cold shiver slide down her spine and realized what the old man said at the gas station “beware of the link”. Selena stepped back and and when carrie, britney , and alison turned around she was gone. They yelled screamed and cried for her and not a sound was heard from selena or anything else in the woods. “Where the hell is she brittney” said carrie. I have no idea” said brittney what happened to her it was the link said brittney. The girls started walking still yelling for selena after a while the yells faded and the woods got quiet and the girls were hungry scared and cold. While walking they heard a crash through the woods and the girls froze with fear. They saw a small person crouching on all fours and they heard a soft screechy but firm voice coming from the crouching body. And the words that came from it made the girls scream with fright and “I am the link” said the creature and as the he slowly got closer the girls did not move and finally the link was so close to britney's face he acted as if he had something to say but as soon as he went to say something he went with a swift motion and he instantly killed brittney. The girls alison and carrie were scared but still confused on exactly what happened and when they realized brittney was dead they ran and ran but when alison turned carrie was gone and there wasn’t any sign of her anywhere when she turned she saw him he had blood dripping from his face and she knew what he was about to do so she screamed at him words that echoed through the trees. She looked up and he was gone so she walked and waited for him to return but as she walked she heard what sounded like a car in the distance so she ran with all of her might to get to the noise of the car and she saw headlights and she jumped onto the road and the car screeched to a stop. She talked to the driver and got in and that was it she was home free but she never told anyone about “him” or whatever it was.

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