February 8, 2017
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      It was three years ago. It was a normal day at home. I was watching television and I asked my mum for if she could bring me a pillow. She went upstairs and than she suddenly screamed. I went to upstairs and  when I saw the outside from the window I was exactly frozen. I saw cow heads, human legs and other animal and human body parts which were raining outside. Everyone was just watching at their houses because everyone was terrified. I opened news and I just wanted to learn what was happening. The woman at the news was looking like she did not know what was happening outside. However she suddenly stopped talking and there was a video that shows what was happening at the back of the woman. She said that the pilots had just arrived the airport to look where all of these things were raining from.All of the channels were talking about what it can be, who was making that things rain?When you looked at the outside of the window they were dirtyness everywhere which were made from body parts. People were so scared. Actually who will not be scared if they see this event.Than suddenly the woman at the television said that pilots had not seen anything about this event up to that time but the parts were still raining. At that time people started to think all of these things were rained by aliens. I did not believe that but there was no logical explanation except that. So I had no choice but to believe that. There were so many shows which believed that theory. Everyone was talking about that theory. Theory was like; There are so many experiment that which were made by aliens and now they have too much garbage so they decided to throw them where they belong to. However there were so many things which were not they see, like why aliens decided to throw their garbage to earth, they could burn those up or they could throw those into an infinite space. I still do not know why so many people thought like that but I thougt different. One of the speakers was sent to an airport to record what was happening at the airport. She said ‘ All of the planes came to the station expect two plane.’ I knew it. I knew there was an another explanation. Polices and gendarma started to looking for two planes which were missing. Guess what happened? They found them and when they found the rain had stopped before they found them. They found them in the forest when they started to searching for those planes. They had been abondoned about ten minutes before they were found.There were body parts in planes and there were so many of them even though most of them had been throwned. Polices started searching some fingerprints in planes. They found lots of fingerprints at the control wheels. They sent them to the laboratory to find the owners of these fingerprints. After about one hour later the speaker said that they had found two human DNAs which were belong to two human which were male.. Their names were ‘ Pete FERGUSON’ and ‘ Tom DATSON’. They started to searching for these two people. They blocked everywhere like airports and city borderlines. They stopped plane flights and bus vogues too because they did not want someone to arrive the city and the country. Approximately one hour later suddenly the live video started to air on television. They said the man at the video was Pete FERGUSON. At the video the conversation was very interesting. He was standing in front of the building that we did not know the exact location of. The reason for this was that thay had not informed us about the location. The polices asked him that where had his friend been. He said he had killed him because he was know that he can not keep this as a secret and he would cry every night. Polices asked again ‘What have you done that makes him cry?’ He said ‘Did not you see?’ and he laughed for a minute and speaked again ‘ I was at the sky with him we were throwing ‘ things’ from there.’ Polices said ‘So you did this. Why? Pete talked again ‘ Killing lives gives me happiness and I was doing this as a hobby. I killed so many things like humans, cows, horses and lots of things like that for fantasy and I have to say that it was so enjoyable for me to do that. I killed people who have none and who are homeless people more than others so I have put an end to their sadness and I got rid of my need for enjoy. You could not find me because I was so careful about not leaving any evidance. I made this because I was so bored and I wanted to make myself some fun. After I have done many times I was bored again so I leaved some fingerprints behind my back. I wanted you to find me, I am going to die anyway. If you could not find me, I was going to kill myself the day after but I wanted you to kill me. Anyway you found me but if I need to be honest you are little bit late than I expected. When you were not here Tom started to panic and I started to can not stand his voice and his actions as a matter of fact I do not want him to go jail. As a result he is dead now.’ After a silently moment ‘ You are going to shoot me now. I made so many things that I can not explain to you all and I do not want to go jail for forever.. Yes, I know I will go to jail forever and I know Tom was not going to jail forever, if I had not killed him. He would go to jail most about for approximately ten years but I did not want him to live like this, I wanted him to die in peace. So there are two ways, I am going to cut my throat or you are going to shoot me.’ Polices told him that they could not shoot him. After about two minutes he looked at the camera which was recording him at that moment and said ‘ Be careful.’ at the right behind this he suddenly cut his throat. The chanel was cut the broadcast as fast as they can.Everyone was shocked but at the same time they were relaxed because this problem was finally solved and there was nothing  to afraid and terrify about. The event was talked about one month after it had happened. Now we do not talk about this event so much. However we have been still terrifying about it if it is going to happen again. 

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