November 24, 2016
By Airazhae18 BRONZE, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Airazhae18 BRONZE, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
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"What are you doing up here, lad?" A deep Scottish voice asked breaking me out of my thoughts. I looked to see my long time buddy, Ronny. "Thinking." I answered looking back down. "Thinking?" He asked. "A process of which using one's mind to consider a reason about something." I retorted hinting a smile. Ronny just scoffed at my answer. "You're an arse, man." He told me making me break out into a full out laugh. I looked at Ronny who didn't look too amused at all. He was tall, about 6'2, he was really lean aswell, but strong nonetheless. He had reddish/brownish hair with a thick Scottish accent. He mostly wore all black with a tiny silver hoop in his left ear. He was pretty badass if you ask me; all dark and mysterious. I'm surprised he hasn't been cast out yet. "C'mon the ceremony is 'bout to start." He told me stuffing his hands in his dark washed jeans. "Yeah. Yeah. Uhm I'll meet you there." I waved him off looking at my dangling legs. "Whatever you're thinking 'bout has got you in a weird mood, mate." He said concern lacing through his voice. But he left it at that and didn't ask anymore questions. When I didn't hear his footsteps anymore I let out a big breath I didn't even know I was holding, and got off the ledge I was sitting on. Halfway to the ceremony I got a bad feeling in the out of my stomach that I couldn't shake no matter how hard I tried. I kept looking back every couple seconds to see if anyone was following me, but it was too dark to see anything. I was half expecting to see Ronny pop out of nowhere and put me out of my misery. When I looked over my shoulder to calm my slight paranoia when something stabbed into my neck. I didn't get a chance to who the person was because I blacked out.

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