November 22, 2016
By , Louisville, KY

There that haunted house I was telling you about. We all turn our heads to follow Samuel pointed finger. The house was deep in the woods, but we could still see the old, dark house from the street. Let’s go in he suggests. I’m not sure about that. I say hesitantly. The house was old it was in the middle of wood. We got closer to the doorway we see a figure it was a little girl floating in the air. The little girl was gone as soon we got closer. So we walk in side and it was cold and the door was lock so we couldn’t get out. It was pretty dark we couldn’t see a thing, but Sheldon said that it was a pretty bad idea of doing this. I asked if someone has a flashlight than Samuel said that we can use our phones. I said he should try to find a way out so we start looking around, but it was really dark. Later we heard the little girl crying I follow the voice. I got closer and the haunted house started shaking and there was the little girl. I try to help her the room was shaking like it about to fall down. So as soon I touched her then I see the little girl crying and there some people around her saying that she did something bad. The little girl didn’t know that she was dead. I looked out the window and it was day time so the door open “were free Samuel said happy where you guys at I said Sheldon said here we are the door is open we can get out. So we all got out of there and we all went home. It was almost time to go to bed and I see the little girl crying again. I think that see trying to say anything to me I can see in her eyes that some was wrong and she said am I dead you can speak I said. What do you want from me I said the little girl said to me I just want to know if I’m dead I said when I touched her I see a vision were there was people around saying that you have something really bad. So they said that they going to kill you so she started crying. I got out of the bed and it was her who did that so I see my friends in the distance I was calling them, but they cant heard me or see me. So I was really scared. If was pretty dark. It looked like I see a shadow in the side of the room. The little girl show up again the little girl was looking different she was wearing all red. I woke up and it seems like everything was a really bad dream.

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Nov. 28, 2016 at 11:46 am
Grammar is bad is. You
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