November 3, 2016
By , lousville, KY

In a small town in Ohio, there was two very popular teens named Bobby and Lilly. There was also a very shy teen named Jay. Bobby and Lilly bully Jay. They all lived on a street called Sun Set dr. One day when Bobby and Lilly was walking home, they wanted to take a short cut in the woods. While in the woods they came a crossed a path. So the followed the path to see where it would lead them to. At the end of the path was an old creepy house. They could tell know one lived there. The raggedy old roof was caving in. The glass windows where shattered. The wooden steps where snapped into in half. Bobby walked up to the door.

“Is anyone there” Bobby said.

Know one answered. Lilly wanted to play a joke on Jay. She wants to try and get him to stay the night in the old house with her and Bobby. So she explained her idea to Bobby. He thought it was a great idea. So the started walking back home to find Jay. When the found him the pressured him into slaying the night at the old house. They all went back to their houses to get pillows and a blanket. They all meet back at the end of the street. Around 10:30pm they all followed the path in the woods. The all arrived at the house.

“I…I don’t think this is such a good idea after all.” Jay said as his teeth chattered.

“Come on. You are a bigger girl than Lilly is” Bobby replied.

“Okay. Fine. I’ll go.” Jay said

He only went because he didn’t want to feel left out. So Bobby broke the window next to the door. When he open the door three birds came flying out. They all screamed.

“What in the bloody hell was that” Lilly said as she was trying to regained her breath.
“It was just some birds” Bobby said.

When that was over they went inside the house to explore what was in it. Jay was looking for a spot to lay his blanket and pillow down, so he could go to sleep and get this night over with. Jay found a raggedy old couch. He layed his pillow down and…

(screams) “Jay come quick” Lilly yelled.

Jay came running but only to find jay laughing at him.

“That’s not funny Lilly. I thought… I thought something bad happened to you” Jay said.

“I am sorry” Lilly responded while still laughing.

Jay slowly walked back to the room his stuff was in, but when he returned his pillows and blanket was missing. He thought it was Bobby and Lilly playing another joke on him. But when he want to ask them about it there stuff was missing to. All three of them got scared. So they all stayed in the one room. As the night went on bobby went looking for his missing things. But he could not find them anywhere. They where not in the living room, bathroom, basement, bedrooms, dinning room. It was nowhere to be found.

(boom…crash. They all screamed)

They walked to where the noises where coming from. Glass had been shattered into thousands of pieces. Jay suddenly got chills shooting down his back. Gray fog appeared out of the ground. A strange creepy voice was in the distance.

  It announced “I am Grim… you trusted past on my land”

The glanced looking for the source of the voice. But none was found. Next there was scratching at the floor. They gray fog was back again. The voice was back but this time there was a body to go along with it. It was a tall middle age man. He had a long black jacket in the went to the floor. His cheek bone oh how sharpe they were. They could have cut you if you was to close. But there was something off about him. The man did not have feet. They stopped... looked at Grim. They didn’t think anything of it at first the thought it was just their mind playing tricks on them, till grim flipped the table over. the sharpe corner of the table hit Lilly in the head causing her to pass out.

Jay shouted “what was that for. Now look at what you have done”

“I wanted you all to pay the price of treats passing on my land” Grim screamed.

Bobby ran over to Lilly “Lilly are you okay” bobby said with a sorrow in his voice. But there was no response. There was not heartbeat. Lilly was dead. Grim found Jay yelling. Grim picked up a small pointed object and though it at his eye. Jay was dead sounds later. Bobby tried to run but flams went up. There were black clouds of smoke. It filed the rooms as it filed Bobby lungs. Bobby fell down a flight of stairs because he could not see where he was going. Bobby was dead to. Grim snapped his fingers and the flams where gone and the body disappeared. There was no trace of them ever being in the old house.   THE END!!!!!!

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