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October 31, 2016
By , San Marcos, CA
Jordan sat at her desk her fingers flying over the keyboard. Lightning flashed outside, illuminating the shady interior. On her desk sat an old radio playing static-y music and two pictures. One was of Jordan standing shoulder to shoulder with a lean boy with messy hair, glasses, and a gray sweatshirt. The other was of a tall angular boy with a hard set jaw line and a mop of black hair swept to one side. He had his right arm around Jordan’s shoulder. Playful smiles on their faces. Jordan looked at each photo with longing. Another flash illuminated the room the old radio going haywire switching from channel to channel letting only certain words through. The radio cried, We are coming to get our revenge... Jordan looked up seeing the boys from the pictures standing in the door frame, creepy grins plastered on their faces.

Jordan gasped, “Dustin? Kane? I didn’t realize-” Lightning flashed. When the light disappeared Dustin and Kane were gone and the radio was back to normal.

Jordan rubbed her eyes, fugitive overcoming her. She reached for the phone that sat sadly on her desk. She picked up the smooth black receiver and dialed Dustin’s phone number. The phone rang once then went to voicemail. She put down the receiver slightly nervous. She dialed again but it went to voicemail. Frowning she fished out her cell phone and dialed Dustin’s number once again.
The phone let out an automatic bland ring followed by a mechanical voice that said, “Connecting to live line.”

“Yes?” said a manly voice.

She opened her mouth to respond but another voice answered for her. “Dustin, it’s Kane. Are you ready? She’s  in position. We can end this once and for all.”

“Kane are you sure you want to do this?” says Dustin.

“YES! We must kill Jordan!” yells Kane crazily.

“Oh. Ok Kane. I’ll get the equipment.” says Dustin grimly.

The line went dead. Jordan dropped her phone, her hands over her mouth. She grabbed her stuff and shoved it into her pack. She slipped on her rain coat and grabbed the sleek black umbrella that sat in the corner of the dark office. She turned to lock the door seeing Kane’s dark silhouette standing outside her window. His eyes glowing like abalone shells. She panicked and slammed the door. She walked down the hallway and clicked the down button on the elevator. The door dinged opened. She walked in and heard heavy footsteps bang on the floor. She turned around slowly the lights flickering. Standing in the hallway Dustin stood dripping with rainwater a sledge hammer in his hand. He started stalking towards her, the lights shutting  off. She screamed, rapidly pushing the close button. Lightning flashed illuminating the dark hallway Dustin only paces away from the elevator. The doors slowly closed Dustin getting closer to her faster than the doors were closing. The doors slammed shut just as Dustin brought his hammer down on the door. But the weird thing was that as soon as the hammer hit the elevator doors it faded to shadows.The elevator descended Dustin’s bellows of anger fading.

She took a deep breath thinking, this is all a figure of my imagination. There’s no way that could have been Dustin or Kane. It’s just because I’ve been working too late again. It’s just my conscious feeling sorry for wronging them when we were younger. Dustin said that he forgave me and that we could just be friends. And Kane… well it’s better not to think about Kane. She didn’t realize where she was till the elevator dinged open and she ran straight into a heavy body. She looked up into Kane’s dark eyes. The same eyes she used to look into when they were younger but now filled with hatred instead of love. Her heart dropped into her stomach. The scream that was building up in her caught in her throat. He tilted his head at her, an accusing glare on his face. A blinding white flash of lightning pierced through the air. When the spots faded from her eyes Kane was gone.

She pushed open the glass spinning doors, opening her umbrella, entering the stormy night. She walked through the parking lot. The slight sound of footsteps echoing on the ground. The sound she thought they were first hers, but the sound became out of sync with her footsteps. She stopped in her tracks her car keys clutched in her hands. She turned around and on the other side of the parking lot was Dustin and Kane, murderous looks on their faces. Jordan twirled around and sprinted to her car. Dustin and Kane followed behind her. She swung open the car door and clambered in. She slammed the door just as Dustin ran straight into it. He crumpled on the floor unconscious. Kane came up behind him. Circling the car like a vulture, making a low growling sound. Jordan jammed her keys into the ignition. She turned the keys but the car refused to start. She looked outside no longer seeing Kane circling the car.

She released a strangled sigh of relief adrenaline still pumping through her veins. And tried the car one more time. The engine roared on. Satisfied she released the brakes. A bloody hand slammed on to the driver side window she let out a scream as Kane leaped onto the windshield. Jordan shrilled and stepped on the gas. A strike of lightning lighted up the sky. The light faded the bloody print gone and Kane no longer perched on the hood of the Prius. She drove down the empty two way road. Sweat beading on her forehead, her heart still threatening to jump out of her chest. Jordan wiped the sweat off her brow and reached up to adjust the rearview mirror. She took her eyes off the road, looking up at the mirror. Sitting in the back of her Prius was the younger versions of Dustin and Kane both lounging on the leather seats, crazed looks on their faces. Young Kane leaned forward a knife clutched in his small hand. Jordan turned around her hands ready to slap the knife out of young Kane’s hands if necessary. But there was no one there. She turned back around to find that a truck was barreling at her full speed. She jerked the wheel to the side, sending the car shooting through vegetation. Lightning flashed again.

When she regained consciousness she was bleeding from a cut on her forehead. The front of the Prius smashed in. She tried to sit up but spots just danced across her eyes. She looked dazed at the wreck lightning illuminating two figures walking over to her. Unable to keep her eyes open any longer she slipped into unconsciousness. When she woke she was lying outside soaked to the bone with rain. Her wrecked Prius still steaming to the side of her. She sat up slightly dazed. And that’s when she heard it. It was a soft purr at first then it grew louder and louder. Till Kane’s contagious laughter was booming in her ears.

“Well, well.” said a voice behind her.

Jordan turned around finding herself face to face with Kane, and Dustin slouched behind him, shovel in hand “But this is impossible. You’re supposed to be dead.” says Jordan. “You died two years ago in the fire.”

Kane says nothing. He only stares at her.

“You guys it doesn’t have to be this wa-” whimpers Jordan

Kane doesn’t respond. He only unsheathes the axe at his belt and holds it up ready for battle. He grins and licks his lips. 

Dustin’s neck suddenly snapped like it was broken and back into place within a few seconds. He looks at Jordan as if he had just come out of a trance. “Run,” he yells. RUN!” 

Jordan turns on her heels and runs back into the forest as Dustin’s whole back folds backwards then snaps back into place. She returns to the wreck of the car Kane and Dustin screaming for revenge, blades drawn. She shoves through the greenery, pushing away leaves and leaping over fallen trees and logs. Her lungs burning with effort. The sky momentarily illuminates with three strikes of lightning, making spots dance before her eyes. She blinked the spots out of her eyes and ran straight into Dustin. His eyes foggy and glazed over. He grabbed her robotically by her shoulders and spun her around like he was not used to moving. She let out an ear piercing scream that was cut short when he clamped his hand over her mouth. Her eyes were wild, she was thrashing like a crazed animal, but Dustin was stronger and more sturdily built than her. Lightning flashed again and Kane appeared in front of her once the light faded.

He held up his axe and said ever so slightly so that only she could hear, “I have and will always love you.” and brought the axe down on her body.

She screamed, but he kept hacking away. Blood squirted everywhere staining Kane’s hands and shirt. Plastering droplets of Jordan’s blood on their faces. Her screams faded away, replaced with the dull thump of a body hitting the ground as Dustin dropped her limp dead body. Dustin, now covered in blood, dragged her over to a hole that Kane had dug and dropped her in. Kane placed a note and some flowers on her crumpled body and hopped into the hole with her. Kane nodded to Dustin and lied down next to Jordan cradling her body in his, murmuring to her. Dustin heaved the shovel that was strapped to his back and started burying Kane and Jordan their bodies never to be found again.

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