November 14, 2016
By Brimatson BRONZE, Pasco , Washington
Brimatson BRONZE, Pasco , Washington
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I walk into the classroom; everyone is sitting, fooling around as usual. A few seconds later, a gunman walks in with a machine gun and blows the teacher right in the face, the one by one kills all the students in the classroom. He stops, smiles, and walks out as if his revenge was working.
All of a sudden, I wake up from what seemed to be real, but was only a dream. “Oh my God!” I screamed as I shot up out of my bed. My sister, Kaitlyn, comes running in the room.
“What’s wrong, Joe?” she asked huffing because she ran across the house when she heard the scream.
“It felt so real; I don’t think this was a dream…”
“You’re just tripping, Joe. You had a nightmare. Don’t think of it as anything else.” Kaitlyn walks back to her room to get ready for school.
“I guess she’s right.” I thought to myself. I got up and got ready for school. It is my senior year and I cannot be late for Creative Writing because I have been working on a novel with my teacher.
“Good morning, beautiful.” Ricky say’s as he winks at the blonde, long legged beauty.
“Good morning, Ricky. I hope you’re ready for that math test tomorrow.”
“Are you kidding me? I would much rather have you help me with it, study session at my house tonight?”
“Rain check?” I said polity as I walked in to Mr. Watson’s classroom.
“Joe, nice day today isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is!” I couldn’t really focus on anything but my dream. Why did it feel so real? The teacher was Ms. Hanford, fourth period. If the class is exactly how it was in the dream, how could it be fake? I have time to figure this out. Layla comes and sits next to me.
“Joe, you okay? You don’t seem as focused as you usually are.”
“Yeah, I had a weird dream last night.” Layla always believes me, and she had to move when she was little because her house was haunted. I can tell her I thought I had a vision. “You have to believe me; something bad is going to happen.”
“You think I won’t believe you? Shoot.”
“I think I had a vision, fourth period, in Ms. Hanford’s class, there is going to be a shooting.”
“What are you talking about? You just had a vision like you saw into the future?”
“It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Trust me.”
“I’ll try…”
I explained everything to her, how he blew off her head and smiled when he walked out of the room. “It sounds crazy doesn’t it?”
“What was she wearing in your dream?”
“Her fifties looking dress, with the cherry blossoms. Have you seen her today?”
“Yeah, and that’s the dress she was wearing.”
“It was probably just a dream. Just be careful today, okay?”
“I will.”
The bell rang and we went our separate ways, the dream kept going repeatedly in my head, I saw all that blood. Finally, it’s the end of third period, I find Layla right before she walks into the room. “Why don’t we skip?”
“You never skip, I tried making you skip since middle school. What’s up?”
“I’m worried about all of this. What if it’s true?”
“Fine, I want to get ice cream. There is a little shop, lets drive my car.”
We’re walking to the doors and Ricky and one of his football buddies from our class catch up to us. “Where you going, sweet cheeks?”
“Going to get ice cream, you can join if you want to.”
He looks over at his friend, “Yeah, well come.”
We get to the ice cream shop, “A double scoop of chocolate, please.” I told the woman. “I don’t know why I skipped, it was just a dream.”
“What was just a dream?” Ricky asked trying to butt in.
“Just tell them, if you’re wrong, at least I’m not the only one that will know you’re crazy.” Layla said laughing.
I told the boys about my dream. “I know it sounds crazy.”
“Wow, are you using? That’s some trippy stuff.” Ricky asked laughing.
“No, I don’t do drugs. It was a dream.”
“Don’t be a jerk, Ricky. We can’t control our dreams, besides, it got her to skip. This girl hasn’t missed a day of school in the past twelve years.” Layla said defending me.
“Okay, we should probably get back to school before our next class. I never said I would skip more than one class today.” I told them trying to get the subject of me being psycho off the table.
“Let’s go boys, you heard the lady.”
We get back to the school and the doors are locked. “That’s weird, they never lock these doors.”
“Maybe they are doing something new?”
“I’ll call the school and see what’s going on.” I pick up my phone and click on the school’s contact. “It’s ringing…nothing.”
“I guess we can go to my house. I live down the block.” We get to Layla’s house and her mother is crying. “Ma? Everything okay?”
“Oh my God! You’re okay!”
“Why wouldn’t I be okay?”
“There was a shooting, it was only in one classroom, and they called all the parents.”
“Was it Ms. Hanford’s class?”
“Yes! I knew you had her. I got so worried.”
“Oh my God… It was real.” I said trying to keep myself from falling over.
“The school is locked up, who was it?” Layla asked her mom.
“They didn’t say. The news should post something tonight.”
I had Layla drive me back to the school to get my car and I drove home as fast as I could “Kaitlyn! Are you home?” I yelled as soon as I walked in the door.
“You’re here!” She yelled back at me from the living room where she was sitting with my parents crying.
“I’m just glad you’re home!”
“The shooter went to your classroom, only yours. How are you alive?”
“About that…I skipped to get ice cream.”
“Thank God!” My mother yelled. “My perfect child wasn’t perfect for once and it saved her life.”
“Who did it?”
Kaitlyn whipped the tears from her eyes, “You know how Ms. Hanford has that boyfriend she’s been dating for years? He proposed to her last night and she said no, he wanted her to move with him but she said she didn’t want to lose her job and her students.”
“He killed an entire classroom and his girlfriend because she said no?”
“Yeah, he confused everything when they got the gun away from him and got him in the questioning room. He was heartbroken.”
“He was mental.”
School ended up being canceled until further notice. I had to figure out how I saw this before it happened. I stayed up all night researching. There was a boy who had the same visions as me. Right before he was on the Ally Ba Ba at the fair, he screamed to get off because he was afraid it was going to break. They let him and his girlfriend off. The ride did break and flew across the fair leaving everyone on it dead. A week later, this guy and his girlfriend died in a car accident.  This was so weird. Why did they die so soon after this happened? Everyone thought he was crazy for thinking it was going to fail, but he was right. I searched until about five in the morning and found another person, same visions, also died after they escaped. What if that happens to us? I had to find out. I picked up my phone to call Layla.
“Good, you’re awake.”
“Do you know what time it is?”
“Yeah. Five am. I have to tell you something. I was researching all night and I found out at least two more people had visions like me, and even after not dying like how they did in the vision, they died within a week afterwards.”
“You’re crazy.”
“I wasn’t crazy about the shooting. Think about it, we four got out of that shooting, what if we aren’t going to make it through the week alive.”
“Fine, well talk about this. Get some sleep and we’ll meet for coffee around ten.”
“Sounds good.” I hung up the phone and there was no way I was going to sleep. Five hours went by and I had to go meet Layla for coffee. Of course, I was going to invite Ricky and John.
“Hey, sorry for not listening this morning.” Layla said as I walked up to the table.
“It’s fine, I invited Ricky and John. I thought they might want to know about this.”
“How do you even know those weren’t just accidents? Car crashes happen.”
John and Ricky walk into the coffee shop, “Hey, gorgeous. Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, Ricky. I need to tell you guys something.” I told them about the other two people and how they died a week after. “I really think this is true. I don’t know how, but by next Thursday I don’t think we’ll be alive.”
“I don’t think it’s true, besides I’m not scared of anything.”
“You’re not scared of death?”
“No. I’m a football player; coach say’s if you’re not scared, you can do anything.”
We drank coffee and talked for about an hour and the boys had to go to the gym to stay in shape for their big game coming up. I went home and had a little family time. I ended up falling asleep on the couch with the news on. I get waken up with my sister pounding my arm.
“Wake up! Isn’t that Ricky?”
“What? What’s Ricky?” I sat up and looked at the T.V. I saw John and Ricky’s pictures on the top right corner of the screen. “Turn it up.”
“Ricky Remington and John Kendal were found dead by an accident at the gym this morning. They were lifting a little too much and it fell right on their heads…”
“Oh God… I knew this was going to happen.” I called Layla. “Have you seen the news? Channel 57, turn it on.”
“Is that Ricky and John? They’re dead?”
“This isn’t a joke, Layla.”
“I know, I know…but that means we’re next.”
“We might not be. Maybe we can cheat the system somehow.”
“Cheat the system? This isn’t some game.”
“Come over, we need to figure this out.” Layla gets to my house and it’s pouring outside. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I got here as fast as I could. I told my mom I needed to do homework.”
“You didn’t tell her about…?”
“No, I don’t want to worry her. Besides, she would have never let me leave the house.”
“That’s probably true.”
“Hey, let’s get our mind off things. Know this awesome sushi place.”
“You want sushi? We are supposed to be figured this out.”
“And why not do it in a public place with good food?”
“I guess we could.” We get to the sushi place and we’re trying to find a parking spot.
“Just park on the side of the road. There isn’t any spots open.”
“Okay.” I parallel park between this big black pickup and a little yellow sports car. “Tight fit, huh?” Layla isn’t even paying attention when she gets out onto the side walk. I look to my left and I see this bright light. It took me a second but I see it clearly. “Layla, look out!” I screamed.
“Outside of Sensation Sushi, there was a major accident. Two girls by the names Josephine Wright and Layla Morgan were crushed by a semi. The driver of the semi was unconscious from driving all night and fell asleep as his foot stomped on the gas pedal. Their families were contacted…” Reported from news channel 57.

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