Slippery When Wet

November 20, 2016
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Slippery When Wet
The wind blew through the trees, as five kids in sweatshirts sat around a dimly lit fire by a lake. Clouds covered the sky. The kids got up and moved slowly into the woods. No one knew what was going to happen next, but what was coming none of them expected. They traveled along the side of the lake, their destination North Rock. With only one flashlight they inched their way along the wet ground,  across floating bridges and tripping over roots. Rain started to fall, lightning could be seen above the mountaintops, and thunder roared. Step by step they finally reached the rock and by then it was pouring. They stepped on to the rock and inched closer, closer and closer down the rock towards the water’s edge . No one knows whether it was due to the wetness or the flashlight suddenly dying and the lack of ability to see, or all three, but a second later they all found themselves ten feet under the water struggling to breathe. Time seemed to be slipping away as they stripped off their sweatshirts in an attempt to make it to the surface.
CRASH! Thunder boomed as a soaking wet boy made his way on to the rock, caught his breath for a moment and then dived back in to try to rescue his friends. As that same thunder boomed, a girl with long dark hair took what she imagined would be her to be her last breath as two arms pulled her from the darkness.

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