The Mansion on Brooks Street

November 20, 2016
By GigiMal BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
GigiMal BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
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I remember the constant maze. There was no way out. Heat ran through my veins, as I encountered paranormal activity over and over again. 5 years ago, the sweet and gentle girl, Marlee, was only 6 when she died of lung cancer.
    Today, December 14th, 1978, Andrew and I are investigating the old mansion on Brooks street where young Marlee Lancefield died. No one has ever dared to walk by or even come close to it. If you walk in, you better get comfy, you’re never coming out.  People who have had the nerve to get close to the mansion, have reported scenes of horrifying screams and paranormal activity.
As we approach the mansion, we notice footprints in the snow. How could that be? No one has ever come near the house in 4 years. We get out of the car, nervous that this would be the last time we see the outside world. I take a deep breath hoping it would make everything okay. “You ready?” I exclaim to Andrew attempting to look brave. “Ready.” We open the door, as the loud creak fills the silent room. We begin to walk silently and slowly as Andrew stops in his tracks. “Did you hear that?” Andrew asks me with wide eyes. “Stop, right now. This is not funny. I’m already scared as it is.”, “No really, I swear, it was like a psychopath scream!” “Andrew, if it was that loud wouldn’t I hear it too?” We proceed to walk slowly, through the dark rooms. We turn the corner, and I no longer see anything, it was dead silent. We were so frightened, it was like we were unable to talk. A few slow moments later, all the lights turned on, as we see a murderous, bloody body run quickly past the floor. All of the sudden, there’s a sound of glass falling and shattering, as there’s a beam of light glowing up, then all the lights turn off again.
We turn round, hoping to rummage back into the light. I grab for Andrew’s hand, so I know he’s here with me, it was all crippled and wrinkled. The hand grabbed me! I couldn’t break free!
I finally squirmed my way out of its grip and started searching for Andrew, “Andrew?!” I yelled, nobody answered my calls but I heard the cries of an infant sound through the house. I heard the pounding of feet coming from above me, it was like a wild animal rampaging inside of a cage. I turned around hoping to find a way out of this treacherous residence. But I had to find Andrew, I turned a corner into a dark, and dreary room that looked familiar. I saw the same staircase, and carpet as before in the room I had just been in. I could’ve sworn I’d taken a turn into a different room! I found a different staircase going down, I assumed it would lead into the basement. Maybe Andrew was taken down there by the crazed figure.
As I was taking each step down, I felt like I was sinking into an abyss. Each step carried me further and further. Once I reached the bottom I heard two kids talking and laughing over and over again. I heard a shrill scream which seemed to come from a possessed demon. It sounded like the last sound you would ever want to hear, especially not in a catacomb such as this. I saw a smaller, more hidden room that was glowing like the moon. I peeked inside and saw Andrew tied up on top of a sarcophagus with a bloody, ghost-like figure standing over him. The figure was drooling with a disgusting dark red slime dripping hesitantly over Andrew. It was hard to understand what I was looking at, but I could easily see the horrifying, tortured face of Marlee Lancefield. The crippled face looked right at me with large, black eye sockets which clearly had no eyes in them. Her ugly face was cracked like an old doll. I blinked, but when I opened my eyes, the demon figure what looked like Marlee had disappeared, and Andrew sat up, looking horrified and confused. “ANDREW! Are you okay!??” I scream trying to find any life in Andrew. All that came out was a loud, demon screech that echoed throughout the house. “Andrew?” I exclaimed. His skin started turning a light green color, as his eyes slowly turned back in his sockets. The eyes were all white with tons of red veins, popping out here and there. Blood started gushing from the bottom of his eyes, all the way down to the crease of his nearly black lips. I really wanted to help him, but there was no way I could. The only way out was the stairs. I climb up as fast as my legs could possibly take me, every stair having its own different noise to them. I wasn’t getting anywhere, except complete darkness. I was moving into a darker and darker abyss, was I even on the stairs anymore?
After what felt like hours walking in the pitch dark, I reached a room. A room that has the same striped carpet, and the same stairs as before. What is going on? Just a few minutes an ago, I was in the catacomb, on the other side of the mansion. Do I just keep going in circles? The thought startled me, it consumed me, it terrified me...I was trapped. There was no way out.
I walked slowly, but swiftly, the thought of being trapped still in my head. I wanted to leave so badly. My investigation is over. We found evidence of Marlee still alive. I’m alone with no one to guide me to safety I thought. I was her prisoner. I began to hear kids laughing. An anonymous sound was coming from their laughs. It gave me a chill down through my spine. The laughs were bringing me into a trance, I couldn’t break free. I got exhausted in seconds, I tried to resist but nothing could break me free. I tried even more, still nothing. The sound of laughter was the last thing I heard before I lost consciousness.
I had a dream, a dream that was so terrifying, so horrible, and so dreadful.
The lights were flickering as I scurry my way through the halls. The sound of glass breaking, Andrew’s screams, and a baby crying were constantly echoing through the mansion, and most importantly, my head. A dreadful psychopathic scream came from around the corner, and there she was, Marlee Lancefield. Her mouth was dripping with blood, her skin all burned, and her hands all ripped and crippled. My first instinct was to get out of there to run, but I couldn’t move. I was too petrified to move just like I’ve just been frozen. She screams again filling me with terror, and shivers. I. HAD. TO. GET. OUT. Of. HERE. Marlee screams to me, “GET. OUT!” in a deep raspy voice that sounded like someone was suffocating. Of course, I obeyed her, because my life was on the line. I run as fast as my feet can take me. Within every turn of the house, there was a doll, but not just any doll. The dolls looked like my family. My wife, and my 3 girls. Every time I saw them, Marlee was there to attack them. She was trying to show me something, something I couldn’t quite understand, but I knew it meant death, and all I cared about was getting out of here. And there it was, written on the walls with dark red blood. “Now you are going to feel what my family felt.” she began to stab the doll that looked like my precious daughter, Bella. I had to get out of here. As I turned around, I saw the one and only natural light coming from the crease of the door. This was my only chance to escape! If I didn’t take this chance I will get possessed like Andrew..or worse! I ran like the wind trying to escape this grindhouse. As I ran, I tripped and fell in what felt like warm, thick blood. Was it my blood? I look up to realize I had blood all over my hands. They were all cut and were gushing blood with gashes all over my palms. I had to forget about this and move on. I had my chance to escape, I couldn’t waste it. I started running again and I finally reached the door and as I opened it, I saw the lights glowing from the street lamps… I was out!! I escaped the one and only, mansion on Brooks Street. I had done it!! I was free!
The dream was dreadful to think about, but overwhelming to find out I made it. I slowly and steadily began to gain consciousness. I gathered my thoughts and started to adjust to the light. I was...outside. Outside of the one and only mansion on Brooks Street. Only moments ago, I had fainted. I fainted inside the mansion, not outside. The only explanation for this was horrible to even think about. The dream was real. All of it from the moment I saw Marlee to the moment I saw the light. I remember it now. I look down to find bloody gashes over my hands.That was real, so that can only mean everything else that happened was real too. I had to get home to my family to make sure everyone was ok.
I reached my house, still in awe from my experience. I opened the door to find my wife waiting for me. She was looking at me, with big, watery eyes. There was my 2 other girls, Leah, and Hannah, who also has that sad, gloomy look. I acknowledged them and began to run and find Bella, hoping she would be okay. I opened Bella’s room door to find her laying in her bed. She was beaten up, with scratches here and there. Bella was sick. Just like what Marlee wanted to happen. This nightmare was coming true. Marlee is still alive, waiting to devour her next victim over and over again.

The author's comments:

This was a school project on Edgar Allan Poe. We had to write a scary story and I decided I would publish this to Teen Ink for everyone to be able to read this. I did this with my friend Ella.

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