November 18, 2016
By tinkerbell0506 GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
tinkerbell0506 GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
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Our plan was foolproof. We would pack everything the night before, put our bags in our lockers, and hide in the bathrooms until the janitors locked the school up. A senior lock-in, for my friends anyway. Jenny, Mark, Austin, Susie, Alex, and I were going to play hide ‘n’ seek. Austin had “borrowed” and copied six versions of the school’s master keys. The school would be our playground. It was going to be the best night of senior year.
School ended, janitors left, and we came out to play. We met in the courtyard and I was voted “it”. I waited for five minutes, planning where I would I hide when it was my turn. When the time was up I called out, “Ready or not, here I come!” I ran to the first building- offices downstairs, classrooms upstairs. I checked each room carefully, hoping I would find someone soon. I knew that it was probably just my imagination, but school was creepy at night.
Nobody was hiding in the offices, so I made my way upstairs. Halfway down the hallway, I saw a classroom with the lights on. I laughed as I walked in. Someone had written “Peek-a-boo, I see you. Do you see me?” on the whiteboard. I looked around, but I didn’t see any of my friends. I was about to turn and leave; I thought someone left the light on to trick me… but then I saw Jenny. Her hands were covering her face and she was slouched over on a chair in the corner. “Ha! Found you!” I said, but she didn’t move. I walked over and tried to move her hands from her face, but it was as if they were glued there… and she wasn’t moving. That’s when I finally noticed the note on the wall: “Welcome to the game”. I was written in blood….
I ran all the way to the bathroom between the buildings, walking in hesitantly, checking every stall. Once I got to the handicapped stall, I had calmed down enough to breathe. I splashed water on my face and looked in the mirror. It must be a prank, I thought. No one would kill Jenny. She was too sweet. Not smart, but sweet. It was then that I felt a plop and saw a drop of blood run down my face in the mirror. I looked up as another drop hit my face, this time running into my hair. Mark was in the ceiling: someone had pushed the ceiling tiles out and the metal supports held Mark in place. Blood dripped from a cut in his throat onto my face. Next to his body was another note. “Two down, four to go. I’m winning!” 
I ran to the courtyard, crying, screaming. This was no prank. From up ahead I heard, “HELP! HELP, GOD, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! JESUS! HELP!” It was Austin, and if he was screaming, then he was still alive. I ran faster, but when I got there, I didn’t see him… until I looked up. He hung by his wrists from the tree, screaming and begging me to help him. I wanted to, but a hooded figure stood below him, holding a katana. What could I do? I couldn’t run and leave Austin alone while he died, but I couldn’t bring myself to help him and die in his place. So I stayed and watched as the killer swung the katana, once, twice, three times. I stood frozen in fear as half of Austin hit the ground, watched as his blood came down like a waterfall, but when the killer looked at me, I ran like a bat out of hell  all the way to the cafeteria and locked myself inside. I was safe for now.
  In the kitchen, there was a way out and I had to save myself. I still hadn’t found Susie and Alex, but I couldn’t think about them. I wanted to go home; I wanted to see my family. I walked through the cafeteria and into the kitchen, but something was off: It was warm and it smelled like something was… cooking. I looked at the oven, terrified of what I would see, but I knew that I had to know. Slowly I made my way to the oven door, wrapped my hands around the handle, and closed my eyes as I pulled the door open. The warmth hit me before the smell did, like whatever was inside was burning. And then something fell onto my foot and my eyes flew open. All at once, my foot kicked out, I screamed, and Susie’s head went flying through the air. When her head hit the tile floor, blood splattered and the sound of her bones shattering filled my ears. I looked back to the oven, and Susie- or, rather, the rest of her- was placed in pieces on the three racks. I stared for a minute in complete horror before I threw up all over the floor.
I ran to the door, but it was chained and my key didn’t fit in the lock. I was trapped, but at least I was safe, for now. I couldn’t stay in there with Susie cooking in the oven, so I made my way to the gym. It was connected to the cafeteria, so there was no need to go outside. The gym was dark, but I knew my way around. There were four doors leading to the student parking lot and I prayed that the killer hadn’t chained those doors, too. I kept walking until I tripped over something, and landed on something sharp. Suddenly, the lights came on and I saw that I had tripped over Alex. His limbs were bent at awkward angles; in some places the bones stuck out… that was the sharp prick I had felt.
At that point, I didn’t wonder who had turned the lights on. Only one other person was here- the killer. The hooded figure looked at me from a few feet away. The hood came off and a man, with a face more horrifying than the night had been, smiled down on me with rotted teeth. With a wry laugh, he said “Peek-a-boo.” And the game was over.

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