Pieces of the Puzzle

November 18, 2016
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Sitting alone, Kole wrote in his diary. The cold dreams that he had, the broken pieces of memory he remembers after he wakes up. He drew pictures of... women? He never touched a woman before, he wasn’t even attracted to women. He felt like something was very wrong. He felt like he needed help, every time he went to go get help he… he couldn’t remember. He always woke up.
“Kole?” said his neighbor through the door. Kole got up and went to the door.
“Yes Ms. Bentin? I’m okay today.” He spoke as he opened the door. He opened the door to reveal Ms. Bentin and a young little girl. She looked to be about seven years old. She wore ripped jeans, and a top that said ‘I’m the definition of weird’ in bright colors. Her hair was done in a ponytail and she had her hands placed on her hips. Though her attitude looked tough her eyes looked terrified.
“My names Sam-”
“Her name is Samantha, she goes by sam because she thinks it makes her look tough. Anyway I need you to watch her for me for awhile so I can go shopping.” Ms. Bentin spoke crisp, but softly, a lot like his mother used to.
“A-alright Sam. You can come in and make yourself at home.” Kole spoke gently opening the door for her. He stood at the door as Sam walked into the room.
“Thank you so much. Just her family is going through some hard times right now.”
Kole smiled, as she walked away from the door he shut the door and locked it. He sat next to Sam.
“So Sam, what do you do for fun?” Her eyes welled with tears. Kole didn’t feel right. He felt happy at her pain. He knew he needed her to get out, something bad was gonna happen. Kole stood up quickly and sat back down slowly.
“Sam, there's no need to cry. Everythings okay.” He spoke to her. Gently hugging her.
“Kole? Why is the world evil.” She pokes softly, Koles' mouth crept into a smile.
“The world needs evil to go around. Sam. The world works in mysterious ways.” Kole spoke. His mouth was saying the words, but he wasn’t saying them. Koles world went black.

Kole woke up to police talking to him and EMTs rushing him out of the apartment.
“What happened?” He felt a sharp pain in his head, he tasted blood in his mouth.
“Sir can you hear me? I need you to tell me your name.” An EMT spoke.
His mind was racing, they reached the bottom floor and the sunlight burned his eyes.
“K-Kole Trough. I- I’m Kole. What happened.”
“He’s conscious, Severe head trauma, bleeding oh the left arm and broken right femur.” They said loading him into the ambulance. He couldn’t even feel the pain. He felt dizzy but didn’t want to close his eyes.
“Kole! Kole!” Someone was screaming his name. He knew who it was. Who was it?
He felt a hand touch him, dazing out he couldn’t say who it was. He felt the soft hand hold his.
“Kole stay awake please.” His voice dazed out. Black again his world went.
Kole assumed it had been a long time since he was awake, considering one it was dark, two nobody was around. In fact it seemed it was quiet. He didn’t know what kind of hospital he was in, but it was definitely too quiet. The darkness seemed to creep around. Kole realized that he wasn’t hooked up to anything. Then he heard a beeping. It was normal constant beep beep beep, then it started to slow  beep  beep  beep. Then a flatline. Kole rushed out of the bed the darkness followed at his heels. He saw light. Kole followed it as the darkness followed him. He stopped at the door. He saw doctors rushing in. He saw the nurses wheel in a defibulator. The Doctor, the only one wearing white, grabbed them.
“CLEAR!” He shouted. Kole walked into the room, to see who it was exactly on the bed. He saw a pale boy, dark hair, and- it was Kole. He saw his pale light eyes reflect back at him.
“We’re LOSING HIM!!!” a nurse said loudly. Kole ran over to the bed. He reached for his pale face.
His eyes shot open. His breathing was fast and doctors and nurses all sighed a breath of relief as he started breathing on his own. Kole looked around at the nurses who were leaving and the defibrillator that was wheeled out. Kole wasn't focus on what he had witnessed, but what he didn’t witness. Life, the darkness. Something was wrong with him he couldn’t figure out what. 
Kole sat in deep thought, throat to dry to speak. Men in black suits came in, offered him water. Kole drank the cool water, it burned going down. 
“Mr. Trough? I’m Agent Berries. I’m with the FBI. I’m wanting to ask questions about what happened last week.”
“Well… I can't remember much. I remember the little girl… Sam? Yeah I offered to babysit her for my neighbor.” Kole sat remembering the little girl’s face. Kole remembered her words, and tears.
“What- what happened to Sam? She, she must have been so scared. What… What happened?” Kole stuttered softly to them. The detectives changed looks. The other unnamed detective gathered a file off of a table. Brought the file folder to Detective Berries. Berries took out some slick pages. Handed them to Kole. Kole gasped dropping the files. The monitor beeped quickly showing his heart rate increasing. The detectives quickly picked up the photos.
“S-sam. She… She’s so… young… but. Do.. do you know anything?” Kole stuttered.
“We’ll let you know anything. Get well soon.” Berries said before he left.
Kole was shell shocked. The body, strewn over his couch, the floor laden with blood. Her poor parents must be distraught. His mind raced. Some part of him felt, good though. He felt as if, he should be happy. Maybe it was just the pain in his head, or his broken femur. Koles eyes felt heavy with exhaustion. He closed them.
Kole woke. Lights shining through the window. Kole sat up and walked to the bathroom. He still had to use crutches, but his head has finally healed and today was release day. He had his bags packed, but he had nowhere to go. He couldn’t go back to the apartment. Not even that way, not even this town. Kole didn’t know. He checked out. Kole smiled, not because he was free from that retched place. No it was a place of life, and death all that lingers there is darkness. No it was a good place. Kole didn’t know what was happening exactly, but he was going to a therapist. It’s not like it would help. Wait. Kole sat down outside the office. The therapist came outside.
“I’m Doctor Fellows. I’m your therapist. Kole, I have heard you have been through  a lot here recently.”
“Look there is something wrong with me.” Kole felt something happen he.. He felt like he wasn’t in control. He felt his face smile at the therapist.
“Doctor. I feel.-” His sentence was cut short, by his own voice. He felt the weight of Sam be lifted off of him. He felt. Different.
“I’m fine Doctor, actually if you don’t mind. We can take a walk on the trails.” Kole spoke. He didn’t speak though. Kole opened his mouth, he heard the words. He felt trapped inside his own body. Kole lifted his arms and tried to plead for help. Nothing happened. His voice muffled. His body walked with the Doctor. His voice spoke to him.
“Doctor?” Kole’s body stopped moving. “My name isn’t Kole.” Kole felt his body move in one swift motion. Kole cringed. When Kole opened his eyes he saw Blood dripping down the Doctors coat.
“It’s Kane.” Kole felt his lips say as the doctor fell to the ground. His eyes felt empty. He could finally move. Koles eyes no longer left empty. They flooded. He grabbed his phone. He called the police.
“What happened?” an officer in dark blue asked while Kole sat in the back of an ambulance.
“It was… Kane.” Kole spoke speechless. He looked into the eyes of the officer. “It was- I don’t even know. I was walking through the woods and I heard a scream.” Kole said, he knew though, he didn't even say it. Kole grew scared. He didn’t know how Kane was doing it. He tried to fight it. He felt Kane coming back into control. He felt himself stand up and walking over to an officer.
“Officer, I need help.” Kole was actually speaking.
“Yes son?” The officer spoke turning around
“It was me… I need to go to jail.” Kole spoke. He couldn’t feel his body. He couldn’t feel anything.
Kole was taken to the county jail, and soon the big department. He gave all the information he could muster. They locked him up and made sure he was secure before the therapist came into the room. Kole was completely calm.
“Hello, Kole.” The doctor said.
“Hello.” He said calmly.
“And also, hello, Kane? I believe that’s what you told the police.”
“Yes, that’s what he calls himself. I did try to get help…” Kole stated sadly remembering the knife, the blood, the poor doctor.
“It’s okay Kole you didn’t do anything. I’m here to talk to Kane.”
Kole started to feel dizzy, his body jolted and twisted as he fought for control. Kole felt Kane make him weak. Kane steadily, easily took control. Kole tried. He twisted and turned in the cuffs. Kole felt himself grow hot. He felt sweat drip down his forehead. He could tell, Kane wasn’t even trying. Kole watched as the color turned black and his body went limp.

Kole awoke in a while room. His arms ached, his head pounded. Kole felt a cool thing on his head. He tried to stretch but his arms bound him to something. He looked around.
“Kole? I’m so sorry.” Said, someone, as they walked over.
“I know why I’m here. I know that he’s the reason.” Koles eyes watered. He knew he didn't do anything wrong. He couldn’t live the same. Kole felt a change.
“Kole, this isn’t your fault. We are going to help you. We can help you control Kane. Are you up for that?”
“Yes, I’m up for anything,” Kole spoke coldly. His voice colder than ice. Kole stared at the therapist.
“I’ll get out of here alive at least….” Kole spoke leaving the sentence hanging.
“I will.”

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