Scary Go Round

November 2, 2016

Have you ever been to an amusement park and thought something was wrong?  Well that’s the vibe Jenny gets while she’s at the amusement park near her house. The amusement park is called death by sound and it opens from October 25th to November 2nd right around the time of Halloween. Jenny is a thin fourteen-year-old blonde girl with blue eyes and wears glasses. Jenny is a girl who has a love for solving mysteries and figuring out crimes. She first realized she loved it when she got a Sherlock Holmes mystery solving play set when she was younger.
When Jenny got to Death by sound she went to meet up with her best friend Becky. Becky is real clumsy because she fell and broke her glasses when her hair went in front of her face then she tripped over her own two feet. Jenny and her friend are a lot different in size though because Becky is a lot bigger. When they went to the merry go round they seen their other friend named Jim. When they saw him they kind of laughed because his face looked like a squirrel with its cheeks stuffed full of acorns.
When they were near the merry go round they saw an old man that was dragging a garbage bag to the back of the merry go round. That’s when Jenny noticed an arm pop out of the side of the bag as the old man through it in the dumpster. She wanted to find out this mystery so she followed the old man to see what he was up to. When Jenny and her friends went around the merry go round after the old man, he was gone!
“He’s gone” Said Jenny.
“How is that possible” Said Becky.
“I think we should go back home I’m scared” Said Jim.
So jenny and her friends went back to their homes and had to go to bed. Jenny wasn’t able to sleep really well because she was having nightmares about the old man. When Jenny woke up the next day she felt like she had to solve the mystery or it would haunt her forever. So Jenny called her friends and they went back to Death by Sound. When they got there they rode a few rides until they heard a young lady scream. The scream came from the merry go round.
“Ahh!” Said the young lady.
That’s when they rushed over to see what had happened. The young lady was standing over a man that had puddles of blood around him. The man had a big gash down his chest that they saw more clearly as they got closer. Then Jenny started to think about what they had seen yesterday. So Jenny and her friends went behind the merry go round and noticed a camouflaged door that blended into the wall that they didn’t notice in the dark last night. They entered the door and it had a set of stairs that led up to a single door way. There was a sign on the door that read KEEP OUT and the door was locked.
“This is creepy” Said Jenny.
“Yes we should go back” Said Becky.
“Yes” Said Jim.
“No, we have to figure this out” Said Jenny.
So Jenny picked up a rock that was against the wall near the door and smashed the door knob. Then the door knob broke with a loud CLUNK. Then they entered the room and it was pitch black. So they looked for a switch to turn the light on when they heard a loud CRUNCH!
“What am I stepping on” Said Jenny.
“I don’t know” Said Jim.
Becky finally found the switch and turned it on then Jenny looked down.
“Ahh!” Said Jenny.
“What” Said Becky.
“It’s a body” Said Jenny.
“Let’s get out of here” Said Jim.
“Wait” Said Jenny.
“What” Said Jim.
“These bodies are fake” Said Jenny.
“Let’s find the old man” Said Becky.
So they walked outside and went to the front of the merry go round. That’s when they saw the old man place one of the fake bodies on the merry go round as it went around. The fake body had gashes on the chest and blood running down it then all you heard was a lady scream.

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