Cobbed Corn

November 2, 2016
Timmy is awoken by his loud alarm on his phone. He dreadfully gets up and puts on his T-Shirt and pants. He resides in a neighborhood in Lexington with his brother Matt. He is fairly tall with dark brown hair and glimmering green eyes. He was living with his parents, until they died a year ago in a horrific car crash. Timmy drinks some orange juice and makes his way to the bus stop while thinking about his life and what he wants to do with it.
He finally gets through his last period and gets home. He plops on his bed and passes out about a minute later. While he is sleeping, he dreams about waking up on his floor in the middle of the day. He wakes up and doesn’t open his eyes at first, he thinks about his dream and also about how he feels sunlight. He opens his eyes to realize that he is in a cornfield.
“Woah, where am I!!!” He says.
The sun is disturbing his eyesight like a kid that won’t stop poking you. He is dying of thirst and feels an unbearable pain in his back. As he is adjusting to his new environment, he all of a sudden remembers a faint memory of being carried by someone with latex gloves. He remembers feeling little to no muscle control. Was I kidnapped? Was I drugged? Is Matt alive? He contemplates the possibilities of what could’ve happened. He has no idea what to do.
He is stripped down to his underwear, pants, and socks. Stranded without his shirt and shoes. He notices that his heart is beating very quickly, so he starts sprinting in fear that he is going to have a heart attack. He stops after a few minutes and feels better. He stares at the corn. It seems to be reflecting sunlight like crying eyes. He contemplates over and over on what to do, on what direction to go in, on how long he can last without water. He is afraid and isolated with no clues on how to escape.
He checks his pants pockets, and out of pure luck, finds a map. It’s a map of the cornfield from above, it shows where he is as well as where an exit is. He races towards what he thinks is the exit without thinking twice. He gets to an abandoned shed full of spider-webs. Then, after a few moments of silence, a loud scream comes from beneath his feet. He discovers a trap door on the ground in front of him. He dodges it and goes out the other side of the shed to a road, where he hitches a ride from an old man and gets back home and then calls the police to explain what all happened. Matt rushes home from work and gives him a big hug. They are reunited and safe, but they still don’t know how Timmy woke up in a cornfield. There are no clues anywhere. Timmy made it out the cornfield alive, at least for now………

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