November 15, 2016
By blossom2002 BRONZE, Bosie, Idaho
blossom2002 BRONZE, Bosie, Idaho
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Dear, diary
It was a normal day at Melman Middle School I was walking into my first period class, health. I sat next to best friend, Megan, we have been friends since the 7th grade, now we are 8th graders. Half way through the class we got a lock down alert. It was a really weird because the office lady making the announcement said
“This is not a drill, people, we are being attacked by strange monsters lock down your rooms or be eaten….”
  She screamed super loud and then all anyone could here was slow, loud breathing.
Then all of the sudden a supper over weight figure walked into the room. Everyone in the room started to scream.
“Shut up or I will eat you all!” the monster yelled.
The monster looked around the room, “You there!” he pointed at a boy in the class “Come to the front of the class room”
So the boy walked to front of the room, shaking and the monster asked him if his parents worked for the mythological institute. And he said “No?” shaking and confused. Then the monster ate the poor kid!
  I said to Megan, “That’s where my parents work! Should I say something.”
I looked to Megan and she was shaking her head no. but I relied the more people the monster asks the more people die. So I stood up and told the monster that I was the one they were looking for. So the monster, trying to keep his cool, took out this syringe and told the teacher to put it in me and said “If you don’t everyone in this room dies!”
When my teacher put the syringe in my arm I stared to get supper dizzy.
All of the sudden I woke up in a small room, with a big mirror, probably the one way mirrors that detectives use. Then I realized that every muscle of my body was strapped to a medal contraption, even my fingers!? All of the sudden I here this mysterious voice. “What do you know about the glob monsters,”
“Yes that’s the only mythical creature my parents ever told me about.” I answered. Then he told me to tell him what I know but I said I was told to never speak a word about what they told me. So after like ten minutes of him begging me to tell him what I know, my best friend Megan popped out of the wall, strapped down to a metal tray. I freaked out “What are you doing with her leave her alone, please she’s my best friend just kill me, please!”
The monster said, “We will release her back to the human world if you just tell us what you know about the glob monsters.
So in order to save my best friend I had to tell them something “ok I’ll tell you one thing, what they look like…” 
“No, no, no we already know what they look like, tell us how you kill them!” snapped the monster.
“Well you could have said that in the first place, you look them in the eyes and reach for their heart and pull it out.”
“Crap, well you know how to kill us so we have to kill you, but we can’t kill you because you’re the only one who can actually kill us, we can’t even touch you. So we are just going to torcher you to death, sorry I’m not sorry.”
I was way beyond scared at this point, I always thought what it would be like to be, but I never thought it would actually happen. All of the sudden I realized that the medal thing that I was strapped to moved me, to wear I was hovering over Megan, with a hot wire in my hand that was stretched across her body. Then my body moved down to her feet and I started to move closer and closer until reached the bottom of the tray that she was laying on, I cut off her feet!  
“Oh please make it stop! Please!” I yelled
“Ok.” said the monster
then she disappeared back into the wall and the wire in my hand disappeared and there was a knife instead. And the machine that was controlling me made me stab myself.
Then I woke up, panting, I was really scared, I couldn’t believe I dreamed all of that I swear it was real, but I’m really glad it wasn’t.
           Love, daisy   

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