My Experience (not'so'scary)

November 2, 2016
By Anonymous

Part one

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I used to play with the Ouija board; and a Buddha that we will never play it again. One day my best friend Alex and her little sister Raven. We started watching these Ouija videos. We got a bit scared, but hey still wanted to try it out to see if it’s really work.
At my house we made our own board and printed out the instructions. We started asking if anyone was here. There was no answer. So we stopped after trying about 27 times. We then found out there was a small Buddha in one of the drawers. They say some souls was trap inside it and no one knows why it here at my house.
So we decided to try it outside and putting the Ouija board away in the house. We went to the back of the house laid it down. It has signing on the Buddha and writing on it saying put your hand on me so we do. First we started talking to a demon David-K. We ask him what the K stand for he said kill. We really don’t mind it too much so we move on.
We ask how old is his spirit. When we tried to asking him how old he was. We didn’t even have to finish the question. Then he answered “666” we were so shocked. That my best friend says the word goodbye to him without saying anything to us and run away into the dark.
About five min’s have past that she came back to us. Then we pick up the Buddha and put back into the house drawer and went to the living room to only see that the Buddha was sitting in front of us.

Part two
When the Buddha stated talking to us saying that you cannot leave me until you all say goodbye do you all understand me. Then we very careful saying the word yes. I look to my friend can we still play guys ‘they was like are you kidding me.
Come on one more time please they did not like it but they said yes. This time it was a girl. Her name was Dara we asked how old she was but it was unclear on the sign on the Buddha. But it come up with a 4 then a 5,6 or 7.
We asked her if she was 47, then my best friend started laughing, and it was not even her laugh! She then rolled over the ground still laughing. Her sister ran away from her. I was so scared; I ran with her. We started to go back to see where my best friend was.
We saw her sitting there crying and saying; Why did you leave me alone. We said that we are sorry for leaving you alone. Then we put our hands on the Buddha and said goodbye then it says goodbye to us. After that day we sold the Buddha to a museum and then we will never look at it or talk to it again.
    The End

The author's comments:

My teacher ask me to do it.

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