Never Turn Back

November 2, 2016
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“Ah!” I screamed. The words what have you done? Echoes through my head. Keep running. I look back to see if It is still following me. I see nothing but I suddenly trip over a large round object.
“You’ve made a huge mistake.” I hear from a deep, scratchy voice.
Pause. You probably have no idea what’s going on right now. My name is Claire Miller, the main character and narrator of this story. I’ll just take you back to a couple of weeks ago, when my whole perspective of things began to change. I’d suggest you grab some popcorn and keep the light on because this is a pretty scary story.
It all started at the kitchen in my house.
“No. No. No! I’m not going to some stupid camping trip with my stupid school. It’s A WHOLE WEEK and I hate the outdoors!” I complained.
“Now sweetie, I think it would be wonderful idea to get out the house and explore nature.” My mom Stella said. “Don’t you agree, Dylan?” My dad looked up in confusion, glanced at the both of us, and took a sip of his coffee.
“What are we talking about?” He finally answered.
“Could you tell mom that the school camping trip would be a bad idea?” I asked.
“Yea…Bad idea.” He unfocused.
“No. Good idea. Your father isn’t really paying attention right now, but you’re going and that’s final.” My mom said with a stern tone.
“Ugh! Fine.” I said angrily. I stormed into my room and slammed the door behind me. Even a week before it would happen, I could tell it was going to be a long week being there.
The week has gone by and the day of the camping trip is here. I walked into my classroom to find everyone talking loudly toward each other.
“This is going to be fun!” I heard form one group.
“I’m so excited!” I heard from another. To be honest, it was making me sick how ebullient everyone was acting. I spotted my friends from across the class sitting on their desk. I pulled my rolling suitcase over to their desk and greeted them.
“Hey Jayden. Hey Aubrey.”
“Hey Claire.” They said in unison.
“Are you guys just as excited about this trip as I am?” I asked sarcastically.
“No!” Aubrey shouted, “I’m actually terrified. People are talking about a mysterious large beast that lives there. What if it kidnaps me? What if he tries to eat me? I taste pretty horrible. I DON’T WANT TO DI— “
“Aubrey, calm down. That’s not going to happen.” I said trying to comfort her. She has always been the one to get a little scared at everything. Like last Halloween for example, we went to a haunted house and she peed her pants after seeing a sheet with holes in it on the coat hanger.
“Yea. Claire’s right, you really need to chill.” Jayden said. He’s always been the laid back, chill one that goes along with everything. He’s basically my best friend.
“Grow up Aubrey. We’re all practically adults here. Stop acting so childish.” I recognized that voice from anywhere. Aiden! I hate him so much! He always pulls pranks on people and thinks he knows everything.
“Leave her alone!” I snapped. A chuckle escaped his lips.
“Or what?” he hissed.
“Attention students. It is now time to get on the bus so grab your things and get ready to go.” My teacher, Mr. Sebastian announced.
“Well I guess it’s time to go.” Aiden said.
Ten cheery songs, two restroom breaks, and four hours later and we’re finally here. At the place I’ve been dreading to go to since I heard about it, Sticklerton Creek. Everyone stepped off the bus and as soon as I got off, I heard crickets, smelled manure, and saw a large, vast forest.
“Ew. This place is disgusting.”
“Lighten up, Claire. Maybe it’s not as bad as you think.” Jayden said.
“Hello kids! My name is Ms. Schmidt and I am your camp director. I’m here to help you kids have a wonderful time here and make sure you are all safe. Everyone pick your partner to share a tent with. The girl cabins are toward the bathrooms and the boy cabins are near the campfire grounds.”
“Claire, you’re my partner.” Aubrey said.
“Who will I bunk with?” Jayden asked.
“You can bunk with me.” Aiden interrupted.
“Ugh, fine. I guess that’s okay.”
So everyone got settled in their tents and it was almost dark so Ms. Schmidt suggested we all meet up at the campfire.
“Hey. Who wants to hear a scary story?” Aiden blurted out.
“Me!” Everyone shouted in unison.
“Here we go.” I mumbled while rolling my eyes.
“Okay. Here we go. There once was a girl years ago that came to this exact creek. She had blonde hair, green eyes, and she was 4’11”. She loved the woods so one day she wandered off without telling anyone where she was going. She disappeared one day and everyone assumed she was dead. People say that you can hear her scream today if you go deep enough into the woods. What I think happened was a monster ATE HER! He has a hairy body, sharp teeth. And smelled of a nauseating stench. He- “
  “Alright! Enough of this! His story is obviously fake and he just wants to scare everyone!” I yelled. “you just need to stop!” I’m interrupted by a rustling in the bushes. “What was that?”
“I’ll go check it out.” Aiden insisted.
“I hope he never comes back like girl from his fake story.” I mumbled.
“I heard that!”
Everyone went quiet for a while until everyone heard a male scream.
“We need to search for Aiden. He’s been gone for a while and he might be in trouble. I’ll go tell Mr. Sebastian and Ms. Schmidt.” Audrey said in a panic.
Ms. Schmidt told us we needed to put together a search party but we needed to stay together so everyone got in pairs.
“You two go without me. Something seems fishy about this.” I said.
“What do you mean. You can’t go!” Jayden protested.
“It’s funny how Aiden disappeared right after telling us his story of a girl disappearing. Am I right?”
“I guess so. Just be careful.” Audrey advised.
So off I went searching throughout the woods. By this time, it was already 9 o’clock and pitch dark outside. Owls were hooting and crickets were chirping loudly. I had to admit, I was kind of scared at the moment, but I had to figure out what was going on. Then I spotted something very unusual, Aiden’s clothes.
“What is this?” There was a rope tied around in a loop surrounding the clothes. Was someone trying to kidnap me and tie me up? I thought. Maybe it the monster was real! I stuck to my instinct and ran because I realized that this was all a trap. “Help!” I screamed hoping someone would hear me.
“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” I hear deep in the forest. I ran even faster after hearing that.
“Ah!” I screamed. The words what have you done? Echoes through my head. Keep running. I look back to see if It is still following me. I see nothing but I suddenly trip over a large round object.
“You’ve made a huge mistake.” I hear from a deep, scratchy voice.
“Please don’t eat me!”
“Gotcha!” I heat form a very familiar voice.
“Aiden?!” I scream. “That was not funny!”
“Oh, please don’t eat me!” he said mocking me. I realized he’s just in a hairy costume.
“What’s going on here?” Mr. Sebastian asked. “I took roll again and now two kids are missing but were really just playing around. Aiden, what are you wearing? I hope you know you two are both in trouble.
“But he- “
“But NOTHING!” now come with me!”
And my trip ended very quickly when they had to call my parents and send me home. ALL BEACAUSE OF A STUPID PRANK! Well I guess that’s how I wanted it to end.


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